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James Eckler


Director, School of Architecture
(570) 961-4541

B.Design | The University of Florida
M.Arch | The University of Florida
MSAS : Pedagogy | The University of Florida

James Eckler is the Director of Marywood’s Architecture Program. He received his Bachelor’s of Design, Master’s of Architecture, and Master’s of Science in Architectural Studies: Pedagogy from the University of Florida School of Architecture. He also develops, coordinates, and teaches in the M.U.S.o.A. Foundation Design and Digital Media curricula.

His interests and research follow two paths: Teaching Methodology and Urbanism. Techniques for teaching design through Socratic dialogue and heuristic learning have guided the development of numerous publications and presentations. Of special note are those that involve teaching techniques for the beginning design student, and pedagogies for synthesizing manual and digital craft. The other facet of James’ research is in Architecture’s potential to foster community through social interactions of the urban environment. The design of cities is a critical consideration of architecture in light of the social, technological, and environmental challenges we currently face. His interests in Urbanism have led to various presentations and awards. It has also had a significant impact on the development of his studio teaching philosophy.

Professional Work:

  • 2004-2008 _ Architect, Intern Architect _ Cope Architects, Inc. Delray Beach FL.


  • 2010-Present _ Marywood University School of Architecture, Assistant Professor
  • 2008-2010 _ University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • 2006-2008 _ University of Florida School of Architecture, Instructor

Selected Awards/Competitions:

  • 2007 _ AIA Florida Honor Award: Un-built Category _ Six Ways from Sunday project submission for the “counterMEASURES” symposium on reimagining post-Katrina New Orleans (Design Team Member, SWiMCau design studio)
  • 2007 _ Design Recognition for Renovations and Rehabilitation _ Rozzo Residence (Design Team member, Cope Architects Inc.)
  • 2009 _ Honorable Mention _ Why (Not) Cincinnati? Submission for the Boston AIA’s “In Pursuit of Housing” design competition.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

  • (Book) Language of Space and Form: Generative Terms for Architecture, James Eckler, Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2012
  • (Book) Introduction to Architecture, Francis D.K. Ching, James Eckler, Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons 2012
  • (Pres. & Proc.) Imperatives of Craft: Making in Beginning Design as it Prefigures Urban Response, “2012 EAAE/ARCC Cities in Transformation International Conference”, Milan, Italy, Double Peer Reviewed.
  • (Pres. & Proc.) The Unplanned City: Preserving Place through Urban Making, 2012 ACSA CHANGE, Architecture, Education, Practices International Conference,” Barcelona, Spain, Double-Blind Peer Reviewed.