President's Letter

Dear Friends,

We've embarked on an exciting journey, as our "Road to the Centennial" of Marywood University stretches before us. Speaking of roads, I want to share with you the new campus road names. Each has a specific tie to the history of Marywood or the IHM Congregation. As we approach Marywood's Centennial in 2015, we celebrate our cherished history in myriad ways, recognizing those who provided the strong foundation that still supports our progress today.

You are a significant part of that progress. It's never too early to anticipate something so monumental, not just for history's sake, but because our decisions about programs, development, research, and other areas of the University's sustainability make such a profound impact on the students we serve, both now and in the future. I know you will join me in this excitement, continuing to partner with Marywood University in meaningful ways as we move forward.

Our mission and core values are a central part of all we do. By actively living the tenets of each, we can continue and build upon that wondrous path our founders and leaders began. So, as we move forward, you will notice that our major accomplishments reflect, integrate, and celebrate:

  • Catholic identity
  • Respect for each person
  • Empowerment
  • Service
  • Commitment to excellence

Marywood University continues to demonstrate that "living responsibly in an interdependent world" is more than just catch phrase: it is our vibrant mission, a way of life that requires critical thinking and ethical decision-making on the part of each individual. I hope you enjoy our online-only, "green" President's Report, now our standard presentation of annual highlights and benefactor recognition, which reduces our use of paper products and advances our ongoing efforts to cultivate and practice environmental stewardship.

I am deeply grateful for the remarkable support you have shown and continue to affirm on behalf of Marywood University. Even during challenging economic times, you have chosen to step up and ensure that the important work we do continues to make a difference in the lives of so many.


Sister Anne Munley, IHM, Ph.D.
President of the University