The Sister Theresa Maxis, IHM Club

$20,000 and up

Tom and Eileen Griffiths Drs. Robert P. and Barbara R. Sadowski ****
David and Ann M. Hawk, 1996 *Joseph T. Sebastianelli, Sr.
Michael and Dolores Insalaco ***Josephine Sottile
William R. and Mary Jean Foley Lynett ****Josephine Sottile
Michael J. and Mary Alice Collins Murray, 1951 James Tedesco, Jr.

The Father Louis Gillet Club

$10,000 to $19,999

Peter G. Stewart *Rodney Villella

The Sister M. St. Mary Orr, IHM Club

$5,000 to $9,999

Robert Lee Askew, Jr. *Daniel McManus
Mark E. and Michele Abbott McDade, 1970 Mary Kay Rotert **
James B. and Mary Ellen McLane McDonough, 1973 Hartmut and Antonia Gerod Schierling, 1960

The Sister M. Coleman Nee, IHM Club

$1750 to $4,999

Anonymous **Atty. James J. Haggerty ****
John and Pat Atkins Earl C. Lewis, Jr.
William and Judith Burkavage Albert J. and Dorothy Brelish Magnotta, 1967
Dr. Charles T. and Judith Bartell Curtin, 1963 Dr. John P. Martin
Benjamin George Dann Ronald L. Melichar
Dr. Lois King Draina ****Eric Richardson *
Atty. John J. Dunn, Sr. Jeff Russell
Kevin M. Edwards and Maria Montoro Edwards, Ph.D., 1988 **Joseph K. and Suzanne Vanston Speicher, 1972
John M. and Joan Egan Robert C. Sprung
Dr. Patrick and Andrea Fricchione Julie Stiefel, M.A., CCC-SLP
Mary T. Grega **Gerald and Mary Tracy
Cecelia Lynett Haggerty

The Investor's Club

$1000 to $1,750

Jerry and Bonnie Blakeslee Dr. Thomas and Joyce Hirsch
Barbara J. Brenner Morey and Sondra Myers
Atty. Patrick T. Burke Robert W. O'Malley, Jr.
William C. and Muriel Scherr Cagney, 1969 Jane E. Oppenheim
Joseph M. and Alice Cognetti Mary Theresa Ruddy
Msgr. F. Allan Conlan Robert L. Sebastianelli
James J. Delmonte Anonymous *
Dr. Jane Farr ****Patricia Martin Simpson
Dr. John and Catherine Farrell Samuel and Carmen Stephens
Edward and Nina Flanagan Patrick and Diane Teevan and Family *
Michael and Fannie Flanagan Elizabeth K. Walton
David and Amy Flannery Margaret Yarina, Ph.D.
John and Mary Kathleen Gallagher

The Dean's Club

$500 to $999

Paul and Joanne Arduino Timothy and Kathleen Knight
Cynthia A. Brown Nancy Dranichak Kohudic
Louis and Dianne Costanzo Peter and Nancy Kohudic
Mary Anne Eggleston Richard D. Rainey
Mary Nancy Esposito Joseph Reilly
Craig Grochowski David E. Setzer
James and Tara Kennedy Thomas and JoAnn Speicher *

The Director's Club

$250 to $499

Mari Louise Biancarelli Joseph Krompasky
Patricia J. Brown Jacques and Therese Murphy Kueny
Kenneth and Marsilia Cummings Charles R. Madary
Bob and Clare Dana Wendy Manetti
Vito G. Delvecchio, Ph.D. Carrie A. McGee
Richard and Jane Driscoll Leo and Ann Moskovitz
Patricia S. Driscoll-White Ashley Nole
Robert and Diane Elder Rev. Cyril J. Rable
Jackie Engvaldsen Scott and Pamela Ropke
Joseph Podwol and Dana Felice-Podwol David and Catherine Schappert
James and Barbara Frutchey Carl W. Schweizer
Henry L. Graham, Jr. Joseph and Joanne Shanley
Kristen Sebastianelli Green Thomas and Susan Sheaffer
Paul Grewal Thomas and Elfriede Smith
Donald F. Holmes, Jr. William J. Weber ****
Edward and Kathryn Hickey Keglovits Richard and Erin Hosie Weinberger ****
Norman and Andrea Kresge Jim Wilson and Diane Pokorny Wilson

The Builder's Club

$1 to $249

Daniel J. Ackerman Michael and Tish Last
Kenneth and Kathryn Ackerman David and Michele Laurinaitis
Thomas and Susan Acklen Raymond and Joan Laurinaitis
Peter and Kathy Adams Mary Ann Lavan
Tammie Agnew Michael and Nancy Lavan
Lynne H. Albert Thomas and Patricia Lavan
Jean Alesson Edward and Isela Lazichi
Christopher and Simra Alfonso Deirdre Lego
Ed and Mary Andryshak Doreen M. Leitzel
Anonymous ***Michael and Nancy Lewis
Thomas and Barbara Archibald Eric and Karlen Light
Thomas and Marisa Arnold Michael and Virginia Ligus
Phillip and Patricia Ates Matthew and Juvi Lindsey
Anna Auth JiaRen Liu
Carmela Bacchetta Dale and Donna Lloyd
Cynthia L. Baglini Ann C. Long
Karen Baker Robert and Alice Longenberger
Frank and Anna Baldiga Bobbi A. Longstreet
Thomas and Gayle Baloga Peter J. Loser
Ronald and Frances P. Banick **Viola S. Loudon
Karen L. Baranoski Frederick and Mary Lowe
Linda Baric Frank and Diane Lucchetto
Robert and Michele Barlow Carlton and Margot Luhrmann
Susan Barnes Jean Lynch
Margot A. Barr Michael and Charlotte Lyons
Francis and Mary Barrett Robert Kulessa and Constance Maas
John W. Barth Thomas J. MacDonald
James and Donna Bartley Richard and Marilyn MacDowall
Gregory and Jonette Bauer Alfonso and Linda Macaluso
Thomas and Helen Beagen Barry and Janet Mack
James and AnnMarie Beagen Kathleen M. Mack
Elvin and Catherine Beck Charlie and Ruth Magill
Marvin and Donna Belanger Martha Ciani Magnotta *
Susan S. Belin Nadine C. Mahon
Patricia Benavidez William and Anne Manko
Marshall and Mary Jane Bender William and Ruthann Mann
Robert Bender Thomas and Teresa Mansell
Msgr. John J. Bendik ****Suzanne M. Manulli
Marie Benner Manzella, Laura M.
Michael and Sandra Bensley Michael and Nancy Manzella
Kevin and Karen Bent Larry Marchisotta and Karen Baker-Marchisotta
Richard Berezinsky Alfred and Louise Marianelli
Msgr. John A. Bergamo ****Peter and Margaret Markiewicz
Paul and Marian Bibik Carol J. Mason
William Lees and Doris Bigelow-Lees Christina Mastroberardino and Barbara Leite
Richard and Faye Bishop Ronald and Kathleen Mateyak
Janet D. Bisset, Ph.D. and Kevin G. Madden, M.D. **Kathleen P. Mateyak
Edward and Margaret Bistran Joseph and Nancy Mayo
Rhea Bistran Richard and Teresa Mazich
Jay and Marcia Blackman Stephen J. Mc Elroy
Eric and Taryn Blomain John and Patricia McAlpin
Joseph and Anne Bohan John P. McAuliffe
William K. Bohan *Nancy E. McBain
James and Ronni Bohlen John and Lorraine McCormick
Ronald and Valerie Bohlen Margaret McCormick
Floyd and Shirley Bolich The McDonough Family
Casper and Lois Bonafide Ken McDowell
Joseph and Claire Borda Timothy and Kathleen McElroy
Rosemary Bova Donna M. McGowan
George and Janet Boyle Gertrude McGowan
Walter A. Braider, Jr. George and Patricia McGowan
Richard and Nancy Breitweiser Thomas and Kimberly McIntyre
William and Rita Bremer Scot and Kathleen McKenna
Marc Brier William McLane
Gary and Linda Brooks Gavin and Teresa McMillan
Ernest and Christine Brough Allen and Mary Ann McNabb
Christina I. Brown Richard and Linda McNulty
Florence Gillespie Brown Barbara F. Medici
Michael and Kathy Bruet Henry and Carol Meier
Peter J. Bruno Thomas and Donna Merring
Monica Bubser Alice Michalski
Michael and Kimberly Bucklaw David and Robin Midgley
Jeffrey Bugno and Leila Polintan Bonita Mary Miller
Paul and Michelle Bunnell Clarence J. Miller
Rosemary T. Bunting Drusilla J. Miller
Maureen T. Burkavage Gordon and Mary Miller
Claude Alan Bush William and Sandra Miller
Brian J. Butler Vito and Mary Miloscia
John and Joyce Butler George and Joy Missett
William and Mary Grace Butler Jeffrey and Joan Mockeridge
Joe and Catharine Cafferky Brian A. Molchany
Frank and Rita Callan Joanne Aronsohn Monahan
Maria Merlucci Cameron Emilio and Nuncia Montanez
Rev. William D. Campbell, S.T.D., Ph.D. Joanne C. Monte
Antonio and Ellen Cardoso Ann Montoro
John, Eileen, and Jonathan Carriere Jason Moran *
Kevin and Joanne Casey Barbara Morgiewicz
Irene Caso Nazzareno and Sylvia Moscarini
Dr. Guillermo R. Castillo and Dr. Zenaida R. Mulkay-Castillo Donald and Judith Mosley
James and Sarina Caughy Rev. Russell E. Motsay
James T. Cavellier, Sr. Laura L. Mott
Dale and Janice Chamberlain Fil and Beth Muggeo
Gary and Nancy Cicerini Rev. Paul M. Mullen *
Atty. Joseph F. Cimini Patrick and Kathleen Murray
Joseph and Celeste Ciulla Robert and Veronica Murray
Glen P. Clark Frances and Shirley Musial
Kayleen Clark Irving and Annette Myones
Lee and Valerie Clark Mary Ellen Nagel
Paul Clark Colleen M. Naughton
Chester P. Clauser James and Colleen Naughton
Jeffrey and Antoinette Clementi Daniel and Kelly Nehmer
Katherine Coates John and Eileen Nelson
Angela B. Cobb William and Barbara Nichol
Philip P. and Joelyn Condron Jacob I. Nogi, Esq. **
Wayne and Janet Conlon Tom and Ann Marie Noone
Thomas and Joan Connelly Albert and Patricia Nork
Angelo Bova and Dorothy Conti Bova Barbara D. Noto
Andrew and Donna Cook William and Kathleen Nunan
Wendy L. Cooney Atty. John R. O'Brien, Jr.
Joseph and Marie Cortese Atty.Joseph A.& BarbaraScanlonO'Brien'69
Anthony and Tessie Cosentino James and Patricia O'Connor
Daniel Cosgrove John and Jean O'Connor
Country Gardeners Michael and Deborah O'Day
Richard N. Coyer Family of William and Jane O'Malley
Ellen Coyne Francis and Laurie O'Neill
John and Helen Coyne Mary O'Rourke
Barbara K. Craig George O'Shea
Olin A. Cramer *Clarence and Eileen Ohap
Philip and Theresa Craparo Edward and Beverly Ollearo
Michael J. Cummings William and Mary Beth Olsewski
Mary R. Czachor **John and Elizabeth Paci
Palmer and Dolores D'Achille The Mineo-Pagano Family
Patrick and Susan Dachille Paul and Mary Paicer
Keith and Patricia Dale Gregory and Diane Pappas
Cathy Daly Peter and Margaret Parinisi
Brett and Joanne Davenport Stanley and Barbara Parks
Stephen and Carol Davidson Dr. Gregg Parks
Robin F. Davies Kevin and Sonia Parks
Raymond and Carmen Davis William and Theresa Patchoski
Brad and Minnie Davis Margaret Pecuch
Robert M. Davis Cathy Pelcheck
Samuel and Elizabeth De Simone Mary Pellegrini
Alfred and Marianne DeCarro Daniel and Anne Penetar
Anthony and Paula DePietro Charles and Valerie Pennington
Mark and Mary Dehnert Amos and Lilly Perez
Donald and Carol Dembert Margaret Perry
Matthew D. Dempsey, Esq. Kelly Peterson
Steve and Kathleen Dempsey Joyce Meyers Petrulak
Thomas and Victoria Desimone Betty Pfaff
Edward and Mary Margaret Devereaux David R. Pfaff
Robert and Nancy Devine Robert Pharaoh
Ray and Shirley Dietz Lisa Piccolo
Gloria M. Dinner Peter and Denise Piepoli
Daryl and Eileen Dishong Bernard and Patricia Podcasy
Patrick and Lea Dobel Shel and Dalia Podwol
Michael and Susan Dobel Mark A. Poehlman, D.C.
Theresa M. Dobel Carlon and Pat Preate
Gerard and Amy Doherty Brian and Jennifer Pritchett
Marion Doherty Anita Protonentis **
Lois Doncevic-Hankins John and Kathleen Quinn
Robert and Anne Marie Drescher Robert and Kathleen Reedy
Margaret Ducaji Donald and Mary Reinhardt
John and Janet Duffy Frank and Eileen Repholz
Clinton and Norma Dunn George and Stephanie Reynolds
Dan and Wendy Dunn Rev. August A. Ricciardi, Jr. ***
Mr. William J. Durdach Ronald and Carol Rieder
Robert and Sharon Durkin Ann E. Riley
Joseph and Gloria Eckhardt Robert and Kate Riley
Allen and Julieann Edelman Thomas and Susan Ritter
Matthew Ray Eisele Stuart and Dorothy Roberts
Johanna Ekstrom Gary and Valerie Roberts
Cynthia Elberty Joan A. Roerden-Wille
Geraldine W. Ellis *Nancy Rogowski
Katharine F. Ellis Rev. Charles W. Rokosz
Edeltraud Eppich Carol A. Romanski
Michael and Anne Esser James and Theresa Ross
Wayne D. Evans Dean and Janet Ross
Johann Mary Evely Dr. Anthony Charles Russo ***
Robert and Doreen Fair Joseph and Phyllis Ruzbarsky
Robert and Elizabeth Fallon Dr. Gregory J. Salko
Gary Fancher Ms. Eleanor L. Samojlowicz
Ruth Z. Farrell Ann Marie Santarsiero
Dr. Guy and Patricia Fasciana Barbara F. Santarsiero
Carol Fay Robert Sappio and Laura Behn-Sappio
James and Lorene Feehan Peter and Susan Scappatura
Bruce and Natalie Feinne Michael and Ann Marie Schaeffer
Frank and Laura Felice Douglas C. Schaeffer
James and Suzanne Ferguson Heather Schendorf
Mario and Candida Ferrante Clara T. Schmaltz
William F. Ferris Joseph and Anne Schmid
Kurt and Linda Feste Arthur and Beverly Schmidt
John and Jane Sexton Finegan Frederick and Mary Ann Schmitt
George and Joyce Fink Dr. Alfred and Joanne Scholldorf
Brian J. Finnerty Ann Marie Schollmeyer
Lucille T. Flaherty Carrie B. Schwartz
Lindsay A. Fleming Eugene and Christine Schweitzer
Margaret A. Fowler Mary Seage
Michael and Mary Fowler Richard and Dolores Searles
John Feminella and Ann Fowler-Feminella James and Carol Seese
Richard and Dolores Francis Linda G. Seese
Mr. William Watkins Fray Matthew and Michele Sekol
Joseph and Rita Frederico Michael Senyszyn
Ricky M. Freiermuth Thomas and Barbara Sheehan
Herbert and Shirley Frey James and Catherine Sherma
Paula Fricchione **William J. Shiffer
Joel and Bethanne Friedman Joseph and Joann Sikora
Shirley Friedman Jerry and Jean Simmons
William and Diane Fries Cheryl K. Simpson-Whitaker
Terrence and Catherine Gallagher Dr. Lewis J. Sims
Gerard and Anne Marie Gallo Sonya E. Sims
John and Helen Garber Thomas and Joyce Sinclair
Delivan and Helen Gates Gail Siracuse
Michael and Mary Gates Christian and Juliann Skoff
Seana Gates Frank and Katherine Slesinski
John and Jane Gaudio William and Grace Smith
Dolores and Charles Gauss Christopher and Kristine Sodl
Joseph and Mary Ann Gentile Frank and Helen Sodl
Victor and Agnes Ghilain James and Marianne Sodl
Jack Giambrone Patrick and Marie Solano *
Bernard and Sondra Gilston Jane L. Sprecher
Kevin and Linda Giuliano Frederick and Joy Sprenkle
Robert and Catherine Gogol Laurie George Stabley
The "Taylor" Family Ann Katherine Staniszewski
Mrs. Hubert F. Gordon Gordon and Barbara Stanley
Robert and Phyllis Gorman Mark and Mary Staudenmeier
Jean Greer Anita T. Stec
Thomas and Estelle Grimes John and Irene Steele
Jerry and Cheryl Grimm Michael Stefanides
Wilfred and Becky Groce Marilyn Stefanowicz
Elliot and Lynda Grossman Gregory and Barbara Stelzer
Edie Grote Mark and Allison Stettler
Kevin and Lois Gunnet James and Deborah Stewart
Ronald and Celeste Gurda James and Kelly Streeter
George and Connie Gurda Keith and Carol Stroyan
Albert and Anita Guzek Marynell Kelly Strunk
Joseph and Lois Gwozdz George Studzinaki
Dorothy Habicht Raymond and Eleanor Suehnholz
Marilouise W. Hagerty Raymond Suehnholz
Col. (Ret.) Frank and Maureen Hancock Daniel J. Sullivan, DDS, PC
Angela C. Hansen Paul and MaryLee Supinski
Charles and Janet Hare The Medical Policy and Utilization Review Staff of Kathleen McCormick, BCBS NEPA
William and Nancy Harper Janice L. Swartzbaugh
Michael and Sheila Hartnett Peter and Dorothy Sweeney
Mark Hatala Michael Sweeney
Rev. Alex J. Hazzouri ***Thomas and Mary Sweeney
John and Patricia Healy Russell P. Swetter, DDS
William and Eleanor Hefner Bruce and Barbara Swoyer
Margaret V. Hellmuth Harry and Connie Swoyer
Richard and Margaret Henderson David L. Swoyer
Richard and Carol Henderson Lloyd and Joyce Swoyer
Thomas and Pam Henderson Elizabeth Sylvester
John and Helen Heron Thomas Sylvester
Joyce A. Herrema Timothy and Marcella Taggart
Robert D. Herrema ****Catherine M. Tancredi
Timothy and Heather Hess Guy and Nadine Tanger
Margaret Hickey Barbara Tarchak
Amy L. Hill Rev. John S. Terry
Lora K. Hine Bishop James C. Timlin, D.D.
Howard and Paula Hodge James and Joan Tomczyk
Edward and Mary Hoffman Dr. Margaret G. Towne
Joseph and Cheryl Hogh Daniel D. O'Brien and Dana E. Townsend
CD and Yvonne Holjes Pedro Rodriguez and Marlene Triolo-Rodriguez
Mary Beth Holmes *Walter and Susann Trnka
Ashley Hoover Donna Trusky and Joseph Kutsop
Thomas T. Hrynkiw **Lorraine E. Trygar
Bob and Barbara Hughes Sally Tulley and Family
Michael and Kara Hurst Leo and Patty Turissini
Matthew and Deborah Indelicato James and Betty Tuscai
Mark and Lisa Indelicato Jonathan A. Tyson
Angelo and Mary Indelicato Terry Unterman
Bob Inners Frank L. Upton
Lizah Ismail Daniel and Regina Upton
Daniel and Rose Kuchwara Jacklinski, 1999 Glenn and Carol Veneziano
Amy Jackson John and Maureen Ventrice
William J. Jackson Patricia Ventrice
David W. James Kevin Michael Vernieri
Brad M. Jaques Judith A. Vindich
Michael and Piilani Jaques Elaine and Patrick Vivero
Rev. Michael J. Jendrek Charles and Megan Vorio
Rolf and Linda Jensen Margaret Voutsinas
Kathleen A. Jobbagy Shanna Wagenheim
Judith Dunn Johnson Bridget Wagner
Richard and Linda Johnson Thomas and Harriet Walker
Philip and Dolores Judge Howard and Loretta Walker
Dr. Paul and Ruth Juliano Vern and Nancy Wallace
Joseph and Arlene Kasaczon Madeline Walsh
Richard and Frieda Kasting Robert and Grace Walsh
Charles and Jill Katz Curtis and Doris Ward
Claire L. Kauffman Mildred E. Ward
Robert and Carol Kaunas John and Elna Wargo
Atty. Wendell R. Kay and Family Paula Wasser
Timothy and Sheila Kearney Robert and Alma Weber
Kevin S. Keating Robert and Kathleen Weber
Jim and Tamara Kelleher Steven and Gail Weinberger **
Rev. E. Francis Kelly John and Connie Weiss ****
Ray Kelly Jessica Lynn Welch
John and Elizabeth Kemple Daniel and Margaret Whitaker
Frank and Michele Kennelly Karen Whiteduck *
Eugene and Margaret Keohane Christina Whitney
Michael and Lenore Keyes Ronald and Ellen Williams
James and Roxane Kilgo Susan M. Williams, 2010
Robert F. Killeen Office of Chief Counsel, coworkers of Paul R. Jordan
Bojeong Kim Donald and Ursula Winters
Ann Marie Kincel Richard Witkowski
Kurt and Michelle Kincel Ellen M. Wolfe *
Diane, Sam, and Bethany Kletz William J. Woodford
William and Camille Koertner Richard and Virginia Woodhouse
Robert and Lisa Korn Robert and Holly Wrase
Harold and Helene Kornfeld *Rita M. Wysocki
Nicole M. Kortright Dr. Jun and Yan Yang
Lih-ting Li Kostrzewa John and Margaret Yatsonsky
Michael and Lih-ting Kostrzewa Robert and Joan Yiengst
Francis and Camille Kowalski Augustine J. Young, Jr.
Patricia A. Kozick Lawrence and Brandy Young
Pauline A. Kozik Bruce and Lisa Young
William and Judith Kreis Donald and Harriet Young
John and Mary Beth Krzyston Irene P. Young
William and Carol LaPointe Kathryn Young
James A. Lagro, Jr. Rodney Young
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Landers William J. Young
Rich and Terri Langham Jay and Sandra Zahner
Randy Largo Dr. and Mrs. Primal de Lanorelle
Frances Laskowski


The Sister Theresa Maxis, IHM Club
The Father Louis Gillet Club
The Sister M. St. Mary Orr, IHM Club
The Sister M. Coleman Nee, IHM Club
The Investor's Club
The Dean's Club
The Director's Club
The Builder's Club
$20,000 and above
$10,000 - $19,999
$5,000 - $9,999
$1750 - $4,999
$1,000 - $1,749
$500 - $999
$250 - $499
$1 - $249
Five years of consecutive giving
Ten years of consecutive giving
Fifteen years of consecutive giving
Twenty years or more of consecutive giving