Special Projects

ALLY Group

Marianne Menapace Buccini, 1978

Aquatics Center

George and Joyce Vieau Fink, 1954
Dr. Raymond and Carol Heath

Aquatics Center Pool Lane

Dr. Mary Jo Gunning, 1978
Richard MacGregor, 1976


Jerry E. Libbin, 1982
The Loving Brothers and Sisters of Mark T. McGrath, Esq.

Architecture Student Work Space

Barbara Sowinski, 2000

Art Department

Jeanne A. Bovard
The Hartley Family

Athletic Soccer Tournament

Coca Cola Bottling Company

Campus Ministry

Elizabeth Anne Connery, 1999
Elizabeth Mary Zaydon Dessoye, 2007
Michael J. Dessoye, 2009
Joanne T. Nerger Mild, 1990
Eileen Shatzel Richards, 1993

Campus Ministry Service Trip

Amber Lynn Andes, 2006
Richard and Betty Bachefski
Tracey Bohn
Vincent, 1994, and Marie Bonavoglia, 2005
Sarah Ann Bonser, 2008
Lawrence and Lisa Buchinski
Michael Edward Bugno, 1998
Nick Choquette
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Jeremy Cikovic
Chris Clauss
Kristen E. Clineburg, 2009
Kaitlin Mary Coyne, 2009
Nancy Decker
Shaun Decker
Donald and Mary Arendt DeMarco
Mary Arendt DeMarco, 1965
Elisa Marie DeVincentis, 2006
Melissa Marie Esken, 2003
Danielle K. Fleming, 2003
Laurie Frazier
John Glenn Granquist, 2006
Eric Grundman
Mary Lou Baggetta Grzybowski, 1981
Caitlin Elizabeth Hadzimichalis, 2009
William P. Hines, 1982
Alexandra Ryan Jaccard, 2006
Jill Jenkins
Jillian Jones
Ashley M. Kolinovsky, 2008
Eric Anthony Kovac, 2007
Cynthia McAndrew
Joe McDermott
Kyle McRitchie
Mary Theresa Montoro, 1994
Matthew Gerard Montoro, 2003
Marlana M. Morell, 2003
Dolores E. Notari
Christopher W. O'Brien
Tony Patte
Jennifer Rose Petrovsky, 2009
Sheri Saldi Petrucci, 1990
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Moira H. Pope, 2009
Pat and Pamela Procaccini
John Purcell, Jr.
Julie Ropoch
Candace M. Seaman, 2006
Michele Kerrigan Sekol, 1992
Brandon Henry Smith, 2005
Sister John Michele Southwick, IHM, 1975
Stephen Joseph Stahl, 2007
Mary P. Stephenson
Richard and Nancy Suszko
Jason Svrcek
Jon Treat
Jennifer Williams, 2006
Derek A. Witman, 2010
Roberta Z. Wywiorski, 1988

Center for Architectural Studies

Kristie Congdon

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Ann McGill, 2006

Communication Arts Department

Steve A. Seepersaud

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Joseph and Wilma Borocz
Mary Mongoven Conroy, 1982
Jeanne A. Gerlach
Wells Fargo Foundation

Community Garden

Overlook Estate Foundation, Inc.

Community GED Program

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Tony Domiano Early Childhood Center

Joanne Dougherty Arduino, 1978
John and Catherine Farrell
William R. and Mary Jean Foley Lynett
Scranton Area Foundation

Fricchione Center/Books and Supplies

Patrick A. and Adeline Fricchione, Sr.

Fricchione Keystone Star Four Merit Award

Community Services For Children, Inc.

Insalaco College of Creative and Performing Arts

Nicole M. Orchard Altieri, 2006
Elisa Marie DeVincentis, 2006

Insalaco Studio Art Center

Francis E. Crowley

LC/MS Instrument for the Biotechnology Program

Sanofi Pasteur, US

Learning Commons

John and Emily Barrett

Learning Resources Center Endowment Fund


Learning Resources Center/Library

Elaine S. Ackroyd-Kelly, 1995
Teresa M. Bomba, 1969
Joanne Gilmore, 1974
Christine Carroll Zwick, 1979
Joseph D. Zwick, 1980

Loughran Hall

Sordoni Foundation, Inc.

Marywood Campus Chapel

Jane M. Bergen, 1953
Luba Izak Boyko, 1956
Pasqua Delfino Brezovsky, 1956
Linda Watts Brown, 1964
Frank and Gloria Colosimo
Arlene B. Crandall, 1978
Carolyn Reddon Flanagan, 1956
Penny Saamer Gardner, 1973
Marie Tosolt Glow, 1956
Dr. Mona R. Griffer
Constance Javer Hospodar, 1959
Susan Spang Naves, 1962
Mary Ann O'Hara, 1958
Dr. Clayton N. and Judith R. Pheasant
Jo Anne Kelly Ratchford, 1956
Dennis J. Saake
Hartmut and Antonia Gerod Schierling, 1960
Concetta Bocchino Terrery, 1956
Mary Catherine Tierney, 2003
Francis and Ruth Tierney
Carol A. Tome, 1999
Peggy B. Violette, 1997
Jean Foley Wahlstrom, 1950
Mary Meagher Welker, 1956
Nancy Keefe Yonko, 1956

Maslow Collection & Curator Endowment Fund

Maslow Family Foundation, Inc.

Maslow Collection Symposium

Vito G. Delvecchio, Ph.D.
Vital Probes, Inc.

McGowan Student Academic Success and Inspiring Excellence Program

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc.

Mellow Center for Athletics and Wellness

Karen Smith Arscott, D.O., 1981
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Richard and Patti Beasley
Colonel Lorraine Rupp Breen, 1978
Barbara Martin Brodeur, 1949
Joan Banick Brooks, 1965
Carol Graeber Cleary, 1980
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Mary Ellen Coleman, 1968
Marisa J. Colonna, 2000
Concord Advisory Group, Ltd.
Ann Conflitti, 1996
Elizabeth Anne Connery, 1999
D K Trading Corporation, Inc.
Diamond K, Inc.
Mary Anna Donohoe, Esq., 1967
Patricia E. Dunleavy, Ph.D., 1983
Maria Montoro Edwards, Ph.D., 1988
Kevin M. Edwards
William C. & Vivian M. Eiff Foundation
Dr. Jane Farr
Dr. Mary Anne Merkel Fedrick, 1968
Frieder Foundation
L. Peter and Laura Frieder, Jr.
General Electric Foundation
J. Alyson Nitche Germond, 1999
Juneann Greco, 1998
Eric Grundman
Mary Lisa Gunning, M.D., 1975
Michael and Mary Gunning
Dr. Ann R. Henry, 1973, and Mr. John T. Wulko
Mary Ann Olivetti Iezzi, 1985
Ruth Wimsatt Jones, 1997
Jeffrey M. Jones
Kane Warehousing, Inc.
Richard and Erin O'Grady Kane
MaryCarol Tighe Kanton, 1964
James and Tara Kennedy, 1989
David L. Kirtland
Mr. Edward J. Lynett III
George and Patti Lynett
William R. and Mary Jean Foley Lynett
Albert and Dorothy Brelish Magnotta, 1967
Francis and Beverly Merkel
Jason Moran
Michael and Mary Alice Collins Murray, 1951
PNC Bank
PNC Foundation
PPL Corp
Erica Barone Pricci, 2003
Victoria Klitsch Randall, 1969
Robert W. Reese, 1989
Nancy Lanz Richardson, 1966
Jennifer Rollin, 1998
Jeanne Kanavy Rossi, 1980
William and Regina Salmon
The Scholarship Foundation
Karen Anne Silvestri, 1980
Suzanne Vanston Speicher, 1972
Paul J. Strunk
Thomas M. Sueta, 1989
Lawrence Robert Tompkins, 2006
Maureen McHale Walker, 1985
G. Weinberger Company

Music Benefit Concert

Sister M. Benedicta Berendes, IHM, 1949
Ellen Burkhouse, 1966
William Lees and Doris Bigelow-Lees
Sister M. Martin de Porres McHale, IHM, 1963
Sister Miriam Joseph Reinhardt, IHM, 1951
Sharon Ann Toman, 1978

Music Department

Frank E. LaVerghetta
Ann M. Manganiello, 1977
Patricia A. McCormack, M.D.
C. Robert Orner, 1972

Office of Disability Services

Dorothy Bendowski Taticchi, 1981
Joseph P. Taticchi, 2007

Pacers Club

A & F Enterprises, Inc.
Daniel J. Ackerman
Peter and Kathy Adams
Karen Smith Arscott, D.O., 1981
Phillip and Patricia Ates
Richard and Shelley Barker
Linda Barker
Jean E. Barker
Daniel and Cynthia Barrett
Edward and Barbara Barry
Barry and Marilyn Bartha
Paul and Lourdes Basmajian
Brian and Beth Bauer
Michael and Susan Bayconich
Eric Beach
James and Ann Marie Beagen
Thomas and Helen Beagen
Theresa Bebla
Marvin and Donna Belanger
Patricia Biederman
Scott and Deborah Bieler
Collin J. Bigart
Joseph and Arlene Bigart
Jonathan and Katherine Blancaflor
Laurie J. Bloom
Pauline Bollent
Gerald and Jeanne Boltz
The Booth Family
Colin and Carol Boyle
Anne T. Brady
Robert and Mary Brady
Joseph A. Brita
Kathryn S. Brock
Patricia J. Brown
Charles and Betty Marie Brubaker
Kenneth and Helen Bulford
Nancy Reedy Bushey
John and Helen Busocker
William and Ruthann Busolits
Thomas and Mary Butler, 1984
Al Caines, Jr. Plumbing and Excavating
Therese Capellupo-Janow
Patrick J. Carey
Patrick and Denise Castellani
Christi Chamberlain
Robert and Jill Chapman
Francis F. Chiou
Gustave and Susan Christakos
Thomas and Michele Churchwell
Canio J. Cianci, Jr., 1974
Frank and Kathleen Ciganik
James Colgan
Stephen and Susan Collins
Ann Conflitti, 1996
David and Nancy Constantine
Don and Sandy Cooper
Frank Cosentino
Vincent and Lynn Cosentino
Anthony and Tessie Cosentino
Daniel and Cathleen Coyle
Edward and Jacquelyn Culkin
Leslie B. Culkin
Michael J. Cummings
Douglas Dally
Edward and Helen Daumer
Brett and Joanne Davenport
Eugene and Joanne Davey
Thomas J. Davis
Samuel and Elizabeth De Simone
Ron and Amy Dean
John and Catherine DeAngelo
Matthew D. Dempsey, Esq.
Charles and Barbara Deppe
Dennis N. DeSimone
John G. DeSimone, LLC
John and Ditha DeSimone
DiBella Dental, P.C.
Ralph E. DiLiello
Carmine M. DiSanto
Daniel and Sue Dolphin
Pauline M. Dombach
John and Joan Domizio
Nicholas and Karen Donato
Joseph and Maryanne O'Brien Donohue, 1966
Joseph and Maryanne Donohue, 1974
Earl and Helon Drescher
Robert and Anne Marie Drescher
John and Janet Duffy
Patricia E. Dunleavy, Ph.D., 1983
East Greenwich Family Medicine
Russell and Sharon Ely
Robert and Margaret Enterline
Walter and Jacqueline Ermold
Leonard Evans
Cheri Lynn King Fairchild, 2001
Dr. Jane Farr
Mario and Candida Ferrante
Michael and Francine Ferrante
Fidelity Engineering Corporation
Joan I. Finch
John R. Fisher
Kevin J. Foley
Thomas and Margaret Foley
Paul C. Fontanella
James Forgione
Thomas and Suzanne Frank
Joseph and Rita Frederico
Carlos and Nelcinda Freire
G B K Consulting and Investigations, LLC
GPI Engineering & Construction Services
Henry and Susan Gales
Mary C. Gales
Timothy Gannon
Michael and Judith Gazdik
Nancy Gibbons
Elizabeth A. Gilmartin
Michael and Patricia Giordano
Kenneth and Elizabeth Glenn
Robert and Sandra Gobany
William and Doris Gordon
Richard and Jacqueline Gorzo
William and Heather Grant
Peter M. Greco
Brian and Lori Green
Francis and Robin Green
Matthew and Stephani Greene
Douglas and Michele Greene
Gary and Caroline Greenwalt
Wilfred and Becky Groce
Donald and Marcie Grubb
Kathryn Grupp
Douglas R. Guido
Dr. Mary Jo Gunning, 1978
Michael and Mary Gunning
Ronald and Celeste Gurda
Deborah Habicht, LLC
Paul and Carol Habicht
Kevin Haggerty
Yale C. Hanks
Sean and Kristine Hanlon
James and Betty Hanselman
Robert and Nancy Hanselman
Ben and Karen Hanselman
James and Edith Haverstick
Patricia Healey
Dr. Raymond and Carol Heath
William and Eleanor Hefner
David and Carmen Higham
John and Amy Hines
Barbara J. Hitchins
Theodore and Valerie Hoffman
Keith and Lina Hollman
William and Esther Hopkins
Bryan and Charlene Hresko
Edward and Mary Ann Hurst
Robert Ide, 1988
Elizabeth Jean
Richard and Linda Johnson
James and Karen Kane
Dennis and Susan Kapp
Elaine Kasmer
Claire L. Kauffman
Timothy and Sheila Kearney
James C. Kellum
James and Susan Kelly
Ann Marie Kincel
Kevin and Helana Kincel
Kathleen Kincel
Regina M. King
Andrew and Dorothy Kozuch
Joseph Kozuch
William and Judith Kreis
Herbert and Jean Kriegh
John and Colleen Kryspin
Thelma J. Kulin
Peter and Stephanie LaPointe
Christopher and Dalene LaPointe
Kevin and Kathryn LaPointe
William and Carol LaPointe
Frances Laskowski
Paul A. Latrace
William and Patricia Launikitis
Lenahan & Dempsey
Neal and Veronica Lewis
Ann R. Lewis
Nancy Libous
Alfred and Debbie Libous
Dainuvita Linauts
Andrew and Elaine Lloyd
Maureen Mullally Loefflad, 1977
Dominick and Barbara LoGiudice
Robert and Alice Longenberger
Viola S. Loudon
Joseph and Diane Lovett
Carlton and Margot Luhrmann
Jonathon and Sarah Macaluso
Alfonso V. Macaluso
Robert V. Macaluso
Richard H. MacGregor, 1976
Richard L. Magan
Philip and Paula Mangano
Diane P. Manogue
Wendy L. Marchant
Daniel G. Marrero
James R. Martell
Ronald and Kathleen Mateyak
Patricia A. McCormick
Richard and Helen McGill
Christopher R. McGlinn
Michael S. McGlinn
Rita T. McKeown
Lee Ann McKeown
Kim K. McKeown
Virginia Mease
Johanna Meeker
Henry Meier
Francis and Beverly Merkel
Josephine Meyer
Craig and Kristen Michael
Alice Michalski
John and Josephine Miles
Patricia Ann Miraski
Carmine and Susanna Mistichelli
Frank and Linda Montalto
Donald and Kathy Moresi
Barbara L. Morris
Jodi L. Moulder
Fil and Beth Muggeo
James and Karen Mullins
Maureen J. Munger
My Sports Dreams, LLC
Sandro and Judy Nascimento
Glenn and Alice Nelson
North Pocono Glass
Tom Notchick
Margaret Mary O'Boyle
O'Brien Drywall Unlimited, Inc.
Mariellen B. Ochs
James and Patricia O'Connor
John and Jean O'Connor
Kevin and Kathleen O'Connor
Sharyn O'Mara
Kevin M. O'Rourke
Timothy and Marie O'Shea
Amy Paciej
Victor and Teresa Pacor
Dr. Gregg Parks
Sonia R. Parks
John and Ethel Pelcheck
Cathy Pelcheck
James and Eva Pelka
Monica K. Pelka
David and Patricia Pelligrini
Mary Pelligrini
Jeffrey and Melanie Petri
Joseph and Ann Marie Pezanowski
Betty Pfaff
David R. Pfaff
Dr. Clayton N. and Judith R. Pheasant
Armis Pilotti
Ruth Pitts
Stephen D. Pixley
Brenda Pohan
Walter and Pearleen Poplawski
Kimberly Popple
Sally Potorski
Kenneth and Sandra Ramacher
Dianna E. Ravinsky
Theresa Sodl Rednagle, 1974
George and Stephanie Reynolds
Michael Riley and Janet Duffy-Riley
Robert and Lois Roach
Stuart and Dorothy Roberts
Maryanne Rodzewich
Rockland Bakery, Inc.
Robert Roerden
Joan A. Roerden-Wilde
John and Patricia Rogalski
Donald G. Roman, Jr.
Donald and Helen Roman
Edward and Marie Rosney
Francis and Jane Rosso
Edwina Goodfield Rozelle, 2002
William E. Rucinski, Jr.
John and Edith Rupp
Barbara Sama
David B. Sargoy
Todd and Lesli Sauble
Peter and Maria Scalzo
Donald C. Scanlon, Inc.
Thomas A. Scanlon
Michael and Ann Marie Schaeffer
Garry and Yvonne Schanck
Delbert and Yvonne Schmelebeck
Barbara E. Schneider
Madeline E. Schueler
Kathleen A. Scott
Wanda R. Searles
Richard and Dolores Searles
Ronald and Jeanne Sevean
Mark and Anne Seymour
Jean D. Shanks
Kevin and Marian Sheeran
James and Catherine Sickinger
Glenn and Jennifer Simmons
Jerry and Jean Simmons
Patricia Martin Simpson
JMJ Slater & Sons, Inc.
Donald and Patricia Slesinski
William and Grace Smith
Andrew and Rachele Smith
Christopher and Natalie Smith
Clara M. Smith
Robert and Ellen Smith
Thomas and Elfriede Smith
Jeffrey and Kathleen Sobrinkski
Mary F. Sodl, 1980
David and Mary Louise Sodl
Frank and Helen Sodl
James and Marianne Sodl
Beverly L. Sorber
Michael and Vija Spilde
Judith L. Stanard
Shelley L. Stillman
Freddotcmsdbuser D. Straub
Albert and Erin Stroble, 1999
Paul J. Strunk
Kathleen A. Sullivan
Michael and Cynthia Sullivan
Philip Paul Summers
Janice L. Swartzbaugh
Topp Copy
Gregory and Ellen Tizio
Edwin and Grace Trill
Beverly A. Trimble
Marsha M. Tucker
Patricia Turlick
Nicholas and Beth Tuscai
U.S. Tech, Inc.
Daniel and Regina Upton
Frank L. Upton
Sharon Urquhart
Vector Security, Inc.
David and Kathleen Vuoncino
Vern and Nancy Wallace
Douglas B. Walsh, 1985
Richard and Deanna Walsh
Eleanor Wanat
Robert and Sandra Ward
The Washburns
Brian and Beverly Wasser
Monte K. Weisser
Carol Wood
Trevor D. Woodruff
Robert and Holly Wrase
Rodney A. Yeakel
Donald and April Young
Donald and Harriet Young
Christopher and Caroline Zarcone
Daniel and Nancy Zelem
Barbara A. Zemlock
Anthony and Karla Zucchero

Pacers/MAC NEPA Golf Donation

Donald W. Bidwell
Brucelli Advertising Company, Inc.
Al Caines, Jr. Plumbing and Excavating
Ann Conflitti, 1996
R.N. DeMeck Roofing & Siding, Inc.
Joseph and Maryanne O'Brien Donohue, 1966
Joseph and Maryanne Donohue, 1974
Patricia S. Driscoll-White
Electro Battery Of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank
GPI Engineering & Construction   Services
William and Heather Grant
Craig Grochowski
Richard Hellard
Hemmler & Camayd Architects, Inc.
Rachel Elizabeth Henneforth, 2009
Guy Leach
Marianne Gavigan Lyons, 1976
Richard and Helen McGill
McGrail, Merkel, Quinn & Associates
Michael and Mary Medici
North Pocono Glass
Tom Notchick
PNC Bank
Robert Ragnacci
Paul A. Scheuch, Jr.
Tim and Jo Ann Speicher
Rockland Bakery, Inc.
T. R. Associates, Inc.
P & W Washo, Inc.
R.E. Lesniak, Inc.

Physician's Assistant Program

Francis and Susan Rosinski

Reap College of Education and Human Development

Anne Marie McDonough, 2006

School of Architecture

Joseph X. and Frances Garvey
Dr. Clayton N. and Judith R. Pheasant

School of Social Work

Dolores Ann Kozloski, 1973

School of Social Work - Graduate

Ilene Gaffin, 1979

Social Work Travel Fund

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Joanne Aronsohn Monahan

Student Affairs

Amy Paciej-Woodruff