Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture (B.E.D.A.)

4-Year Pre-Professional Degree

This degree provides the skills necessary to design buildings, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the impact of architecture on physical, aesthetic, social, and ecological environments.

The B.E.D.A. program takes full advantage of Marywood’s liberal arts core curriculum, providing the foundation for a profession in which social responsibility is integral to the practice of architecture. You'll take courses in the social sciences, math, history, science, writing, literature, religion, and foreign language.

The B.E.D.A. is a pre-professional degree that will prepare you to:

  • Pursue a professional degree in architecture at Marywood
  • Undertake graduate study at another institution
  • Enter the field of architecture as a non-licensed practitioner
  • Pursue a number of related careers

Students who have earned the B.E.D.A. degree may apply to the Master of Architecture program with advanced standing. That means you can complete your professional degree in as little as one and a half years.

Bachelor Of Architecture (B.Arch.)

5-Year Professional Degree

This program builds on the pre-professional B.E.D.A. degree by adding courses in professional practice and environmental law, as well as focused program electives. B.Arch degree students are encouraged to pursue LEED accreditation.

The B.Arch program culminates in a comprehensive design project formulated by the student with the help of faculty members.

Master Of Architecture (M.Arch.)

6-Year Professional Degree

After obtaining the pre-professional B.E.D.A. degree, 2 years of graduate-level study can earn you a Master of Architecture degree.

Professional electives, along with courses in architectural theory, will enable you to expand your knowledge in a selected interest area. The M.Arch. degree includes a thesis project -- an extensively researched investigation of a particular design topic.

Courses in professional practice, environmental law, management, policy, and business provide an additional understanding of the expanding professional contexts in which architects practice. M.Arch Students are encouraged to pursue LEED accreditation.