Design Your Future at Marywood University is an intensive two-week workshop for high school students past ninth grade interested in architecture or interior architecture. Workshop students are exposed to design processes and how to apply them in diverse studio projects. Students will be introduced to model making, drafting, spatial design, sketching, collage, color theory, and portfolio design.

In addition to gaining experience with a hands-on design studio approach, students attend daily lectures covering a broad range of topics relevant to architecture and interior architecture. These lectures are presented by Marywood University faculty, visiting professors from schools such as Savannah College of Art and Design, Pennsylvania State University, University of New Mexico and Columbia University, as well as practicing professionals. 

There are also two planned outings during the workshop session. One trip exposes students to local architectural sites and shows examples of how the studio design process leads to final built structures and examines their impact on site, community, and urban design. The other trip is a visit to a local architecture or interior architecture design firm so students can see and understand more about how the professional field works by directly engaging licensed and certified members of the field.

The program prepares students for the creative explorations of architecture school and campus life at the university level. It offers students insight into a popular professional field and a leg up in pursuing their future creative careers. Design Your Future students will understand what it takes to successfully study architecture and will be better able to meet the demands of an architecture curriculum.