About the School of Architecture

architecture lobby

Marywood University proudly offers the only accredited architecture and interior architecture programs in northeast Pennsylvania.

We offer professional, accredited programs in a liberal arts setting

Our students gain the technical and professional knowledge necessary to successfully move into the field while they also gain broad-based knowledge in history, language, mathematics, and science. Together, the professional and liberal arts curricula create a powerful education that supports not only career goals but also broader life goals.  Find out more about our programs.

We are a close-knit community 

We have small class sizes, even in lecture courses.  Our students are closely advised by faculty about courses selection, career goals, and life choices.  These things, along with the openness of our classrooms and studio culture, create a sense of shared enterprise and community.

We have outstanding facilities 

Our programs are housed in an innovative LEED-certified facility that was once the University’s gymnasium and natatorium.  In-house, we have a digital fabrication lab, wood, and metal fabrication shops, and advanced computer and plotting labs. Explore more of our amazing facilities.

We have extra-curricular activities and academic enrichment opportunities 

We encourage our students to engage fully in the life of the university.  Our students participate in collegiate athletics, academic honors programs, and student government while pursuing their degrees.  Read about a student-athlete in the School of Architecture.

We educate architects and interior architects to engage the world passionately and intelligently 

Our professional programs and liberal arts university core curriculum teach critical thinking, collaboration, and speculation about the build environment, from interior objects to urban environments. For us, architecture is a disciplined practice: the means by which one engages the world with conceptual and formal clarity, disciplinary consciousness, social agency, and material speculation. Through this practice, architectural education at Marywood University offers a way of making and thinking about the built environment that enables our students and graduates to do good in the world through their work.