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Donor Listing

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Sister Theresa Maxis IHM Club Donors (Total annual giving of $20,000+)
Father Louis Gillet Club Donors (Total annual giving between $10,000 - $19,999)
Sister M. St. Mary Orr IHM Club Donors (Total annual giving between $5,000 - $9,999)
Sister M. Coleman Nee IHM Club Donors (Total annual giving between $2,000 - $4,999)
Donors with an annual giving total of $2,000 or more are members of the Presidential Society.(Learn more)
Marywood G.O.LD. (Graduates of the Last Decade) Presidential Society Members
Ambassador's Club Donors (Total annual giving between $1,000 - $1,999)
Investor's Club Donors (Total annual giving between $500 - $999)
Dean's Club Donors (Total annual giving between $250 - $499)
Director's Club Donors (Total annual giving between $100 - $249)
Builder's Club Donors (Total annual giving up to $99)
*List contains all donors who made a gift between July 1, 2018 and June 30th, 2019
†† Indicates deceased as of publication date
The Sister Theresa Maxis IHM Club
Donors who have given $20,000 or more to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
Autodesk, Inc.
Talcott K. and †† Joan Banick Brooks, 1965
Cloverfields Foundation
Congregation of Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Pia Ferrario
Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank
Donald, Esq., and Carolyn Reddon Flanagan, 1956
Valerie Rott Garofalo, 1967
†† Madelyn Solo Ghilardi, 1951, Ph.D.
Cecelia Lynett Haggerty
The Hawk Family Foundation
David and Ann M. Hawk, M.A. 1996
Stephen and Barbara Korosec Hemsley, 1974
Ann R. Henry, 1973, Ph.D., and †† John T. Wulko
The Hoeffner Foundation
Sandra Stockey Hoeffner, 1960
Lisa A. Lori, Esq., 1993
Lynett-Haggerty Families
Edward and Lynda Mulligan Lynett, 1966
George V., Esq., and Patricia Brady Lynett, 1966
William R. and Mary Jean Foley Lynett
Albert J. and Dorothy Brelish Magnotta, 1967
Fred Miller, M.D., and Joan Miller, Ph.D. 2003
Paul and Sandra Gaudenzi Montrone, 1963
Moses Taylor Foundation
JAN - 65 - JWN
Keith J. O'Neill, 1976, and Teresa O'Neill
Michael C. Pascucci
The Penates Foundation
Pepsi Beverages Company
†† Zeena Plesko
Victoria Klitsch Randall, 1969
Sebonack Foundation
The Tighe Foundation
John and Mary Grace Tighe
†† Regina P. Tirpak, 1959
†† Linda A. Vogt, 1969
Charles Wagner
Wyoming Valley Health & Education Foundation
The Father Louis Gillet Club
Donors who have given between $10,000 - $19,999 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
Col. (Ret.) Richard H. and Col. (Ret.) Lorraine T. Rupp Breen, 1978
Barbara J. Burkhouse, Ed.D., 1963
William C., Esq., and Muriel Scherr Cagney, 1969
Charp-Wiggins Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Civic Nation
Salvatore and Susan Cognetti
Diocese of Scranton
Bernard A. Egan Foundation Inc.
Patrick J., M.D., and Andrea Fricchione
Bernadette Gray-Little, 1966, Ph.D., and Shade Little
James L. Kenefick, Esq.
The Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation, Inc.
James B. and Mary Ellen McLane McDonough, 1973
NET Credit Union
Mary Ann O'Hara, 1958
Mary Kay Rotert
†† June Mullaney Scanlon, 1952
Hartmut and Antonia Gerod Schierling, 1960
Robert H. Spitz Foundation
James and Salli Wilson Tuozzolo, 1967
Robert and Margaret Watters
Donna Wiggins Wetzel, 1965
David and Frances Zauhar
The Sister M. St. Mary Orr IHM Club
Donors who have given between $5,000 - $9,999 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
Edwin and Mary Ann Conaboy Abrahamsen, 1973
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Thomas J. Bermel and †† Margaret Brennan Bermel, 1975
Michael E. Bugno, 1998
Patricia Gagen Cain, 1958
Marie L. Carpentier, 1967
Chartwells Food Service
Chartwells/Compass Group
James and Miriam Padden Coady, 1963
Concord Advisory Group Ltd.
D K Trading Corporation, Inc.
Christopher, 1988, and Ann Celli DiMattio, 1987, M.S. 1993
Maureen Dwyer, 1968
Follett Higher Education Group
Patrick A. and Mary Ellen Fricchione
Frieder Foundation
L. Peter and Laura Frieder, Jr.
James, M.S.W 1973, M.S. 1985, and Catherine Gavin
James and Wendy Weisenfluh Haggerty, 1993
David and Ellen Costa Hardy, 1968
David M. and Nancy Amori Hemmler, 1970
Elizabeth Zapitz Holcomb, 1969
Jackson Lewis P.C.
Joyce Haggerty Bell Insurance Group, LLC
Frank, 2003, and Lauren Kelleher, Jr.
David L. and Marijo Kirtland
Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP
Nancy Pfeiffer Loch, 1969
Scott and Anna Lynett
Marywood Alumni Club of NEPA-MAC
Daniel and Judith Millett
Mary E. Molloy, 1973
Eugenia Warady Mule Riordan, 1953
Judy O'Hara Murphy, 1967
Benjamin and Ann Cooney Newswanger, 1957
P & W Washo, Inc.
John F. and Diane Williams Parks, 1967
Peoples Security Bank & Trust Company
Frank and Stephanie Persico
Frank H. Phillips, M.S. 1978
Catherine Gilligan Quinnan, 1961, M.S. 1965
Paula K. Shields
Virginia Collins Shields, 1948
James and Barbara Spellman Shuta, 1968
Simplex Industries, Inc.
The Sordoni Family Foundation
Joseph and Kathleen Fitzsimmons Sterchak, 1980
Sweeney Family Foundation
John and Jean Blackledge Sweeney
Susan Hammann Tackaberry, 1969
Robert S. Tamburro
Times Printing/PDQ Print Center
Times-Shamrock Communications
Roy and Edwina Wagner
Waste Management
The Sister M. Coleman Nee IHM Club
Donors who have given between $2,000 - $4,999 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Peggy Maloney Barnhill, 1966, and Frederick Struble
Andrew, Esq., and Natalie Bej, Esq.
Anne L. Boland, 1946
Mary Bergen Bommer, 1969
Joseph and Claire Ralph Borda, 1978
Ellen M. Burkhouse, 1966, M.S.L.S. 1969
Sister Gail Cabral, IHM, 1963, M.S. 1967, Ph.D.
Al Caines, Jr., Plumbing and Excavating
Dale, 1977, and Ann Boland Chase, 1979
John and Ana Steele Clark, 1958
Clayton Park Industries, Inc.
Mary Ellen Coleman, 1968
Margaret Moore Condron
Ann Conflitti, 1996, M.S. 2005
Elizabeth A. Connery, M.P.A. 1999
Jean Woody Coolican, 1961, Ph.D.
F. Dennis, M.D., and Grace Finnerty Dawgert, 1968
Mary Margaret Diehl, 1966
Edmund F. Diskin, Jr., M.S. 1980
Mary Anna Donohoe, Esq., 1967
Lois King Draina, Ph.D.
Mary O'Neil Dunkerly, 1963
John J. and Joanne Durkin Dunn, 1954
Edwards Business Systems
James and Gloria Edwards
John M. and Joan Egan
Frank and Renée Epifano
Anne Wagner Falzett, 1979
Ellen M. Farrell, 1968
Mary Anne Merkel Fedrick, 1968, M.S.L.S. 1972, M.A. 1980, Ph.D.
Gerard Ferrario
Joseph Ferrario
Clayton and Catherine Fitzhugh
Mary Lawler Murphy Fox, 1971, M.S. 1976, Ph.D. 2012
Robert and Laura Coti Garrett, 1979
Alba Lori Gayeski, 1944
Noel Martin Gessner, 1961
Joanne Gilmore, 1974, and David Gryier, Ph.D.
Maria Carmeada Gogal, 2004
Ellen S. Gorringe, 1975
Cindy Gowell, 1970, M.S. 1974
James M. and Valerie L. Grabicki
Mary Jo Gunning, 1978, Ed.D., and Richard MacGregor, 1976
Frederick and Joan Monaghan Hart, 1952
Dr. Raymond and Carol Heath
Mary Ann Wendolowski Heneroty, 1974
John G. Hopkins, M.S.W. 1975, Dr.PH
Patricia Kucab Horvath, 1957, M.S. 1969
Gregory and Andrea Hunt
Gaven and Kathleen Bride Hurley, 1967
Jeffrey and Sharon Dux Hyde, 1976
Frank and Virginia Kane
Patricia S. Kane
Carol Standke Kayser, 1989
Gail Kennedy Keating, M.S. 1969, and Gerald Raymond
William and Diane Keller, M.S.W. 1997, Ph.D.
Nancy Dranichak Kohudic
Ellen E. Loughney, Esq.
Robert J. and Noelle Lynett
Rosemary Quinn Malloy, 1968
Hilda Faust Mathieu, 1957
Margaret M. McCarty, 1967
Mark E. and Michele Abbott McDade, 1970
Jim and Tammy McArthur McHale
Thomas and Josephine Medico
MEMCO Realty Company Limited
Margaret A. Michalowski, 1969
Michael J. Murray
Thomas and Grace Horan Murry, 1989
†† Katherine Hawley Packer, 1941
The Palumbo Group
John S. Palumbo
Phyllis Rockovits Perron, 1962
†† Anthony and Judith Persichilli
Maureen McHugh Pesavento, 1954, M.S. 1957
The Presser Foundation
Edward and Marianne Waering Prokop, 1966
Prudential Financial
Raymond and Son, Inc.
John Charles & Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation
Samantha Roos-Meiser, 2001
Christine Sacco, 1963
Patricia Duane Sanders, 1961
Gabriel J. and Gina R. Scala, Ed.D.
Christopher, 2011, and Roxanne Schell
Pamela M. Schwitter, 1969
David E. Setzer, Ph.D.
Jean Casey Smith, 1950
Barbara Sowinski, M.A. 2000
Joseph K. and Suzanne Vanston Speicher, 1972, Ph.D.
Super Duper Publications
Dr. Susan C. Turell and Dr. Sandra R. Smith
James and Geraldine Flood Weadick, 1964
Dr. Robert and Carole Cook Wright, 1989
Sonya Swoyer Zacker
Christine Esposito Zike, 1976
The G.O.L.D. Presidential Society
Marywood Graduates of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) who have given $250 or more to Marywood (Learn more)
Leigh C. Farrar-Freeman, Ph.D. 2009
Joseph F. Hunt, 2017, M.B.A. 2018
Rachel Kester, 2015, M.A. 2017, Ed.S. 2018
Erik, M.S. 2019, and Christina Mace, M.B.A. 2017
Alejandra Marroquin, M.S.W. 2016
Victoria M. Moshy, 2012, M.B.A. 2014
Nicholas A. Pesarcik, 2013
Kyle Williams, 2009
The Ambassador’s Club
Donors who have given between $1,000 - $1,999 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
321 Development, LP
3Seed Marketing, Design & Interactive
John, M.S. 1981, and Kim Kelly Bartley, 1978
Susann Wiezavich Barziloski, 1966, M.S. 1976
Jane Vavala Batten, 1993
August and Mary Bequai
Rosemary A. Boland, 1969
Frances Wyandt Bordogna, 1964
The Honorable Noel Brennan, 1969
Andrew Brown's Drug Store
Mary F. Brundage, 1984
Patrick T. Burke, Esq.
Joan H. Caffrey, 1955
Linda Striefsky Carlson, 1974
Carpenters Local Union 445
Brendan Cashman
Patrick and Denise Castellani
Barbara A. Cawley, 1963
Louis and Therese Skovira Ciabattoni, 1957
Phillip and JoAnn Sapone Coleman, 1970
†† The Honorable Richard and †† Marion Conaboy
Anne Cassidy Connolly, 1963
Charles, Jr., Esq., M.A. 1978, and Mariel Hart Consagra, 1968, M.S. 1974
John and Lorraine Conti
Arlene B. Crandall, 1978
Law Office of Mark T. Cregan, PLLC
Dr. Charles T. and Judith Bartell Curtin, 1963
Miriam F. DeAntonio, 1960, M.D.
Delta Medix, P.C.
Donald and Mary Arendt DeMarco, 1965
R.N. DeMeck Roof Management Services, Inc.
Christine Atwater Dermody, 1959
Diamond K, Inc.
Jacquelin Colwell Ebert, 1969
Express Scripts Foundation
Jane Farr, Ph.D.
Ferrario Agency
Ellen P. Filicko, 1985
Ambrose and Irene McNulty Finnegan, 1969
Carol Rinaldi Fisher, 1964
Michael, Ph.D., and Carolyn Portincasa Flahive, 1981
FM Global Foundation
Ann Bannon Gallagher, 1962
Thomas and Mary Ann Barrett Gallagher, 1966
The Honorable Vito and Elaine Mooney Geroulo, 1969
John, M.D., and Maureen Joyce Gleysteen, 1969
Goldman Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Deborah Kopicki Graser, 1969
Mary Lisa Gunning, 1975, M.D.
Marie Elizabeth Harrington, 1967
John C. Hawley
Carol Ann Hefner, 1969
Charlene Curley Hennessy, 1949
Highmark, Inc.
Carolyn Tarbrake Hildebrand, 1962
Peter T. Hoffer
Trudy Hoffman
George, Ph.D., and Merel Imel
Keith and Carol Jenkins
Dave and Michele Rodeghiero Joerg, M.A.T. 1995
Suzanne Klassner Jones, 1967
Patrick Joyce, III
Richard and Erin O'Grady Kane
Peter P. and MaryCarol Tighe Kanton, 1964, M.S. 1971
Thomas and Flora Keating Karam
Caroline M. Kelley, 1964
Mary Loftus Kennedy, 1939
Diane Capello Kilduff, 1966
Sandra Abda King, 1969, M.D.
Margaret K. Klein, 1971
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
Ryan, 2016, and Rachel Kester Kozich, 2015, M.A. 2017, Ed.S. 2018
Jeanette Kearney Lemieux, 1967
Frank and Carolyn-Kay Miller Lundy, M.P.A. 1992
The Luzerne Foundation
M & T Charitable Foundation
Maloney Law, P.C.
Timothy Maloney, Esq., and Samantha Maloney, Esq.
John, D.M.D., and Margaret Quinn Mariotti, 1975, Au.D.
Tracey J. Marsan
J. P. Mascaro & Sons
McAllister Quinn LLC
John and Ann McAllister
Claire Coyne McAndrew, 1966
Alice Schwieghofer McDonnell, M.P.A. 1977, Dr.P.H.
Linda I. McGaughy, M.A. 1978
Barbara Yedinak McGoldrick, 1967
Merck Foundation
Francis J. and Beverly A. Merkel
Scott and Susan Meuser
Penelope Hall Moodey, M.A. 1978
James, Esq., and Rosemary Kelly Morgan, 1969
Clara R. Munley, 1976
Mary Ann Munley, 1974
George McCutchen Nisbet, Jr., M.S.W. 2003
Ruth Gallagher Nolan, 1969
Beth Norton, 1978
Terri Murphy O'Connell, 1969
Mary Ellen O'Mara, Esq., 1963
Oppenheim Foundation
Jane E. Oppenheim
Kathryn Lynott Oursler, 1972
PA Academy of Science
Gerard and Julie Panaro
Paul, Esq., and Mary Theresa Gardier Paterson, Esq.
Pesavento Monuments, Inc.
Theresa A. Philbin, 1969, M.S. 1972
William and Roseann Ford Piseczny, 1957
Pride Mobility Products Corp.
Philip and †† Eleanor Reill Rader, 1966
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Lawrence, M.S. 1988, and Patricia H. Rosetti, 1993
Ross Family Foundation
Mary Fitzgerald Rubinstein, Esq., 1965
Marianne Schimelfenig, 1969
Scranton UNICO Foundation
J. Thomas Senko and Patricia Carroll
Patrick and Marie Solano
Sordoni Construction Company
William E. Sordoni
Katherine Manley Speiser, 1969
Rita Kane Stuewe, 1965
Tambur Family Foundation
Robert and Virginia Tambur
Carl, D.D.S., and Rita Tempel, D.D.S.
Topp Business Solutions
Toyota of Scranton
Gerald, M.D., and Mary Burke Tracy, 1963, M.S. 1964
Sister Jo Ann C. Trama, IHM, 1963, M.S.W. 1994
David L. and Joyce E. Tressler
Walter and Susann Cooney Trnka, 1965
Urban Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Fred and Katherine Sheedy Weiss, 1972
Eric Williams Scholarship Fund
Kyle Williams, 2009
Willis Towers Watson
Margot E. Worfolk
Yankee Candle
The Investor’s Club
Donors who have given between $500 - $999 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
The Air Products Foundation
Kathleen Simko Babich, 1969
Richard and Elizabeth Bachefski
Ann Bennett
Mary Ellis Bigley, 1969
Myra I. Binau, 1969
Angelo and Ann Marie Bonacci
Denise Matthews Bone, 1973
Erin McNulty Booth, 1969
Brucelli Advertising Company, Inc.
Margaret Kelly Buck, 1953
Col. (Ret.) Edward J. and Nancy O'Malley Burke, 1964
Kathleen Bartley Burns, 1963
Ellen Ratchford Caggiano, 1970
Central Park Flowers, LLC
Dr. Joseph and Kathryn Tedesco Cesare
Church of St. Nicholas
John and Mary O'Malley Cognetti, Esq., M.S. 1975
Michael James Colangelo, 2004, M.S. 2007
Jean Manganello Colarusso, 1957
Mary Elizabeth C. Connors, 1958
The Honorable Joanne Price Corbett, 1975, and James Corbett
James and Catherine McDonough Corcoran, 1964
Jianhua Cui, M.S. 2007
Elaine I. Dalley, 1966
Francis and JoAnn McNally DeFilippo, 1964
Dorothy Dolgash, 1966
Joseph P. Donohue, M.S.W. 1974
Timothy and Ann Doherty Dougherty, 1976
Patrick and Colleen Dudley
George and Debbie Dunbar
Linda Rakowski Dunn, 1970
Marianne Carney Dunn, 1958
Gerald, M.P.A. 1975, and Sheila Sheridan Durkin, 1969
Tim Ebersole
Kevin M. and Maria Montoro Edwards, 1988, M.A. 1992, Ph.D. 2010
Leigh C. Farrar-Freeman, Ph.D. 2009
Marianne Feeley Flanagan, 1963
Sean and Marjorie Flanagan
Adeline Fricchione
Phyllis Smith Galanthay, 1964
Caroline Fernandes Gallis, 1958
Elisabeth von Kerczek Gilligan, 1959
Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce
Charles W. Grimm Construction, Inc.
Jeannine Ducharme Haight, 1982
Marcia Reidy Harney, 1968
Rev. Flora Marino Hartford, 1969
Natalie Henkelman
Robert and Suzanne Hine
Hinerfeld Realty Company
William and Mary McGowan Hoban, 1969
Mark and Dawn Holtsmaster
Honeywell, Inc.
Anne Ryan Imbalzano, 1969
Eugene L. Jerauld, 1987
Clyde and Margaret Tomassi Kang, 1969, Ed.D.
Mary Fox Kauffman, 1969
Eileen Ryan Kearns, 1954
Marilyn C. Kelly, 1976
Dr. Marilyn J. Kemple, 1963, M.S. 1973
Marianne Quinn Kester, 1969
Anthony J. and Peggy Dalton Kolasa, 1974
Jason M. Konschnik, 1995
June Wolicki Kostival, 1968
Mary C. Kruger, 1969
Jacques and Therese Murphy Kueny, 1964
LaBella Associates, D.P.C.
Sharon Brady LaBelle, 1968
Roberta Taniser Lamson-Motter, 1963
Rev. John M. Lapera
Jeffrey, 1993, Ph.D. 2000, and Jacklyn Hudak Leitzel, Ph.D. 2001
Liberty Healthcare MGT LLC
Linde Corporation
Bernice Simoncic Lukus, 1971, M.S. 1974
Michele A. Macedonio, 1970
Msgr. Peter P. Madus, 1974, M.S. 1975, M.A. 1979
David M. Maher
Constance Link Mahon, 1967
Markel Corporation
Joseph and Marybeth Marrone
Alejandra Marroquin, M.S.W. 2016
Virginia Fitzpatrick McAllister, 1963
Thomas A. McCullough, Jr., 1993
Capt. Joseph A. McDonald
Kevin McDonough
Richard and Helen McGill
Margaret Casey McGrath, 1975
Charlene A. McQueen, 1969, Ph.D.
Paulette Posluszny Merchel, 1969, Ph.D.
Melissa Metzgar
Minooka Motor Sales, Inc.
City Mohammad-Amin
Colin Morse
John and Lois Colley Mulhall, 1959
NEPA Polygraphs LLC
Gloria J. Nilsson, 1964
Margaret R. O'Neil, 1965
Mary Jean Owens
Pace Company
Ellen Kay Dougherty Padden, 1965
Edmund and Marianne Pannoni
Sister Mary Persico, IHM, 1969, Ed.D.
Regina Magnotta Peters, 1968
Stephen Prislupsky and Colleen Mulrooney
Reese Tower Services
José, Ph.D., and Alice Susco Reyes, 1969, M.S. 1979
Carl Rhoden
Eileen Shatzel Richards, 1993
Eude and Sylvia Rivera
Juliette M. Saadi, 1964
Margaret Moran Sachs, 1969
SageView Advisory Group
Brian and Nancy Tucker Scheld, 1978
William A. Schutter
Thomas and Barbara Shuman Sheehan, 1956
Karen Pietila Slifkin, 1969
Betsy Sherwood Sprout, 1987
Ronald J. Steele, M.A. 1997
Matthew and Alicea Strodel
Stanley B. Supon
Ann Marie Donahoe Swartz, 1957
Patrick and Diane Teevan and Family
Kathleen Becker Tintle, 1969
Alyssa Tirella
Ufberg & Associates LLP
Robert Ufberg, Esq.
Patricia Hageman Ungaro, 1969
Universal Printing Company
Verizon Foundation
Mary Ellen Ahearn Wayne, 1978
The Dean’s Club
Donors who have given between $250 - $499 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
Mary Alice Hennigan Acquaviva, 1972
Arnold and Marlene Korczakowski Adams, 1976
Kathleen Lynch Armstrong, 1991
Assumption BVM School
Bernard and Adele Cipollone Audet, 1978
Brian M. Baker
Donald and Erika Bidwell
Jessica Lambert Bodzio, 1997, M.S. 2010
Carolyn M. Bonacci
Sheila Sanderson Breitweiser, 1963, Ed.D.
Timothy and Latonya Brennan
Denise Barber Brown, 1971
Catherine M. Brundage, 1979
Stephen, Ph.D., and Mary Ellen Burke
Anne Quinn Butler, 1975
Joan Butler, 1969
Vincent and Donna Capoccia
Nancy Reese Cawley, 1959
Chipotle Mexican Grill
William and Hope Chonka
Church of St. Gregory
E. Pat Cliver, M.S.W. 1973
Lovonda A. Cockrell
Patricia McElhenny Cook, 1965
John, 1999, and Deborah Killino Coval, 1996
Joan Bender Cracco, 1959, M.D.
†† Peter P. Cupple, M.D.
CVC Credit Partners
Joseph and Donna Castronova Dailey, 1985
Joe Dailey, State Farm Agent
Joan Sheehan Dalton, 1958
Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel, M.P.A. 2001
Scott and Cheryl Davies
Michelle Kalavoda Davis, 1996
John Dellasanta, 1978
Elizabeth Lynott Donohue, 1974, M.S. 1992
Mary T. Drew, 1957
Virginia Nolan Duffy, 1964
Mary Krupski Dymond, 1971, M.S. 1985
Donald and Marcia Chmielewski Eckerson, 1970
Electro Battery of Pennsylvania, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
The Fahey Family Trust
Marigrace Corcoran Fahey, 1958
Leonard and Joan Murphy Fasullo, 1979
Arnan and Marlene Friedman Finkelstein, M.S.W. 1984
Herbert, M.B.A. 1990, and Annette Hizny Fisher, 1977, M.P.A. 1989
Barbara Haedrich Foley, 1969
Paula Haven Fontes, 1970
Paula Fricchione and Bradley Shike
FrontStream Panorama Workplace, Inc.
James and Barbara Melliand Frutchey, 1984, M.S. 1987
Kathleen Kane Gastinger, 1971
Vincent Robert Gatto, 2005
Carol Allen Geron, 1968
Mary Joyce Gill, 1968
Marianne Menapace Gilmartin, 1983
Trey Gladden
John Goldman, M.D., and Maureen O'Toole
Cara Bell Green
Erin Hickey Greenwood, 2000
Rebecca D. Grubb, 2003
Mary Gliot Halick, 1997
Jeffrey and Virginia Haney
Betsy Lavin Hart, 1969
Richard Hellard
Roseann Anastasio Henzes, 1958
Robert and Marie Hessling
Highland Associates
Daniel Hodne
Jay and Tamara Holman
Carol Armezzani Howell, 1967
Bridget Anne Hudacs, 2000
Joseph F. Hunt, 2017, M.B.A. 2018
I.B.E.W. Local Union No. 81
JoAnn Leputa Jarrach, 1958
Maria Nardone Kaegi, 1957
Shawne Koehler Kaeser, 1970
Milissa Braga Kanavy, 1982
Maureen Foley Kearney, 1964, Ph.D.
Edward and Kathryn Hickey Keglovits, 1956
Kelly Motor Company, Inc.
Dorothy O'Gara Kelly, 1964
Dorothy Schiller Kelly, 1955
Janette Dixon Kelly, 1972, Ph.D.
Msgr. Joseph P. Kelly, M.S.W. 1975
Barbara Williams Kimmich, 1969
Knowles Associates Insurance Consultants
Michele Memolo Knowles, 1981
Kathleen McMurtrie Kollar, 1987
Vera Kowal Krewsun
Judith Latsko Kunec, M.S.W. 1978
Thomas Kurtz
Jane Murray LaBar, 1971, M.S. 1974
Mary Clare Quinnan Leonard, 1993
Judith Salvin Long, 1964
Luigi's Pizza
Maria Noel MacDonald, M.A. 2006
Erik, M.S. 2019, and Christina Mace, M.B.A. 2017
Bernard, 1993, and Lisa Grube Marchuska, 1990
Ulla H. M. Martz, M.S.W. 1997
Committee to Elect Mark P. McAndrew
Helen Barrett McCarthy, 1964
Thomas K. McFadden
Donald and Rose Ann McGlynn
Marianne McGowan, 1969
Jane Earley McLane, 1975, M.S.W. 1977
Michelangelo Sculpture Casting, Inc.
Wayne and Carolyn Michener
Mohegan Sun Pocono
Marilyn Fastiggi Moore, 1973
Debra Morgan, M.P.A. 1978
Victoria M. Moshy, 2012, M.B.A. 2014
Mary Lou Hoagland Mraz, M.S.W. 1991, M.P.A. 1993
Thomas and Rosemary Skala Muldoon, 1969
Michele Feeney Mulligan, 1971
Judith Pilch Murphy, 1969
Mari Foley Murphy, 1973
Grace DeCecco Nakagawa, 1960
Susan J. Nicastro, Esq., 1980
Isabella Buckley Nobilski, 1957
Northeastern Transit, Inc.
Anne Salvatore Novitsky, 1964
Nunzi's Advertising Specialties, Inc
Howard and Mary Ellen Levchak Nusbaum, 1974
Barbara O'Reilly Nutt, 1969
Janice Endrelunas O'Brien, 1966
Joseph, Esq., and Barbara Scanlon O'Brien, 1969, M.S. 1993
Law Offices of Jason O'Malley
Colleen Farrell O'Neill, 1979
Francis, Esq., 1981, and Ann Hopkins O'Neill, 1979, M.B.A. 1991
Helen Hodgson Overlan, 1963
Margaret Lennon Owens, 1952
Salvatore, Ph.D., and Roseann Blanco Paratore, 1957
Carole M. Paswinski, 1958
Marilyn J. Patrick, 1958
Pennsylvania Ambulance, LLC
Virginia Polentz Perfetto, 1962
Nicholas A. Pesarcik, 2013
Joan Diane Rognoni, 1966
Susan Kane Ronan, 1979
Margaret Maher Rowe, 1977
Ellen Spillane Ryan, 1963
Barbara A. Sacks
Melissa Ann Saddlemire, 2006, M.B.A. 2009
Saint John Vianney Parish
Karen Tierney Schamel, 1964
Priscilla Calabro Scovell, 1959
Scranton Area Foundation
Catherine Scannella Shaffer, 1968
Sandy Savulis Shemonsky, 1968
Jean M. Shields, 1971, M.A. 1985
Randi Gregory Short, 1983
Richard and Luisa Sica
Elizabeth M. Slovenkai, 1971
Andrew E. Smith
Charles A. Smith, 1977, M.S. 1990
David and Linda Smith
Thomas and Elfriede Smith
Barry D. Sobolewski and Janet M. Perrino
Alan and Jane Sorensen
South Plainfield Field Hockey Association
Kevin Southard
Christine Rankin Specht, 1969
Deirdre-Holly Spelman, M.S.W. 1972
Laurie B. Speranzo, 1997
St. Ignatius Catholic Church
State Farm Companies Foundation
Michael and Lynette Stolarzyk
Albert, 1999, and Erin Stroble
Michael and Suzanne Stuewe
Virginia Sullivan, 1966
Joseph and Misty Theobald
Jeff C. Tierney and Robin A. Fernandez
Judith Tierney, 1963, M.S. 1970
Richard and Beth Tirella
Patrick, 2000, and Carrie Bowen Toomey
Adrian Torres
Nicole DeNero Traeger, 2001
Msgr. David L. Tressler, M.S. 1990
David Tucker
Robert Unger, 1990
United Association Local Union No. 524
United Methodist Church of Saratoga Springs
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Ann Kendrick Van Malderghem, 1969
Vincenzo's Pizzeria & Catering
Mary-Celine Burke Von Esch, 1961
William J. Weber
Dr. Richard L. and Erin Hosie Weinberger, 1983, M.S. 1993
Calvin and Sandra Weisel
Irene Pettigrass Wiehe, 1960
Margaret M. Williams, 1959
Joanne Paciorek Wittenborn, 1969
Michael and Melinda Yacuboski
Marianne Reynolds Yacynych, 1982
Betty Luvender Zapp, 1962
Joseph, 1980, and Christine Carroll Zwick, 1979
The Director’s Club
Donors who have given between $100 - $249 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
John J. Acton
Maxine Kowalchik Adams, 1969
Richard, M.S.W. 1972, and Linda Leighton Adams, M.S.W. 1978
Robert A. Ahrens
Steven and Debra Alessandrini
Christina Alexander
ALJ Memorials
Jim and Patty Alperin
Joan Twaddle Altemus, 1961
Alex Amend
Gregory and YoungHui Amend
American Security and Asset Protection Group, LLC
William and Barbara Ansbro
Christie Phillips Aronow, 1994, M.S.W. 1995
Robert L. Askew, Jr.
Nabil, M.D., and Maureen Asterbadi
Barbara Macaw Atkinson, M.S. 1978
Joan Grado Avery, 1973
Patricia Carsley Baasch, 1978
Paul S. Bahn
Catherine V. Baker
Louise M. Baker
Joseph and Christine Balanovich
Janet P. Ballute, M.S.W. 1999
Sean Patrick Bamford, 1995
Sister Dolores M. Banick, IHM, 1967
Msgr. Thomas V. Banick, S.T.D.
Judy Caulfield Barbera, 1973
Judith Murray Barberich, 1968
Kathleen Loughney Barkelew, 1981
Andrea L. Barker, 2011
Maj. Anne M. Barlieb, 2004
Thomas and Lisa Barlok
Jeannette Spott Barnes, M.A. 1981
Gregory and Colleen Donovan Barnic, 1982
Francis and Mary Hart Barrett, 1968
Mary Cuff Barrett, 1965
Richard and June Barrett
Joan Wright Barrosse, 1950
Brian A. Bartholomay, 1992
Mary Murray Barton, 1957
Col. John J. Bartosh, USA(Ret.), M.S. 1982
John A. Basalyga
Matthew Bascombe
Anthony, M.A. 1982, and Carole Campagna Battaglia, 1968
Karen McAndrew Battaglia, 1969
Genevieve Battisto, 1958
Karen Tiberi Bazzarri, 1993
Virginia A. Beauchamp, 1975
Daniel and Maureen Beck
Sonia Bednorchik, 1963
Jane A. Behlke, 1968
Kathleen Redding Bellitto, 1974
Msgr. John J. Bendik
Jill Emillie Bennett, 1964
Anna Marie Berardi, 1983
Msgr. John A. Bergamo
Bergen County United Way Charitable Flex Fund
Constance R. Bergum, M.F.A. 2000
Bruce and Madeline Berlin
Erika Lawrence Bernard, 1970
BHL Company, LLC
Michael J. Bibak
Maureen McNulty Bidula, 1975, M.D.
Rosemary Ludwick Bieker, 1971, Ph.D.
Sean Bingham
Janet D. Bisset, Ph.D. and Kevin G. Madden, M.D.
Helen Bittel, Ph.D.
MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson, 1990
Judith A. Blachek, 1980
Mary Elizabeth Woodward Blackwell, 1980
Margaret A. Blaha, 1968
†† Rev. William B. Blake, M.S. 1984
Jonathan, M.D., and Katherine Blancaflor, Esq.
Law Offices of William M. Blaum
Robert and Gail Blevin
Jean Body, 1970
Irene Ruseckas Boezi, 1960
Paula Talerico Bomboy, 1970
Dominick and Lisa Jones Bonacci, M.B.A. 1996
Ann Cancelli Bonanni, 1975
Sara Schofield Booker, 2000
Immaculate Mary Jacobeno Boone, 1969
Thomas and Kim Boosinger, III
Joanne Yanusauskas Bosak, 1973
Caroline Jaeger Bosch, 1962
Barbara Savino Bossi, 1990
Jeannine Forquer Boswell, 1966
Carla Boudreau
Robert, M.S. 1977, and Mari Swift Bowen, 1975
Grace Willis Bowes, M.S.W. 1989
Rex and Marci Brand
The Brannon Family
Pasqua Jean Delfino Brezovsky, 1956
Joanne Collevechio Brice, M.S.W. 1979
James and Elaine Briselden
Judith Koppen Brokus, 1980, M.P.A. 1985
Donald and Patricia Kelleher Brooks, 1964
David and Rosanne Brough
Amy Biedlingmaier Brown, 1975
James M. Brown
F.M. Brown's Sons, Inc.
Michael Brungart and Shannon McChesney-Brungart
Monica Bubser
Edward B. Budda, 1983, M.B.A. 1988
Phillip and Susan Bullwinkel
The Burke Family
Linda Root Burke, M.S. 1980
Mary Ann Flesch Burns, 1969
David Burnside Ins. Agency LLC
Judith Antenori Bushko, 1969
James, M.D., and Sylvia Graziano Butcofski, 1960
Lenore Korczakowski Butler, 1970
Grace Potelunas Byrne, 1972
Cadden Bros. Moving & Storage
Patrick and Mariann Cadden
Julianne Zinskie Calabro, 1986
Gerald and Jennifer Calamia
Eric S. Callahan
Sally Mannion Callahan, 1968, M.S. 1974
Marilyn Gleason Campagna, 1964
Victoria Zabka Campbell, 1962
Daniella Canglano
Capstone Wealth Management Group LLC
John and Agnes Cardoni
Joyce E. Carhart
Ian Gileski and DawnAnn Carino
Carlucci-Golden-De Santis Funeral Home
Anthony C. Carone
Robert and Kay Carone
Joanne DeSantis Carpentier, 1969
Charles and Anne Nelson Carroll, 1960
Vincent and Lisa Chuff Casella, 1993, M.A. 2010
Ellen Harding Casey, 1953, Hon. D.A. 1990
J. Casey Monument Company
†† Ronna Walsh Casey, 1971
Dr. Jeane Rhodes Cassidy, 1980
Ann Marie DiVecchia Castelgrande, 1972, M.A. 1976
Samuel J. Castellino, M.B.A. 1991
Carlos Castillo
Yesenia Castillo
Robert and Grace Catchings
Robert and Nicole Catchings
James and Donna Cerminaro
Denis, M.D., and Mary Brita Bergen Chagnon, 1968, M.D.
Kathryn Gartland Chambers, 1970
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Ernest and Maureen Rowan Chell, 1968
Carine Chen-McLaughlin, 1974
Joanna Chon
Lucille Tubach Christini, 1963
Vincenzo and Karlene Coval Cicco, 1993
Rose Marie Cilia
James J. Cimakasky, M.B.A. 2013
Sister Kathleen M. Clancy, IHM, 1979, M.S. 1993
Ann Therese Clark, 1962
Michael J. Clark
Carol J. Cleary, 1980, M.S. 1992
Susan Honold Cleary, 1985
Mary Butterly Clifford, 1970
Clorox Company Foundation
Michael and Karen Coco
Samantha A. Coco, 2014
James and Barbara Colangelo
James Colarusso
Sue Ellen Coleman, 1968, M.A. 1982
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Lydia Naples Comerford, M.S. 1977
Patricia Campbell Comey, 1973
Community Foundation of Louisville
Jane Lebojesky Comroe, 1964
Christine O'Brien Condon, 1968
Kathleen P. Connaghan, 1972
Ruth A. Connolly, 1975, M.A. 1980, Ed.D.
Denise Connolly-Brashear
Mary Ellen Hutton Connors, M.A. 1986
Mary Mongoven Conroy, 1982
Margaret M. Conway, 1970
Vera Jungling Conwicke, M.S.W. 1982
Kathy Cook
Sandra Hojnoski Cooper, 1981
Stephen Corazzi Painting
Janet M. Corbett, 1984, M.P.A. 1991
Susan Corbett
Mary Ann Levandoski Cornell, 1969
Joan Del Mastro Costa, 1962
Mary Elizabeth Almy Cote, 1964
Olin A. Cramer
John A. Craunakis, M.A.T. 2017
Katherine M. Crawford, M.S. 1979
Marion Lewis Crawford, 1959
John and Lisa Crilly
Cynthia L. Critelli, 1978
Elaine Eiden Cross, 1968
Paul Crosta
Francis and Betsy Crowley
Mary Ann Crozier, 1961
Claudia Cuevas
Rev. William Ryan Culnane, M.A. 1974, Ph.D.
Robert and Claudine Cunningham
Timothy and Jenine Cunningham
Deborah Rice Curatilo, 1971
Rosemary Revak Curry, 1969
Maureen Lawless Curtin, 1972
Rosemarie Sharlow Cushing, 1983
William and Margaret Jennings Cusick, 1965
Karen Czar
Joseph and Charlotte Daily
G. Kupiec Dainack, 1973
Peter and Dinorah D'Auria
Peter M. Davenport
Ellen Jordan Davidson, 1967
Jacqueline R. Davies, 1960
Ann Loftus Davis, 1967
Robert M. Davis
Peter and Suzanne Davitt
Michelina Venturini Daylor, 1960
Katie Murray DeAngelis, 1963
Nancy Coyle Decandis, 1967
Lillian Harkins Decker, 1972
George and Kathie DeGroot
Lee A. and Ellen Svatek DeHihns, 1967
Mary-Louise Argentieri DeHoratius, 1967
Michael Delaney
Diane M. DellaValle, 2001, Ph.D.
Ellen Mercedes DeMasi
John and Nancy Golden Dempsey, 1970
John, M.A. 1979, Ph.D., and Terry Redmond Dempsey, 1973, M.S. 1977
Travis DeNapoli
Bernardine Grzybowski DePietro, 1966
Michael, M.S. 2009, and Elizabeth Zaydon Dessoye, 2007
Kathleen Dougherty DeWan, 1964
Todd and Margaret Dietrich
Dorothy L. Distel, M.S.W. 1987
DM Fitness, LLC
Leonard and Marianne Venosh Dobrzyn
Lance and Christine Dolgas
Katherine Donnelly, 1980
Helaine Burger Donovan, 1970
Julie Ryan Dougherty, 2012
Marita McDermott Dow, 1982
Alice Adams Dowling, 1968
Marian White Dowling, 1962
Jean Ann Doyle, 1962
Joan Marie Doyle, 1961
Stephen and Kelly Drew
Mary Campana Droll, 1944
Marie Langan Duclos, 1961
Susan Duffy
Susan DePietro Dukin, 1970
Uldarico, Ph.D., and Viola Yap Dumdum, M.B.A. 1993
Marion Milk Dumond, 1957
Lawrence and Arlene Dunn
Suzanne McGrath Dunnigan, 1956
James A. Dunstan, M.S.W. 1987
William and Deborah Dunstone
Mr. Micah Wilcox and Ms. Tracy L. Dutton
Edward and Elke Dyminski
Marion Gaetano Eagen, 1965
Thomas J. and Barbara Earley, M.S.W. 1973
Dr. Mary Kosar Ebert, 1973
Richard L. Eckersley and Rev. Linda K. Eckersley, 1998
Rosanne Seidel Eckert, 1969
Tari E. Ede, 1983
Denyse B. Edge, M.S.W. 1996
Brian and Michelle Edwards
Catherine French Edwards, 1942
Linda Sakovich Eggleston, 1982
Melissa Sostak Eichenauer, 1976
Marjorie Slear Ellis, 1964
Vicki Mellott Ellis, 1992
Endwell League of Community Action
Virginia L. Enfield
Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Anne Marie Simoncic Ermolovich, 1967
Michael and Kathy Ernst
Anne Kaczmarczyk Evans, M.P.A. 1985
Joseph, 1981, and Margaret Higgins Evans, 1975, M.S. 1989
Lynn S. Evans
Evermore Wellness, LLC
Mary D. Fabritius, 1989
Rosemarie Corallo Fahey, 1964
Fairfield Inn by Marriott
Rose M. Faiss
Geraldine Abraham Faivre, 1967
Michele M. Falchek, 1973
Ellen Marie Faliskie, 1989, M.S. 1995
Alexander William Raymond Fallek, 2015
Anne Marie, 1976, and Mark Fallek
Fancy Parsley Architecture + Design
Lorraine E. Farr, 1966
Fashionable Laundry Inc.
Janice C. Fech, 1961
Dr. Ann Tully Feeney, 1987
E. Lee Felder, Jr., Ed.D.
David and Tracey Ferguson
Marian R. Ferguson, 1976, M.S.W. 1977
Nicholas W. Fern
Joseph, 1984, and Cathy Gorecki Ferraro, 1982, M.S. 1995
Frank and Lori Ferriola
Ferryboat Campsites
Amelia Finan, 1960, Ph.D.
Ann M. Finnerty, 1972
FirstLight Home Care of Greater Scranton
Marina Moyles Fisher, 1959
Rita Claire Desmond Fitzsimmons, 1963
Mary Hughes Fixl, 1958
Catherine Sullivan Flannery, 1948
Rep. Marty Flynn
Clayton and Stacey Flyte
Timothy, Esq., and Susan McGinnis Foley, 1969
Helen Denniston Fong, 1974
Marie Ward Forish, M.S.W. 1981
Michael and Melissa Forsette
Edward J. Fortuna, M.S. 1993
Donna Foss
Hilliard and Sylvia Foster
James Franco and Catherine Haller-Franco
Mary Beth Franks-Begor
Linda Lussy Fraser, 1974, Ph.D.
Mary Alice Frederick, 1966
Diane Kucz Freeman, 1970
Thomas and Rosemary French
Elaine Lewis Fries, 1958
Marie C. Froncek, 1967
Richard and Debra Fuchs
Paulette A. Furness, 1968
Karla Rupp Gabre, 2001
Maria T. Gaglio, 1985
Peggy O'Malley Gahr, 1969
Megan Galichinski
Amy Garcia
Penny Saamer Gardner, 1973
Sara Stevens Gardner, 1971
Mary Ann Connelly Garvey, 1973
Adam and Angela Gelles
George and Terri DuBreucq Gelles, 1964
Christina Cocco Gelso, 1995
Catherine Caterino Gerard, 1970
Adriano Giammarino and Lynn M. Spear
Dominick Paul Gianuzzi, M.B.A. 2008
Thomas Gibboney
Mary Anne Giello, 1985
Amanda E. Gigliotti
Louise Langan Gike, 1951
Patricia Loyd Gilmore, 1956
Eileen Redington Gilroy, 1982
Mary E. Dougherty Ginda, 1971
Miriam Kaschenbach Giordano, 1964
Rose Ann Giordano, 1960
Phyllis Jenkins Girmatzion, 1986
James and Betty Ann Armstrong Godshalk, M.S.W. 2014
Jane Roche Goetzman, 1957
Robert and Rose Marie Gogats
Joseph and Katherine Faerber Gonglefski, 1971
Glen and Bridget O'Malley Goryeb, 1996
Anne Cottone Grady, M.B.A. 1994
Judith O'Malley Graziano, 1955
Theresa Casarella Graziano, 1967
Beatrice Greenberger
Albert and Geraldine Gregori
Gerry Zujkowski Grogan, 1959
Ronald and Patricia Groover
Groovy Baby Ice Cream
Eric Grundman
Carolyn Kester Grzenda, 1969
Brian and Mary Guckert
Fred Guida
Andrea Bower Guise, 1970
Joe Guydish, M.A. 1980
Albert and Anita Zale Guzek, LSW, 1971, M.S.W. 1979
Melody Hackett
Sister Susan Hadzima, IHM, 1969, M.S. 1978
Carol Hall
Larry and Maureen Hamm
John J. Hammond
Jane Gargani Hanley, 1970
Mary Lengel Hanley, 1959
Blaire F. Harraka, 2006
Daniel J. Hart, 1997
Ruth M. Harvey, 1969
Christina A. Hasemann, M.S. 1993, Ph.D. 2004
Christian P. Haskett, 1996
Melissa Hawryschuk
Bernice Locasto Healy, 1968
Anne L. Heffron, 1982
Richard and Maureen Harris Heilmann, 1982
Carol Martini Hemphill, 1970
Theresa Bennett Hensley, 1975
Robert D. Herrema
William and Janet Heyen
Mary Speicher Hickey, 1970
Mark and Christina Higgins
Ray and Taisha Hildebrandt
Marilou Zeller Hinchcliff, M.A. 2009
Dr. Judith Whitman Hochman, M.S. 1977, and Bernard J. Hochman
Darlene Hoffenberg
Eleanore O. Hofstetter, 1961
Joseph, M.S. 1973, and Danelle Iammangini Hogan, 1971
Dan Holko
Donna Holko
Gabrielle Holko
Valerie Hung Holler, 1966
Julie A. Holman
Kathryn J. Holod, 1969
Florence Horecky, M.B.A. 2007
Mary Ann Hosak, 1972
William R. House, M.S. 1971
Kevin Houston
Timothy and Tonya Howell
Robert and Roberta Farkash Howes, 1975
HPP Rinx, Inc.
Mary Ann Kuplinski Hudachek, 1968
Martin and Anne McHugh Hudacs, 1976
Carol Servatius Hughes, 1959
Joan Rembecki Hughes, 1977
Judith Meehan Hughes, 1960
Marcy A. Hughes, 1994
Edwin and Traci Humphries
Robert E. Ide, 1988, and Susan M. Turcmanovich, M.A. 2005
Carmel Solano Insalaco, 1942
Bradley and Kimberly Isaacson
Gary A. Isaacson, Jr.
JAB Management, LLC
Ken and Lori Jacobs
Gerard and Mary Ann Jacquinot
Stephen and Margaret Jamison
Heidi Selecky Jarecki, 1971
JBB Consulting LLC
Rev. Michael J. Jendrek
Kimberley A. Jennings, M.A. 2000
Helenanne M. Jimmie, 1981, M.S. 2010
Sandra Freuler Jobson, 1980
Leon Sankar John, Jr., 2000, M.A. 2008, Ph.D. 2019, and Luciana Musto
Craig M. Johnson, Ph.D.
William C. Johnson, M.A. 1974
Grace Previty Johnston, 1957
Deidre Boehm Jones
Anne M. Jozwiak, 1964
Lisa Radencic Judge, 1989
Jo Ann Pluciennik Kamichitis, 1965
Wendy Kaminsky
Kathleen A. Kanavy, 1976
Noreen Shea Kane, 1964
Paul Joseph Kania, 2013, M.H.S.A. 2015
Stanley Joseph Kania, III, 2010, M.B.A. 2014, Ph.D. 2019
Marsha Creedon Kashner, 1966
Margaret L. Kearney, 1969, M.S.W. 1972
William, Esq., and Virginia Plumb Kearns, 1966
Eleanor Keating, 1954
Nancy Fitzpatrick Keating, 1966
Sister M. Annellen Kelly, IHM, 1962
Patricia King Kelly, 1972
Deborah Falchek Kelsch, 1975
John and Elizabeth White Kemple, 1958
†† Cecelia Yazenski Kempter, 1963
Brenna Kennedy
Michon Munson Kerlin, 1983
Keystone Package & Copy, Inc.
Mary Anne C. Kiernan, 1976, M.D.
Mary Alice C. Kilcullen, 1957
Rev. John J. Kilpatrick
Mary King
Thomas and Joan Barrett King, 1959
Theresa McGuire Kinne, 1965
John and Marla Pacchioli Kinney, 1975
Jeremy Klapac
George Klein
William M. Klien, Jr., 1980, M.S. 1983
Michelene Klim, 1995, M.S.W. 1996
Nancy Knapman
Komensky's Market
Mary Jane Ferrett Koons, 1965
Ronald and Valerie Koper
Thomas and Melanie Kosin
Judith Harrity Kosydar, 1980
Alexandre N. Kotchnev, 2002
Robert and Carol Graczyk Kouba, M.A. 2004
Robert and Lauren Kovac
Jill M. Kovalich, 1984
LuAnn Krenitsky
Suzanne R. Kroboth, 1971
Cathleen Kenney Kruse, 1967
Janet Kaminski Kuna, 1975
Rose Marie Kathleen Kushwara, 1964
Madelyn Vanston Kvidahl, 1973
Maureen Diskin Ladd, 1961, Ph.D.
Roger and Paula Laime
Lake Equestrian Center
Robert E. Lamb, Inc.
Howard and Patricia Lambert
Kelly Lambert, Ph.D. 2018
Susan Barnes Langhorne, 1971
Frank and Rosalie Wladyka Larkin, 1963
Joseph Lauria and Susan Walsh-Lauria
Mary Kearney Lavin, 1966
John J. Lawless Motors, Inc.
John and Florence Sweeney Lawless, 1977
Mary Hallahan Lawryk, 1972
John and Nancy Neary Leahy, 1988
Mary K. Leahy, 2019
Howard and Cindy Lee
Cindy Pierce Lee, 1967
Grace Boardman Leighton, 1980
Mary Valentini Leitzel, 1982
The Leone Family - Dan, Donna & Joseph
Mary Barry Linnen, 1950
Marie A. Littell, 1993
Anna Litvin, 2009, M.S. 2010
Patricia Reilly Liverpool, 1969
Kenneth and Joan Ratchford Lloyd, 1962
Mike and Beth Lodzinski
Walter and Lynda Lodzinski
Mary T. Lotspeich, M.S.W. 1981
Margie Biagioli Loughney, 1973
Julie Johnson Loven, 1970
Lower Frederick Fire Co. House Committee
John Luchonok, Jr., 1999
Luckenbill Law Group
Margaret N. Luddy, 1965
Camille Puzycki Lukasik, 1977
Lularoe Lauren Burgess Inc.
David and Dana Lutz
Sandra Musso Lynch, 1964
Joanna Ciofalo Lynn, 1967
Maria Fiorino Lyons, 1966
Timothy and Marianne Gavigan Lyons, 1976
Joseph and Kathleen MacKenna
Nancy Connors Madej, 1968
Ellen J. Maffey-Koons, 1970
Charlie and Ruth Howell Magill, 1958
Maureen Collins Maher, 1967
Jennifer Brogan Mahoney, 1987
Craig C. Mailen
Mark and Vita Malinak
Nicole L. Malloy, 1992
Gary, D.M.D., and Rebecca Manci
Margaret A. Mancuso, 1996
Richard and Mary Jane McGrath Mangan 1966, M.B.A. 1990
Dolores M. Manganella
Margaret Duffield Manila, 1963
Kacy P. Manning
†† Rev. John K. Manno, 1981, M.A. 1982
Ronald and Linda Manzella
Mary Bauer Mapleson, 1962
Justin and Sylvia Medved Marchuska, 1964
Doris Novitsky Marcon, 1948
John and Danielle Marino
Lillian E. Marks
Linda B. Marks
William and Allyn-Jane Marks
Michael Marsan
Sean Marsan
Helen Wysocki Marsicano, 1957
Ann Yacka Marsteller, 1972
Pat Donnelly Martinez, 1970
Joan Balcerzak Martini, 1963
Marywood School of Business and Global Innovation
Armond T. Mascelli, M.S.W. 1977
Catherine Coyle Mascelli, M.S.W. 1980
Barbara A. Maslak, 1972
Henrietta Reiber Massina, 1953
Michaelene Ketchur Mastriani, 1961
Enrico Mastroianni
Palma Mastroianni
Vita Verrastro Masucci, 1969
Jon and Daynis Masur
Peter Mathews and Jennifer Linebaugh
Connie Adler Matricardi, 1968
Scott and Therese Matthews
Elizabeth Connor May, 1968
Iris E. May-Spencer
Pia Buratti Mazzarella, 1967
John and Eileen Ryan McAuliffe, 1977
Patrick and Nancy McCall
Marie Bolzan McCandless, 1968
†† Jean Friedrichs McCann, M.A. 1987, M.F.A. 1989, Ph.D.
William and Sylvia McCartney
Aubrey Daily McClintock, 2003
Susan R. McCormack
Regina A. McCormick, 1966
Theresa McCorry
Margaret Luker McCoy, 1980
John and Arleen McDonough
Bob McGoff Memorial 5K
Charlene Carter McGowan, 1958
McGrail, Merkel, Quinn & Associates
Louise Powell McLafferty, 1974
Mirna McNab
Betty Ann McNamara, 1966
Catherine McErlean McNeil, 1965
Patricia Flaherty McQuade, 1969
Kathryn F. Meagher, 1958
Paul and Sandra DeRiggi Meagher, 1967
Renee Malone Meath, 1988
Susan Vaughn Mecca, 1980, M.B.A. 2001
Michael and Mary Medici
Christine Medley
Kathryn Gray Melhuish, 1979
Melick Aquafeed, INc.
Kevin and Jacqueline Melly
Mary Jane Milner Memolo, 1959, M.S. 1977
John and Nancy Sieber Menapace, M.A. 1982
Fran Menard, 1978
Yesenia Mendez
Frank and Francine Merrifield
Paula Santa Maria Meseroll, 1980
Mary Lou Metzgar
Michael Ernst P.E., P.A.
Carol Myslewicz Middleton, 1977, M.A. 1980
Joseph and Gretchen Middleton
Milanville General Store
Joanne Nerger Mild, 1990
Barbara Ann Miller, 1961
Susan Weber Miller, 1969
Kathleen Tracy Millon, 1965
Maria Taito Mirsky, 1975
Marie Karmazin Miskell, 1959
Hugh and Ella Monaghan
Michael Monaghan
Ernest and Susan Mondics
David and Angela Mongan
Vincent L. Montagnino
†† Helen M. Mooney, 1956
Michaela Moore
Sally Morcos, Psy.D. 2010
Sandra Ciabocchi Morgan, 1967, M.S.W. 1972
Linda Fuscaldo Morris, 1963
Sheila A. Moser, 1989
Anne Marie Larkin Moyer, 1971
Barry and Helen Moyer
Teresa Schirra Mulderig, 1961
Mary McDonald Muldoon, 1946
Francine Munkacsy
The Honorable James and Kathleen P. Munley, 1960, Ph.D.
Nancy Cullen Munley, 1975
Dominick Muracco
Patricianne Murnane, 1962
John, 1979, and Elizabeth Small Murray, 1975, M.S. 1979
Kathleen A. Murrin, 1967
Robert E. Myefski, M.S. 1975
Capt. William and Donna Versaggi Nash, 1976
Nicalena Politch Neary, 1968
Needle Crossings
Network For Good
Laura M. Neuscheler, 1981
Newroads Financial Group
David G. Nicholson
Geraldine Valonis Nish, 1963
Nancy M. Noonan, 1963
Northeastern Envelope Company
Northminster Presbyterian Church
Mildred A. Norton, 1945
Rosemary Brandt Notz, 1969
Irene Walsh Nunnari, 1963, Ph.D.
Patricia Peacock Oakey, 1965
Kate O'Boyle, 1976
Patricia McElhiney O'Boyle, 1958, Ph.D.
John, Esq., and Sally O'Brien, Esq.
Patricia O'Brien
David B. Holahan and Miriam O'Connell
Patricia Murphy O'Connell, 1971
Bartholomew J. O'Connor
Kathleen B. O'Gorman, 1973, Ph.D.
Lydia Palermo Oliveri, 1963
Hans and Patricia Olsen
Barbara Zwick Olsheski, 1980
Donald and Maria Olson
William and Margaret O'Meara
Tara M. O'Neil, 2018
Barbara Cottell Oney, 1957
Andrea Jean Oravec, 1996, M.S.W. 1997
Helene Spade Orsulak, 1968
Amy Paciej-Woodruff, Ph.D. 2011
Rita Zirpolo Padden, 1973
Anne O'Hora Padelford, 1961
Painting by Dave
Mary Crisci Paladino, 1980
Brian and Heather Palmer
Annette Talkevich Palutis, 1959
Renee Giacomini Paolantonio, 1952
Maureen Byrne Papola, 1964
Michael and Melissa Pappolla
Ann Marie Paris, 1995
Paul and Phyllis Conrad Parker, M.S. 1974
Maj. Richard, M.S.W. 1975, and Ann Marie Caporelli Parry, 1968
Tracie L. Pasold, Ph.D.
Louis T. Pasqualicchio, 2013
Christina Zavrotny Pearson, 1981
Gerald and Mary Seirmarco Peden, 1961
Thomas and Eptisam Pellegrino
Pena-Plas Company
Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company
Josephine M. Perrino
P. Joseph Perrotti, D.M.D.
Anthony, M.D., and Emily Savino Perry, 1961
Paula Perry
Pete's Garage
Charles and Sheila Berry Petras, 1982
Hue Thi Pham, M.S. 1973, Ed.D.
Joseph, 1988, and Mary Ellen Turlip Pichiarello, 1990
Picture Rocks Baptist Church
Alice Garrity Pinney, 1952
Leslie M. Pinto
Planit Main Street, Inc.
George, 1984, and Jacqueline Pawlikowski Podolak, 1964
Point Service Centers Inc.
Sharon Martin Pompey, 1983
Mary Calvey Port, 1970
Dr. Margaret J. Potthast
Sarah Barnasconi Price, 1957
Patricia M. Priolo, 1964
Professional Chiropractic Associates
Marilyn Krastek Prybicien, 1984
Quality Wholesale Auto
Laurie and Dale Quick
R.B. Fries, Inc.
Donald and Jennifer Lucas Rajoppi, M.S. 1986, M.S. 1998
Nancy J. Ramsberger, 1972
Mariane Chiles Randall, 1981
Peggy Landers Rao, 1957
Michael and Jo Anne Kelly Ratchford, 1956
James P. Reap, Jr., 1998
Robert L. Redcay, M.S.W. 1984
Mary M. Reggie
J. Spence and Maureen E. Reid, 1986
Kathryn Reilly
Lynn Escandon Reiner, 1965
Sister Miriam Joseph Reinhardt, IHM, 1951
Mary Walsh Rekus, 1963
Paul, D.O., and Christine Loftus Remick, 1973, M.A. 1989
Catherine Gallagher Renga, 1961
Residence Inn by Marriott
Judith Rex, Ph.D., 2015
Rev. Dennis A. Rigney, M.S.W. 1977
Mary Palla Riley, 1968
David L. Ritter, M.P.A. 1977
Tracy E. Ritter, 1996
Mary Lou Ritzco, 1970
Elias Rivera
John Rivera
Victor and Hilda Rivera
The Roberts Family Trust
James and Mary Miller Roberts, M.S. 1975
Marie Carocci Robson, 1966, M.S. 1971
Maria Jane Gaber Rode, M.S.L.S 1961
Teresa Rodriguez
Dr. Eugene and Anne Marie Casey Roe, 1952
Albert J. Roessler, 1986
Matthew and Brenna Rogers
Sean Rokisky
Patricia and Dino Romaniello
Lucia Romano, 1969
Judy V. Romans, 1968
Carol Brennan Roncace, 1964
Mary Ann Rossi, Esq., 1973
Anne B. Roth, 1954
Patrice McDonald Rowbal, 1989
Nancy J. Rowlands
Gregory M. Rudick
Sam and Joan Rudick
Rudina LLC DBA Joey's Pizza
Rev. William G. Rushik, M.A. 1988
Anna Rusnak-Noon
William A. Russell, M.S.W. 1974
Barbara Lynott Russen, 1959
S&P Concessions, LLC
Dennis J. Saake
Anita M. Sabia, 1983
William and Cheryl Sacks
Marie Yeager Samaha, 1968
Sanderson Street Tavern
Michael and Jeanette Cogliandro Santalucia, 1968
Lucinda A. Sariti, 1989
Jill Sassone
Nancy Lewis Satterwhite, 1977
Patricia Werner Savage, M.S.W. 1976, Ph.D.
Patricia E. Scalese, 1992, and Christopher Fusco, Esq.
Cheryl Lynn Scandale-Murnin, 1996, M.A. 2008
Eileen Green Scarton, 1964
Rosalinda Ginepra Schleim, 1968
George E. Schneider, Sr.
Nathaniel and Tanya Schock
Jennifer Chrisman Schoenly, 2004
Deborah Miller Schreiber-Ott, 1964
Carl W. Schweizer
Susan J. Semple, 1970
Agnes Fidati Senn, 1949
Daniel and Joanne Shaheen
Robert and Patricia Shamro
Joseph and Joanne Schumm Shanley, 1963
Siobhan M. Sharkey
Julie Bizzarri Shaylor, 1960
Patricia Brown Sheetz, 1969
Jay and Suzanne Sheridan
John J. Sherosick
Betsy McCormick Shields, 1958
Candice Caputo Shiffer, 1971
Amy A. Shwed, Esq.
Carol Sankner Sicoli, 1968
Msgr. Constantine V. Siconolfi, M.S. 1983
Nancy Burke Silver, 1948
Karen Anne Silvestri, 1980
Taylor Simeone
Mary Ellis Simon, 1964
Ronald J. Simon, M.S.W. 1991
Larry and Patricia Simpson
Janet T. Skiba, 1959
Elizabeth Rafferty Slover, 1964
Loretta Partyka Slowikowski, 1969
Kathleen Clarke Smith, 1966
Philip J. Smith, 1981
Richard and Paula Sobolewski
Jay and Sheryl Lynn Harris Sochoka, 1992
Brandon O. Sodani-Cardenas, 2018
David and Mary Louise Sodl
Joann Arnese Spall, 1962
Brenda L. Spangenberg, 1966, M.S. 1971
Frederick A. Spencer, Jr., M.S.W. 1997
St. Paul's United Methodist Church & Wesley Foundation
Veronica Wass Stanley, 1969
Steamtown 300, LLC
Richard T. Steele and Karen A. Ferenchick
Emily Huber Stefanac, 2003
Marcella Barron Stein, 1950
Stewart Family Trust
Donald and Karen Stewart
James and Deborah A. Stewart, 1995, M.S. 2000
Dr. Linda Yacone Stewart, 1971
Mary Annette Baland Stewart, 1997
Henry J. Steyskal
Susan L. Stidham
Elaine Faleskie Stoback, 1962
Sheila Maughan Stozenski, 1958
Robin J. Straka, M.A. 2005
Ellen A. Strauskulage, 1973
Ann Marie Reynolds Streeter, 1983
Virginia M. Stringer, 1974
Jane Strobino, D.S.W.
Joan McHugh Stroud, 1959
Alfred and Marie Strouse
James J. Sullivan, RA, AIA
Kenneth and Eileen Sullivan
Maureen A. Sullivan, 1978
Maureen Notari Sullivan, 1962
Judith Matter Sultzbaugh, M.S.W. 1986
Michelle Leggat Summers, 2000
Lisa Swartz
Patrice B. Swartz, 1982
Elizabeth Messina Sweedo, 1971
Judith Hennemuth Sweeney, 1969
Tina Swiecicki
Elizabeth Langan Swisher, 1952
Edward Philip Syron, Ph.D., 2009
Frank and Mary Talarico
Tricia Tanguay, 1976
Colleen Taylor-Horsley
Tech Services Security, LLC
Ben and Nancy Tefertiller, 1962
Michael Teti and Kay Worthington
William and Mary Theobald
Thomas' Family Market
Catherine Polasky Thomas, 1964
Mary Ann Tierney, 1965
Kay Ribando Tighe, 1961
Janet Moran Tinajero, 1993
Jonathan and Melanie Tinkham
Marilyn Martell Tinter, 1956
Mary Clyne Tinti, 1971
Rachel Tirella
Mary Parise Tomaine, 1969
Connie C. Tompkins
Lawrence, 2006, and Alicia Woodruff Tompkins, 2006, M.B.A. 2008
Peter Samek and Susan Topel-Samek
Traditional Home Health and Hospice
Travel World
Dr. Roger and Joann Triftshauser
John A. Trotter, 1980
Charles, M.A. 1986, D.M.A., and Mary Truitt
Terese Battaglia Tuohey, 1969
Anthony and Gina Tutoni
Rosemary Quinn Unhoch, 1969
Caroline Pulice Vadala, Esq., 1978
†† Carol Pirillo Valek, 1969
George and Mary Ann Zukauskas Van Dyk, 1968
Dale F. van Fossen, 1980
Rosanne Evans Moran Van Heertum, 2001
Jeffery L. Van Horne
Nancy Vander Eyk, 1969
John and Carol Fruehan Jones Verrone, M.S. 1980
Tosca C. Villano, M.A. 1994
Vincenzo's Pizzeria
Salvatore Viola
Robert and Claudia Moran Visalli, 1971
Marcia Rupp Vogel, M.S. 1982, Ph.D.
George and Anne Wagner
Timothy and Rose Wagner
Tim Wagner's Sports Corner, Inc.
Rev. Paul E. Walker, Sr., 1978, M.S. 1981
Lewis and Mary Ellen Hanlon Walsh, 1970
Liana Nicholas Walsh, 1977
Margaret Anne Walty, 1967
Marian Gaza Wanielista, 1973
Susan L. Wargo
Martha A. Watson, 1971
Rev. Estelle C. Webb, 1989
William and Catherine Webster
Linda A. Weidner
Scott, Ph.D. 2010, and Sunny Minelli Weiland, M.S. 2002, Ph.D. 2012
Suzy P. Weinman, M.S.W. 1999
Alfred, Esq., and Catherine Houlihan Weinschenk, 1971
Jean Pascoe Weinschenk, 1968
John and Connie Weiss
Seth and Chelsea Welcker
Christine Yachna Wendoloski, 1972
Christopher and Roxanne West
Laura Perez Westfall, 1996
Hazel E. White
Kathleen White
Mary Davis White, 1962
Susan Pressman White, 1969
Joel and Agnes Whitehead
Barbara Gavin Whitford, 1954
Jane Ann Willchock, 1972
Carol Massi Williams, 1964
Josh Williams
Patricia Williams, 1970
Samuel and Frances Caldicott Wilson, 1968
Mary Ann Bezares Wimmer, 1963
Catherine Kearney Winger, 1958, M.S. 1985
James and Lois Winton
Aliceann Witkoski, 1971
Carl, M.S.W. 1977, and Mary Witkowski
John and Judith Witte
Dale and Janet Wittick, Jr.
Arlene Fiegleman Wizwer, 1968
Richard and Virginia Good Woodhouse, 1963
Frank and Linda Worsnick
Ann Simmonds Wrege, 1967
Afton N. Wright, 2012
Therese L. Wright, 1949
Charles and Heidi Yanavich
Mary Yanish-Keiper, 1970, M.S.W. 1972
Wendy A. Yankelitis, M.B.A. 2006
Jenny Rose Petrovsky Yasinskas, 2009
John and Patricia Yelencsics
Rebecca Rosette Yerxa, 1982
Victoria J. Yetter, 2007
Kimberle J. Ykema, M.S.W. 2014
Yoga West LLC
Nancy Keefe Yonko, 1956
Richard and Caroline Zabretsky
Jay and Sandra Antenori Zahner, 1965
Donna Paluszeski Zaleski, 1978, M.S. 1984
Zaleski's Clubhouse Cafe, Inc
Adele M. Zambrano
Shawn, 1999, and Renée Gregori Zehel, 1991, Ph.D. 2016
Cindy H. Zimmerman
Kathleen DeSanto Zrebiec, 1969
Donald E. Zwick, Jr., 1982
The Builder’s Club
Donors who have given up to $99 to Marywood during the 2019 Fiscal Year
Bruce A. Abbott, Jr., 1992
Joshua P. Abel
Leigh Mannina Abromavage, M.A. 2008
Sister Elizabeth Monica Acri, IHM, M.A. 1993
Kim M. Adamiak, 1988
Christine A. Adams, 1984
Joseph and Kathryn Scott Adams, 1983
Sister Mary Ann Adams, IHM, 1965
Mary Ann Zugarek Adams, 1953
Paul and Nell Adams
Lauren M. Adelizzi, 2001
Dhanapati Adhikari, Ph.D.
Aetna Foundation
Aznive Aghababian
Nishan and Chihiro Aghababian
Charlene Simon Agnellini, 1988
Bonnie Ahrens
Stephen G. Albert
Sister Jeanne Albrittain, IHM, 1962
Sister Christina Aldarelli, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1978
Khater A. Aldoshan, M.A. 2017
William, M.A. 2001, and Michele Alford
Saleh Alkahlan, 2019
Dr. Patricia R. Allaire
Elizabeth Schron Allen, 1970
Scott and Christine Allen
Sister Robert Marie Alston, IHM, 1969
Joan E. Altomare, 1959
Felipe and Awilda Alvarez
Amazon Smile Foundation
Christine D. Ambrosino, 1989
Sister Mary Frances Ambs, IHM, 1959
Sarah Amell
Kristen Ames
Michael Amory
Erin Anderson
Morris Anderson, 1980
Todd and Mary Beth Anderson
Christa Andrade
Dr. John and Paula Andrade
Darla Fisher Andrew, 1989
Ann Speicher Andrews, 1970
Martha Major Andreychik, 1970
Frank Angelucci
Noelie Kilmer Angevine, 1963
Lisa Ansbro
Mary Ann FitzPatrick Anslow, 1955
Gregg Anthony
Lisa Antoniacci, Ph.D.
Armando and Christa Antonini
Anthony and Kathy Antonitis
Lynn Antonitis
Appraisal Services
Audrey Albini Archer
Sister Susan Armbruster, IHM, 1983, M.S. 1991
Marie E. Arnold
Robert and MaryAnn Siedlecki Ashton, M.S. 1978
Balakumari Athivarahamurthi
William David Attick, M.S. 1975
Kayla Attig
Betsy Mortorff Aulbach, 1970
Ryan G. Aungst
Michael Austin
Allegra Avellino
Sister M. de Montfort Babb, IHM, 1954
Gina Babcock
John and Martha Babcock
Sister Jean Louise Bachetti, IHM, M.S. 1989
Cathy L. Bailey
Sister M. Gracette Baker, IHM, 1961
Rosaria Aquilina Baldino, 1972
Joseph Baldwin
Dorothy Schipp Bambach, 1970, M.S. 1977, Ed.D.
Tara Banfield
Joseph, M.A. 1978, and Karen Baranoski
Cheryl A. Barlow, 1994
Letisha and Elijah Barnett
Helen Winum Barr, 1958, M.S. 1984
Andrew J. Barry, M.S. 1974
Dolores E. Barry
Sister M. Janice Barry, IHM, 1955
Nell A. Bartholomew
Kathleen M. Bartlett, 1984
Sister Joan M. Bastress, IHM, 1980
Kenneth and Charlene Batchelor
Alice Cassidy Batt, 1965
Francis, Ph.D. 2010, and Helen E. Battisti, M.S. 1989, Ph.D. 2010
Abbigail Battle
Maureen Naso Beauchamp, 1963
Dorothy Zientek Beaulieu, 1967
Sharon M. Beavers
Clare Guerrise Bechtel, 1968
Elizabeth Barlow Bechtel, M.S.W. 1987
Louis and Suzanne Bechtle
Paige C. Bechtle
Amy Ziegler Beck, M.S.W. 1988
Ellen Becker
Matthew T. Beckish
Joann Sobota Bedics, 1963
Thomas and Traci Begley
Richard and Patricia Kreidler Behles, 1972
Jack S. Belcher, Jr.
James, Esq., and Rosemary Bell
Sister Ann Belz, IHM, 1968
Lawrence and Sangeeta Benbow
Edith Cooper Bender, M.S. 1971
Ruthann M. Bender
Judith Smith Benedetto, 1982
Cassidy Benintente
Darlene F. Benjamin, 1996
Colleen Blair Bennett, 1988
Cynthia Kita Bennett, 1961
Ellen M. Bennett, 1964
Hannah Bennett
Rita Rydzewski Bennett, 1965
Stephen C. Bennett, M.S.W. 1975
Dejon E. Bennett-Monroe, 2019
James Bennink
Sister Ann Berendes, IHM, 1967, M.A. 1979
James Berger
Gloria Dusza Bessette, 1967
Kaitlyn Bevans
Michele Bevans
Julianne Murphy Beyer, 1984
Keith and Angela Beyer
Marianna Bezko
Mary Daley Bharkhda, 1976
Jane Bidwick
Tammy L. Bieber
Michael S. Bielak
Thomas and Tamah Biello
Greg Biertempfel
Douglas Cliff Billet, 2003
Natalia Billings
Angelo Binacci
Lauren Binanay
Dorothy Thie Bintz, 1968
Nicholas C. Biondi, 2018
Luz Guzman Bird, 1957
Sister M. Carlita Bird, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1977
Maria Bisceglia
Richard and Faye Bishop
June Bittel
Dushaun A. Blackwood, 2019
Owen Blackwood
Siobhan Blancaflor, 2013
Anne Blazak
Joseph, 1986, and Lisa Barrett Bobinchock, 1975, M.B.A. 1991
Michael and Sharon Bochnovich
Dr. Thomas M. Bock, 1980
Sister M. Carleen Boehlert, IHM, 1953
Meghan Reid Bogado, 1993
Christopher Boland
James and Ann Boland
Michael and Maureen Boland
Teresa M. Bomba, 1969, M.S. 1976
Angela Bonacci
Sister Christina Theresa Bonanza, IHM, 1961
Angelo and Lynn Bonarrigo
Laura Krushinski Bondy, 2002
Anne Marie Bonomo, M.S. 1974
David C. Bonomo, 2016
Regina A. Bonomo, 1990
Timothy J. Borick, 1995
Ghislaine Scutt Borno, 1954
Kevin and Brenda Healey Borrelli, 2004
Sister Anne Mary Boslett, IHM, 1964, M.S. 1977
Chase Botsford
Norma L. Bottone, 1956
Patricia Hagley Bouharoun, 1959
Dorothy Tobelmann Bowen, M.A. 1986
Sister M. Leonnette Bower, IHM, 1961
Barbara L. Bowman, 1981
Kathleen Mangan Bowman, 1983
AnnMarie Shear Boyko, 1972
Michelle Worsnick Boyle, 1994
Rhea M. Boyle
Judith A. Bozzo
Patricia Maglio Bracey, 1980
Holly and Robert Bradbury
Copeland and Judith Bradford
Mary Casey Bradstreet, 1957
Charles and Elizabeth Brady
Sister M. Josaire Brady, IHM, 1959
Margaret R. Brady, 1980
Ruth Brady
Amy Brandt
Carol Kollonige Brelish, 1970
Amanda Lavin Brennan
Ann Rutledge Brennan, 1961
Maureen D. Brennan, 1981
Mildred Naglak Brennan, 1961
Alaina N. Brenneman
Allen and Karla Brenneman
Bunny Brenneman
Mark and Wendy Robson Brenzel, 1990, M.S. 2000
Blake and Debra Bressler
Amy Brown Brinkley, 1996
Beth Brislin
John and Anne Brixius
Joyce E. Brobst, M.S. 1977
Sister Mary E. Broderick, SHCJ, M.S. 1979
Katherine Starr Brotman, M.S. 1981
Keith Brough
Paul and Donna Brower
Beverly Allen Brown, M.A. 1974
Charles and Susan Brown
Christopher and Kathleen Brown
Kerrie E. Brown
Mary Louise Brown
Maureen Foy Brown, 1970
Frederick and Sherrolyn Mason Bruner, M.S.W. 1984
Michael Brunner
Isabella Annette Bruno, 1963
Nicholas Bruno
Helen Sledjeski Brush, 1954
Emmy Bryerton
BTC Consulting, LLC
Sister Ann Monica Bubser, IHM, 1972
Mary E. Bucha, 2016
Sister Lois Buckley, IHM, 1973
Joseph and Ann Marie Budney
Winter Buffo
Sister Elizabeth Edward Mary Bullen, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1980
Timothy Bullis
Susan Bigney Bunzey, 1977
Susan T. Buonocore
Linda Powell Burgerhoff, 1964
Brittany Burgit
Judith Pish Burke, 1964
Kathryn Schaar Burke, M.A. 1998
Laura Burke
Sister Margaret Burke, IHM, 1965
Margaret M. Burke, 1973, M.S. 1982
Maureen T. Burke, 2006
William and Carol Connolly Burke, 1961
Nancy Burkett
Elizabeth M. Burkhauser, 1968
Jessica D. Burkovich, 2018
Sister Kathleen Mary Burns, IHM, 1977, Ed.D.
Marty and Judie Burridge
Danielle and Shawn Burrier
Kathryn Blanchard Busen, 1966
Martin and Alicia Butler
Nancy E. Button, M.S. 1979
Charles, M.S.W. 1985, and Kathleen Cusick Buzad, 1975
Meghan Byrne
Sister M. Monica Byrne, IHM, 1955, M.S. 1962
Kathleen Rooney Caceres, 1984, M.S.W. 1987
Jennifer Ann Cady, 2010
Melissa Calabrese
Georgeann Chemchick Calabro, 1972, M.S. 1978
Ryan P. Calamia, 2019
Arthur and Edwina Califano
Edeina Califano
Kristina L. Califano
Sarah Callahan
Gail A. Calomino, 1975, M.S. 1981
Susan Cahill Camise, 1973
Roberta Cecci Cammer, 1990
Sister Grace Campbell, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1976, M.S. 1990
Kevin and Maureen Campbell
Sister Mary Barbara Campbell, IHM, 1957, M.S. 1971
Lisa Kay Canfield, M.S. 1991
Paula M. Canivan, 1968
Jenn Cantella
Alexandra R. Cantwell
Sister M. Marguerita Carbone, IHM, 1956
Frankie Cardaropoli
Mary Skelly Carden, 1948
Rose Marie Nealon Carden, 1956
Janet L. Carey, 1990
Mark Carkhuff
Elizabeth A. Carlson, 2017
Colleen Siepiela Carmody, M.A.T. '99
Sister Ellen Carney, IHM, 1969
Timothy and Christine Carone
Linda S. Carpenter
Rev. William G. Carter and Jamie Strong
Lawrence, D.M.D., and Elizabeth Caruth
Tammy Casale-Cameron
George L. Case and Karol Z. Powers-Case
James and Brenda Erdman Casey, 1980
Shannon C. Casey, M.A. 2019
Andrea Cassidy
Jacqueline A. Cassidy, 1999
Anthony Louis Castellano, 2012
Joseph and Terri Castellano
Michael Peter Castellano, 2010
Charles and Rosanne Castiglione
Joseph F. Catanzaro, M.A. 1983
Alice M. Caulson, 1975, M.A. 1986
Sister Beatrice Caulson, IHM, 1966
Mary Jane Buselli Cerminaro, 1991, M.S. 1997
Andrew and Lee Cerra
Ann Marie Neary Cerra, 1976
Antoinette M. Cerra
Kathleen McGee Cerra, M.A. 1985
Kim and Linda Cesare
Rev. Thomas M. Cesarini, M.S.W. 1972
Donna M. Chajko, 1985, M.S. 1993
Christi Chamberlain
Vivien Buggle Chambre, 1962
Alexander and Cheryl Chan
Dr. Dennis G. Chapman
Sharon M. Chapman, 1986
Sister M. Helen Ann Charlebois, IHM, 1967
Meril D. Chaskin, 1975
Pradipta Mukherji Chatterji, M.S. 1980
Sister Louise Checchi, IHM, M.S. 1983
Doris Chechotka-McQuade, Ph.D.
Roseanne Wielgos Cherney, 1973
MarieAnn Cherry
Janice Gambo Chesna, M.A. 2005
Judy Allegrucci Chickillo, 1972
Hannah Chiesa
Carol Baronsky Chipalowsky, 1971
Barbara Sochovka Chisdock, 1986, M.S. 2008
Gina Chmielewski
Mark A. Choman, M.S. 2004, Ph.D. 2014
SonHui Chon
Joseph and Julie Chowanec
Sister Nancy Christiano, IHM, 1982, M.S. 1988
Donald and Lourdes Christina
Francine Granahan Christy, 1963
Juliana Christy
Chubb Insurance
Kelly Ciabattone, 2018
Barbara Cicak
Peter and Jacqueline Cicchetti
Charles and Jeanne Cieszeski
Julia Cieszeski
Rev. David J. Cinquegrani, C.P., 1981, M.A. 1986
Sister Josephine Cioffi, IHM, 1968
Lea Cipriano
Taylor Clark, 2017
Ann Clarke
Catherine Walsh Clarke, 1959
Sister Katie Clauss, IHM, 1973, Ph.D.
Donna Ide Clemens, 1982
Patricia Welch Cliber, 1960
Mary Ann McNulty Clifford, 1973
Sister Eileen Clinton, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1972
Anne Rowland Clymer, 1974
Raymond E. Clymer, Jr., M.P.A. 2013
John and Dena Coacci
Angela B. Cobb
Nicole J. Coccodrilli
Sister Mary Ann Cody, IHM, 1969
Sophie Cohen
Allen and Donna Cohn
Marlena Garofalo Colarossi, 2002
Michael and Ann Marie Colasurdo
Andre Cole
Bryan and Karen Cole
Robert and Donna Cole
Ann Coyne Coleman, 1968
Edward, M.S.W. 1977, and MaryClaire McCormack Coleman, 1976, M.S. 1995
Sister Eileen M. Coleman, IHM, 1964, M.A. 1992
Kristen Coletta
Muriel Coletta
Sister Marionette Coll, IHM, 1948
Suzanne R. Colley, M.S.W. 1992
Karin Favini Collins, 1975
Sandra Petrucci Collins, 1972
Joseph and Debra Colombo
John and Elizabeth Moleski Colonna, M.S. 1985
Patricia Colucci
Robert and Kathryn Colucci
Janice Lynn Comes, 1993, M.S. 2002
Complete Health Dentistry of NEPA
Sister Jean Conaty, IHM, 1959
Sister M. Alphonsa Concilio, IHM, 1954, 1966, M.A. 1977
Deborah Soroka Congdon, M.S. 1985
Peter and Nancy Conklin
Claire Conlan
Barbara Connolly
Charles and Maureen Connolly
Sister Jane Marie Connolly, IHM, 1965
Barbara McGonigle Connor, 1975, M.S. 1983, M.S. 1990
Michael and Anne Campbell Connor, 1973
Sommur Dougher Connor, 2000
Kendra D. Connors, M.S.W. 2019
Wayne and Mary Jo Conserette
Cook Design Group Inc.
John and Joan Cook
Phoebe Littell Coolican, M.S. 1977, M.S. 1990
Judith E. Copeland, M.S.W. 1976
Corbett Insurance
Frank and Carolyn Cordaro
Kimberly Elizabeth Corona, 2014
Sister Catherine V. Corrigan, IHM, M.S. 1977
Flavio and Marsha Corrocher
Mary Gleason Costabile, 1964
Kate Costanzo
Keith Costanzo
Thomas Costanzo
Sister Mary Elizabeth Costello, IHM, 1958, M.S. 1975
Gary, 1995, and Elizabeth Horan Controneo, 1995
Ann Hoffman Cotter, 1965
Anne-Marie T. Cottone, 1972
Sister Jean Coughlin, IHM, 1971
Nancy J. Coughlin
Susan Pierce Couture, 1976
Sister Mary Ellen Coyne, IHM, 1974, M.S. 1983
Jane Martin Crabtree, 1981, M.A. 1985
Amanda M. Craig
Melissa Ulrich Crandell, 1984
Sister M. Helen Ann Cranston, IHM, M.S. 1986
Mary Beth Judge Craven, 1973
Creative Publishing Services
Veronica Creazzo
Donna M. Crilly
Pasquale and Beverly Boyne Crocco, 1972
Thomas and Doreen Crowe
Sister Maureen Cryan, IHM, 1950
Robert J. Culver and Frances C. DeGennaro-Culver
Alan and Mary Pat Meehan Cunningham, 1983
Ashley Cunningham
Michael and Mary Ann Baldini Cunningham, 1967
Thomas P. Cunningham, 2015
Margaret Durkin Curtis, 1960
Wilson and Cheryl Freeman Curtis, 1972, Ed.D.
Sandra Theresa Czyzyk, 1972
Joseph and Dianna Daches
Elaine Schaad Daglio, 1961
Edward and Evelyn D'Agostino
Sister Maureen Dailey, IHM, 1966
Elinor W. Daley, 1959
Don and Ramona Dallazanna
Leonard and Mary Ann Lambrigger Dammers, 1961
Marisa Germaine D'Annibale, 1976
Timothy and Brenda Dano
Annette Smelik Danziger, 1970
†† Sister Barbara D'Auria, IHM, 1960
Joseph and Florence D'Auria
Joseph and Sheila D'Auria
James and Nancy Davenport
Nana Pressman Davenport, 1957
Kathleen Davern
Abigail Drewes Davis, PA-C, 2004, M.S. 2006
Laura O'Connor Davis, 2005
Monica Davis
Brian, 2014, and Kayla N. McNamara Davitt, 2014
Sister Mary Dawson, IHM, 1965
The Rev. Dr. Roger A. De Noyelles, M.S.W. 1989
Alison Deane
Michael and Maryanne Deane
Gabrielle DeBach, M.A. 2019
Sister Nancy DeCesare, IHM, 1978, M.S.W. 1981, Ph.D.
Renee M. Dech, 1975
Barbara Decker
Michael and Kris Deemer
Alan DeFalco
Debra DeGeorge
Dominic DeGeorge
James and Lecia DeHaven
Elizabeth DeJean-Kehoe
Catherine Regan Delaney, 1963
Mark Delaney
Matthew and Johanna Delaney
Sister Suzanne Delaney, IHM, 1968
Eric DeLellis
Mary Lynn Delfino, 2004
Dean Dellolio
Jeffrey and Yara Dellolio
Elizabeth A. DeLuca, M.P.A. 1987
†† Anthony DelVecchio
Emilee DeMarco
Frederika A. Demarest
Amelia M. Demasi, 2016, M.S. 2017
Christine V. DeMeo, 1969
Susan Dennen
Dolly Marie Reilly Densevich, 1962
August and Renée DePietro
Regina Radocha DePuy, 1974
Sister Eleanor Desaulniers, IHM, 1954
Sister Ann Barbara DeSiano, IHM, 1968
Mary Ellen Keaney Desiderio, M.P.A. 1986
Peter J. Dessoye, M.S. 1974
Harry and Lucille Detwiler
MaryLou Costa Devers, 1949
Mearalyn McGuigan Devine, 1952
Sister Agnes Mary Devitt, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1976, M.S. 1994
Bobby DeVivo
Sister M. Ann Rosalia Devlin, IHM, 1972
Margaret C. DeWitt, 1968
Steven and Paula Dickey
Michael W. Dickinson
Sister Rose DiFluri, IHM, 1973
Christian, M.A. 2007, and Daniela Balakova DiGregorio, M.A. 2002, Ph.D.
Julie DiGuardi
Carolyn Ann DiMarcello, 1965
Louis and Catherine DiMattio
Debra Dinald
Kevin and Susan Dingwell
Andrew and Kathleen Dinnell
Diocese of Allentown
Laura DiPaolo
Nancy and J. Douglas DiRaddo
Claire Hines Dishlip, 1969
Sister M. Monique Dissen, IHM, 1966
Andrew Distin
Linda DiToto, M.S.W. 1981
Dennis and Kathleen Dittrick
John and Jane Dixon
Sister Damian Marie Dlugos, IHM, 1959
Edward J. Dodd, Jr.
Julie Dolan
Sheila Dolan
Sheila Kelly Dollard, 1955
Neil, M.S.W. 1973, and Kathleen Kelleher Donahue, 1973, M.S. 1977
Sister Jacquelyn Donohue, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1974
Sister M. Anysia Donohue, IHM, 1965
Anne M. Doonan, 1963
Susan Loss Doran, 1969
Thomas and Concetta Dorner
Sister Vincentia Dorsey, IHM, 1967
Anne Marie Auriemma Dougherty, 1963
Ellen Dougherty
James and Tami Dougherty
Kevin T. Dougherty
Kristen Dougherty, 2016
Mary Elizabeth Dougherty, 1990
Romayne Mellody Dougherty, 1957
Sister Therese Mary Dougherty, IHM, 1971, M.A. 1979
Sister Thomas Mary Dougherty, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1975
Cheryl Owen Mazzarella Dowd, 1986
Sister Dolores Jean Dowling, IHM, M.S. 1973
Paul W. Downton, 2004
Leslie Swantek Doyle, 1994, M.A. 1998
Sister Geraldine Marie Dranginis, IHM, 1958
Rudolph and Joyce Drasler
Rudolph M. Drasler, 2019
Mackenzie E. Drew
Catherine Kowrach Druffner, 1960
Todd Dubin
James and Julia Duffy
Margaret Gill Duffy, 1970
Paul J. Duffy, 2015
Anne Zella DuHaime, 1948
Sister Jane Mary Duke, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1975
Amanda L. Duncklee, 2018
Sister Dolores Dunn, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1975, M.A. 1996
Samantha R. Dunn
Courtney Marie Dunne, 1999, Ed.D.
Sister Jane Frances Dunnigan, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1985
Jenna Durbin
Scott and Michele Durbin
Sister Grace Madeline Dusch, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1980
Jamie Dver
Ann McCarthy Dwyer, 1954
†† Sister M. Bernardus Dwyer, IHM, 1956
Nicholas P. Dyer, 2018
Linda Dzieciol
Matthew S. Earle, 2019
Sister M. Elsa Eckenrode, IHM, 1954
Margaret McGarry Eden, 1978
James P. Edwards
Sister Eileen M. Theodora Egan, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1973
Sister Mary Elizabeth Ehling, IHM, 1963
Barbara Ann Middleton Ehrenstrom, 1962
Mary Hopkins Eichelberger, 1976
Amanda Young Eimers, 2016
Richard and Catherine Einwechter
Syvia Gildar Eisenberg, 1939
Sister Nancy Marie Elder, IHM, 1968
Kathy Elgaway, 1978
Sister Jane Ellis, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1975
Rosanne Reap Ellis, 1971
Laura Ely
Richard Ely
Maribeth Ruddick Embras, 1976
Keith and Cindy Warner Westbrook English, M.F.A. 1999
Kristie P. Epler
Scott and Rebecca Epler
Kristin Erbach
Susan M. Erickson, 1988, M.S. 1992
Kimberly Escobar
Steven Esgro, 1980
Maryrose Evanella, 2017, M.S. 2018
Elizabeth Finegan Evans, 1958
Verna Jones Everett, M.S. 1984
Christine Evertsen
Lynn Ewaskiw-Gordon, 1999, M.S. 2001
Edward and Bernice Facciani
Wesley and Delia Fagan
Lynda E. Faherty
Ronald and Judith Falcone
Barbara A. Faletto
Sister Mary Kay Faliskie, IHM, 1981, M.S.W. 1982
Brian, 2006, and Hannah Shatraw Fanche, 2006
Sister Maryla Farfour, IHM, 1948, M.S. 1978
Rachel Farmer
Daniel Farrell, M.S.W. 2018
Sister Lillian Marie Farrell, IHM, 1952, M.S. 1971, M.A. 1989
Maryann Moody Farrell, 1960
Robert, Esq., and Alyce Hailstone Farrell, Esq. '89
Nancy Farruggia
Sister Fran Fasolka, IHM, M.A. 2003
Dr. Barbara Klopchin Fassig, 1969
Diane H. Faust
Joseph and Carmella Manganiello Faust, 1971
Ronald W. Faust, M.P.A. 1984
Josephine Sindoni Federico, 1964
Molly U. Feeney
Charles Felts
Katherine Lynam Fennell, 1963
James and Suzanne Lucas Ferguson, 1973
John, M.S. 1974, and Ann Ferguson
Julie Hill Ferguson, 1995
Meagan Fernandez
Reisa Jones Ferrant, 1974, M.S.W. 1976
Sister Mary Pio Ferrario, IHM, 1964
Mary Motsko Ferraro, 1973
Frances D. Ferrese
Kimberly A. Fetter, M.S. 2010, Ph.D. 2016
Paul and Mary Fetter
Amy Field
Lisa Fiest
Candyce Malacco Fike, 1970
Susanne Southward Finan, 1990
Claire McFarland Fioriti, 1959
Kathleen Fish
Jeremy Fisher
Keegan Fisher
Katherine S. Fisne, 2009
Sister M. Alexius Fitzgerald, IHM, 1954, M.S. 1970
Sister Theresa Fitzgerald, IHM, 1961, M.S. 1969
Barbara Mersch Fitzpatrick, 1954
Joan Ward FitzPatrick, 1953
Melinda O'Hora Fitzpatrick, 1964
Logan J. B. Fitzsimmons, 2018
Mari Fitzsimmons
Joanna Fleck
Kimberly Flick
Jane Partrick Flood, 1969
Collin Flynn
Michael D. Flynn, Jr.
Patrick M. Flynn, M.S. 1978
Flynn's Stone Castle, Inc.
Sister Ave Maria Foley, IHM, 1951
Claire Fontaine
Diane Moretti Fontana, 1972
Kristen Foote
Lilli Foote
Autumn Forgione
Dr. Pauline Schweinforth Fox, M.A. 1990
Thomas and Marsha Novotka Foy, 1972
Kathleen Zigrand Fracassi, 1999
Anna Marie Canino Fragnito, 1960
Theresa Franchi
Melissa L. Francis
Joseph Franco, 2014
Joseph Francolino
Sister Gloria Frank, IHM, 1961, M.A. 1991
Patricia Franks-Evanish, M.S. 1980
Margaret Jessie Frawley, 1965
Thomas and Vikki Freeman
Brenda J. Freitag
Wayne and Marie Frenyea
Sister Theresa Frere, IHM, 1971
Michael P. Friedrichsen
Melissa D. Fronheiser
Gerald and Maureen Noone Frost, 1972, M.S. 1976
Allison Fruehan, 2016, M.A. 2018, Ed.S. 2019
Michael A. Fuchs, Ed.D.
Samantha Mead Fuhrey, 1991
Kathleen Furlong
Noel Furman, 2001, M.S. 2003
Michele Gourlay Furmanek, 1987
Kate A. Gaffney, 2016
William and Maureen Gage
Ama Gajanayake
Beth McAllister Gallagher, 1977, M.S. 1987
Sister Jean Gallagher, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1979
Sister Mary Ellen Gallagher, IHM, M.S. 1975
Sister Mary Jo Gallagher, IHM, 1968, M.A. 1984, M.S.W. 1999
Sister Paula Gallagher, IHM, 1969
Samantha Gallina
Paulette M. Gallo, 1975
Harish and Jane M. Ganatra, M.S. 1989
Sister Margaret P. Gannon, IHM, 1959, Ph.D.
Anthony and Shirley Lewert Garbarini, 1957
Sister Mary Martha Gardiner, IHM, 1955
Devonne Gardner
Erin Shields Gardner, 1994, M.B.A. 2019
Shirley A. Gardner, M.S. 1989
Stephen E. Gardner, M.S.W. 1973, D.S.W.
Loretta Greco Garrity, 1952
Concetta Garuccio
Elizabeth Fasching Gasper, 1993, M.S. 2002
Annette O'Malley Gaughan, 1972
Sister Jane M. Gaughan, IHM, 1970, M.A. 1978
Margaret Gaughran
Sister M. Estelle Gavel, IHM, 1973
Julie L. Gavin, 2008, M.B.A. 2012
Diana Geary
Linda S. Geer, M.S.W. 1994
Lisa M. Genovese, 1986
Margaret Mary Gerrity, 1982
Alec Gibbons
Nancy A. Gibbons
Christina Car Gigler
Johanne Toomer Giglio, 1966
Sister Mary Mercy Gilbart, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1976, M.S. 1994
Sister M. Myra Gilbart, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1994
Nicholas and Audra Gillette
Mary Barbara O'Neill Gilligan, 1975
Natasha Gillott, 2019
Victoria Gillow
Sister Catherine Ann Gilvary, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1974, M.S. 1981
Sally Ginkinger
Giordano Dental
Brianne R. Giuliano
Allison Gladden
Lindsey Gladden
Elizabeth Heffernan Gleason, 1970
Gwyneth S. Gleason
Melanie Gleason
Robert Gleason, III
Janet Quinn Glynn, 1962
Ashley M. Godek, 2012
Nancy M. Godlewski, 1971
Theresa Grescavage Gogets, 1980
Sister Joan M. Golden, IHM, 1962
Christopher Golembeski
Ivan Gonzalez
Ritchie Gonzalez
Colin and Andrea Goodale
Margaret A. Gorman, 1965
Mary Ann Murzenski Gorrick, 1964
Carolyn Cardone Gotowko, 1972
Sister Rosemary Goulet, IHM, 1971, M.A. 1980
James and Ann Grady
Christine Graham
Paul and Rita Betti Graham, 1991
Sister M. Johnice Grand, IHM, 1969, M.S. 1981
Richard and Allison Grant
Trevor Grant
Tyler L. Grant
Joseph, M.S. 1977, and Elvira Latrella Grasso, 1970
Joseph P. Grasso
Matt Grasso
Ann Marie M. Grayeski, 1974
Alexandra M. Graziano
John and Debra Graziano
James and Christine Grecco
Marissa R. Grecco, 2019
Karen Cole Greco, 1980
Frances Peluso Green, 1965
Jane S. Green, M.P.A. 1994
John and Rosemary Green
Joseph Gregorio
Sister Rosemarie Luz Gregorio, IHM, 1984
Sister Francis Xavier Grieb, IHM, 1961
Sister Sandra M. Grieco, IHM, 1971, M.S. 1982
Tina Grieco-Calub, 1995
Faith R. Grieshaber, 2019
Lawrence and Jeanne Grieshaber
Sister Carole Griffin, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1978
Margaret Moran Griffiths, 1959, M.S. 1985
William T. Griggs
Dorothy J. Grill, 2007, M.Ed. 2010, Ph.D. 2019
Dennis J. Grimes, M.B.A. 1985
Katherine Grochan
Amy Lynn Grocki, 2007, M.A. 2010
Jennifer Peeney Gromacki, 1986
Eileen Gromlowicz
Sister Marylin Grosselfinger, IHM, 1966, M.A. 1975
Donald and Marcie Grubb
Suzette Stracham Grzywacz, 1996
Sharon Guarino
Marie Frances Guesto, 1972
Audrey Guida
Courtney Guida
Maria Turano Guidera, 1975
Ruth C. Guiracocha
Penny Gulden
Cara Gulden-Buttari
Ian Gumprecht
Ana Gutiérrez
Robert, M.A.T. 2000, M.S. 2002, and Deborah Guy, M.S.W. 2008
Mary Louise Andres Gyllenborg, 1967
Sister Ruthanne Gypalo, IHM, 1969
David and Grace Haack
Timothy and Diane Habeeb
Jennifer S. Haberman
Eileen A. Hackett, 1980
Therese Bishop Hafey, 1958
Wendy Hafler
Melissa Haggerty, M.S. 2019
Brother Edward J. Hall, CP, 1978
Jeffrey Allen Hall, 2002
†† George J. Hallesky, M.S. 1981, Ed.D.
Joseph Hallinan
Julie Halpern-Cordell
Heather Gilvary Hamad, 1992
Anne H. Hammersmith, M.P.A. 1997
Dorothy J. Hand, 1964
Sister Dorothy A. Haney, IHM, 1962, M.S. 1981, Ph.D>
Patricia McCormick Hansen, 1980
Sister Margaret S. Hanson, CSJ, M.S.W. 1977
Susan Hanusek, 1982, M.A. 1985
James and Lynette Hanzl
Lesen Haracz
Carolyn Hays Harding, 1984, M.S.W. 1986
Sister Roberta Mary Harding, IHM, 1969, M.S. 1981
Sally Mollenhauer Hardy, 1970
Sister Rose Lawrence Harlan, IHM, M.S. 1981
Debra Harman
Ashley Harnish
M. Suzanne Harper, 1964
Clair H. Harr, 1991
Devon L. Harrison, 2004
John and Lynn Harrison
John and Margaret Harrison
Sister Michael Marie Hartman, IHM, 1963
Susan Hartman
†† Sister M. Lisbeth Hartnett, IHM, 1952, M.S. 1970
Jerome and Karen A. Hartt, M.S.W. 1991
Marc and Rosanna Haskelson
Andrew J.M. Hassay, M.S.L.S. 1972
Sister Kathleen Hassett, IHM, 1962
Lillian Manglaviti Hassler, 1969
Margaret M. Hauser, 1952
Sister Patricia Hauser, IHM, 1970, M.S. 1981
Dr. Nancy M. Hawkins, IHM, 1976
Mary Alice Bush Hawley, 1991
William and Sherry Hayes
Wendy Haynes
Wendy Hazlett
Cassandra Heacock
Erin P. Healy, 2018
Maureen Healy
Sister Colette Mary Heck, O.P., M.S. 1980
Sister M. Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, IHM, 1954, M.S. 1973
Maureen F. Heffren, Esq., 1975
Sister Daniel Mary Heisey, IHM, 1967
Sister Janice Heisey, IHM, 1959
Robin Engels Heitzman
Frances Kirsch Hellmann, 1962
Dave and Melanie Heminghaus
Sister M. Rosarii Hemmer, IHM, 1958
Sister M. Melissa Hester, IHM, 1955, M.S. 1972
Cheryl A. Hetrick
Ken and Nora Hibbard
Sister Helene Hicks, IHM, 1967
Sister Mary Ellen Higgins, IHM, M.S.W. 2000
Sister M. Sabine Higgins, IHM, 1954, M.S. 1973
Matthew T. Higgins, 2019
Rachel J. Higgins, 2017, M.S. 2018
Leslie Higham, 2011
Joan Cerra Hild, 1963
Terri Griffin Hillmann, 1968
David A. Hines, M.P.A. 2000
Mary Ryan Hines, 1965
Harold, M.S.W. 1977, and Donna Daino Hislop, M.S.W. 1981
James Hittle
Jennifer Hlavaty
Sister Beverly Hmel, IHM, 1963
Gerald and Antoinette Hobbs
Heather Hoffman
Erin Madison Hoffmann, 1967
Kevin Hogan
Ralph and Barbara Cawley Hohmann, 1970
Michael and Ellen Holden, 2002
Ellen Benson Holdredge, M.S. 1978
Ann Holland
Isaac Holmes
Joan Warwick Holmes, 1953, M.S. 1974, M.A. 1984
Sister Sarah Ann Holmes, IHM, 1967
Lillian Bishop Holt, 1983
Kay Powell Hometchko, M.A. 1985
Alec Hontz
Judy Abbott Hoover, 1988
Sister M. Anine Hopkins, IHM, 1959
Thomas and Sandra Dianese Hoppey, 1996
Ryan Horne
Diane Antonelli Hornyak, 1969
Meghan Hornyak
Steven and Loretta Horsley
Salvador Horta
Mary Kate Horton
Patricia Lorenz Horton, 1962
Mary Frances Hoffman Horvath, 1968
Saundra Sossong Horvick, 1966
Madison P. Horwath
Victoria Hospodarova
David Houck
Phyllis Renaldo Houle, 1964
Margaret Tama Hovell, 1963
Sloan Howard
Stephanie Jane Howard, M.S.W. 1997
Judith A. Hoysak, 1964
Dr. Victoria Carnali Hruby, 1987, M.B.A. 1988
Mark Hrvatin
Lori L. Hubal, 1983
William L. Hubbs, 1982
Henry A. Hudak and Maryann S. Garvey
Mary Hudak
Carol Anderson Huddy, M.A. 1980
Lori Huff
James J. Hughes, 1974
Kate Hughes
Larry and Kellie Hughes
Rosemary O'Brien Hughes, 1968
Chris Humphries
Gail Yasinskas Hurchick, M.S. 1985
Doris Gleason Ianson
Barbara R. Ide
Helen Piorkowski Ingerick, M.S. 1975
Mike and Karen Inglese
Paige Inglese
Richard and Jill Iorio
Michael A. Ireland
Adam M. Irey, M.S.W. 2016
Mark and June Iverson
Sister Barbara Jablonski, IHM, 1964
Daniel and Rose Kuchwara Jacklinski, 1999, M.S. 2015
Gail Pompey Jackson, M.S. 1991
Alex Jacobs
Kathryn B. Jacobs
Gloria J. Jacoby, 1980
Sister Maryalice Jacquinot, IHM, 1988, M.A. 1995
Rev. Richard and Ellen Jagger
Theresa Jakubowski
Steven and Cathy James
Rex W. Jamieson, 1978
Lee David Jamison, II, 2014
Richard and Christine Verdetto Janesko, 1993
Bradley A. Janey, Ph.D.
Michael and Lynn Morgan Janov, 1978
Sister Janet Jeffers, IHM, 1978, M.S. 1978
Lucille Pavlovich Jergel, 1952
Mary Genussa Jermak, 1967
John and JoAnne Johnson
Maria Manzano Johnson, 1982
Jane Johnston
Lorraine Johnston
Beverly Archer Jones, 1960
Mary Lynn Jones, 1966
Susan O'Keefe Jones, 1973
Mary Drutarovsky Jordan, 1971
Sister Theresa M. Jordan, IHM, 1982, M.B.A. 1991
Mary Reilly Jordano, 1963, M.S. 1970
Renée S. Jourdanais, 1996
Eileen C. Joyce
Janice O'Boyle Joyce, 1977
Anthony and Lois Julian
Justice Federal Credit Union
Sister Jan Marie Kalyan, IHM, 1966, 1969, M.A. 1980
Elizabeth Bryk Kaminski, 1971
Mollie Kanavy
Ann Durkin Kane, 1951
Evelyn Howell Kane, 1965
Jennifer Kane
Kathleen Kisel Kane, 1976
Sister Mary Alice Kane, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1974
Jenna Karcher
Anne L. Karp, 1989
Brian and Marlene Kasperowski
Sister Joan Katoski, IHM, 1969, M.A. 1997
Sara Katz
Stase Kazlauskas, 1953
Todd Keast
Linda Sue Keck, M.A. 1985
James and Mary Ann Keenan
†† Sister M. Michel Keenan, IHM, 1950, Hon. Litt.D. 2003
David and Margaret Keenhold
Stephen Keep
Patricia Dibble Keiber, 1987
Loretta Kelleher, 1955
Joel B. Keller, M.S. 1991
Linda A. Kellock, 1994
Rev. E. Francis Kelly
Florine Dominic Kelly, 1958
Kathleen Kelly
Sister Kathleen Kelly, IHM, 1945
Sister Kathleen Kelly, IHM, 1968
Sister Kathleen K. Kelly, IHM, 1967
Sister Kathleen M. Kelly, IHM, 1969
†† Lois O'Neill Kelly, 1951
Sister Maria Rose Kelly, IHM, 1965, M.A. 1992
†† Maureen Kelly-Dufour, 1961
Debbie Kemperman
Kent W. Kesecker, 1980
Mary Lynn Keselowsky, 1968
Michael and Lenore Keyes
Tanya Keyser-Cook
Amanda K. Khozouri, 2016
Sister Dorothy Kibler, IHM, 1973
Michael C. Kiel, Ph.D.
Patricia Clancy Kienle, M.P.A. 1983
Patrick Kilby
John Killian
Timothy and Mary Killian
Jeffery and Lori Killino, 2005
Sister Nancy A. Kilmer, IHM, 1982, M.A. 1990, M.F.A. 2003
Sister Angela Ok Hwa Kim, IHM, 1992, Ph.D.
Ashley King
Sister Eleace King, IHM, 1968, Ed.D.
Joanna King
Kaeleigh King
Nancy King
William and Virginia King
Steven and Debra Kishel
Maura Kisselstein
Bonnie Kleha
Lorraine LaVelle Kloss, 1988, Ph.D.
Ryan, M.S. 2015, and Elizabeth Grimes Klubeck, M.B.A. 2016
Sister Marianne Knight, IHM, 1965
Knights of Columbus Council 356
Daphne F. Knittel
Betty Knouse
Collin K. Knowles
John and Stacy Knowles
Sister M. Priscilla Koblarchik, IHM, 1959
Brian and Amy Koehnke
Simon J. R. Koenig, 1982
Nancy Brennan Koester, 1972
Andrew Kolojejchick, M.A. 2015
Barbara Semon Koltos, 1965
Barbara Kolucki, 1974
Paul J. Komatinsky, M.S.W. 1989
Vincenza LaFata Konopelski, 1958
Barbara Wade Konopka, 1985
Donna L. Korando, M.S. 2008
Sister Donna Marie Korba, IHM, 1982, M.A. 1988
Geraldine Morgan Korenda, 1968
Richard and Dina Kornish
Anne Hamorski Korpita, 1952
Carol Kortmansky
Laurence S. Kosowski, 1984
Deborah Kumiega Koss, 1976, M.S. 1983
Cheryl Ann Kosydar
Maryellen Newman Kosydar, 1984
Donna Rehkop Kotansky, M.S. 1987
Kortney J. Kotow, M.S.W. 2019
Peter P. Kovaleski, 1981
Stephen P. Kowalchik, 1975
Judith A. Krafjack
Louise LaSorsa Krafjack, M.S. 1974
Sister Regina Patrice Krage, IHM, M.S. 1976
John A. Kramer, Jr., M.B.A. 2011
Margaret Weinert Kramer, M.S. 1979
Amanda Krappa
Sister Maria Peter Kratz, IHM, 1979
Patricia Maheu Krause, 1964
Lana A. Kristoff
Sister Romaine Krug, IHM, 1952
Raymond and Christine Kruk
Robert and Robyn M. Krukovitz
John and Ruth Kubasek
Mary Katherine Kubick, 2013
Joan Gombar Kuchkuda, 1954
Corey D. Kucker, M.S.W. 2019
Amber Kuharchik, 2019
Luke Kukwa
Sue M. Kulasinsky, 1993
Sister Claire Marie Kulp, IHM, 1981
John Girard Kuna, M.A. 1998, Psy.D.
Sister Kathryn Kurdziel, IHM, 1968
Thomas and Linda Kusy, 1974, M.S. 1977
Genevieve Thayer Kvasnak, 1960
Katherine F. LaBar, 1990
Joan McCoola Lacombe, 1953
Marylou Kennedy Lagana, 1956
Mary Muzzipapa Lahutsky, 1986
Abigail G. Laime
Olivia Laime
Nannette Lake
Domnick and Valerie Steinle Lalli
Robert, 1988, and Ellen Walsh Lambert, 1984, M.B.A. 1990
Thomas and Judith Lambert
Maureen Jimenez Lamberti, 1982
Helen Roethling Lamparella, 1964
Alexis Lancer
†† Sister Sarah Landis, IHM, M.S. 1982, M.A. 1992
Miharu Qualkinbush Lane, M.F.A. 1995
Gabrielle Lanfrit, 2016
Gloria Muccilli Lang, 1958
Sister Mary Ann Lang, IHM, M.S. 1991
Grace Hines Langan, 1951
Nicole V. Langan, 2001
Craig and Tracy Langlotz
Madelyn K. Langlotz
Patricia Rossiter Langrell, 1963
Sister M. Francis Rose Lapitino, IHM, 1968
Colleen Durkin Lapowsky, 1980
Heather Larsen
Tracey Latham
Constance Owczarski Latimer, 1975
Mark Laubach
Sister Franziska Laudascher, IHM, 1969, M.S. 1980, M.S. 1992
Francis Donahue and Kathleen Laudisio
Linda Lauerman
Kevin and Alane Lavelle
Dennis Leahy
Lee Electric Supply Company
Sister Andrea J. Lee, IHM, Ph.D., Hon. D. 2016
Robert and Jennifer Leen
Mary LeFever
Robert, M.S. 1993, and Christina Legath
Michael A. Lemoncelli, 1981
Nancy Swistak Lengler, 1979
Ashley Lenhart
Sister Madonna Marie Lenikus, IHM, 1966
Sister Kathleen Marita Lennon, IHM, M.S. 1974
Melinda E. Leo, M.S.W. 1998
Mark and Margaret Leombruni
Sister Jean Leonard, IHM, 1964, M.S. 1970
Barry and Mary Wenner Lerman, 1971
Anne Davison Lewis, M.S. 1972
Amy Beth Lidle, 1998
John and Catherine Liegel
Jake Lill
Angela Lilley
Moira M. Lindquist
Doris Lindsley
Sandra Linebaugh
John and Gayle Link
Sue Lipscomb
Elaine Slivinski Lisandrelli, 1976, M.S. 1976
A Little Pizza Heaven Family Restaurant
Justin M. Liu, 2017, M.S. 2018
Edith A. Lloyd, 1961, M.A. 1972
Phillip and Jodi Lloyd
LLR Inc.
Courene M. Loftus, 1994, M.P.A. 2006
Sister Margaret Loftus, IHM, 1953
Sister Mary Edward Loftus, IHM, 1953
Yvonne LoGiudice
Kristina Lombard
Samantha Lombardi
Daniel and Margo Longstreet
Richard and Mindy Barrett Longstreet, 1993
Robert and Teresa Novak Lopes, 1992
Nancy Salcines Lori, M.S. 1988
Sister M. Carol Loughney, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1975
†† Sister Mary Mark Lowery, IHM, 1959
Sister Carol A. Lubas, IHM, 1969, M.S. 1979
David G. Luchetti, 1982
Joel M. Luchun
Mary Ann Ludka, M.S.W. 1996
Elayne Abess Luis, 1971
Sister Kathleen M. Lunsmann, IHM, 1985
Lorraine Louise Lupini, M.S. 1980
Michael J. Lupole
Dr. Barbara Yastishock Lutz, M.S. 1977
Jan M. Lutz
Sister Catherine Luxner, IHM, 1966
Colleen Lynch
John and Bernice Lynch
Richard and Sheila Lynch
Robert and Kathleen Lynch
Sister Ann Marie F. Lynott, IHM, 1965
Gail Rupert Lyons, 1965
Michael Lyons and Eleanor Salmon
James and Kimberly Macano
Carol Connors Maccaroni, 1967
Robert L. MacConnell, M.S. 1970
Barry and Janet Shaffer Mack, 1965
Maeve C. MacKenna
Christine Macko
Ken and Theresa Macko
Sister Ann Bernadette MacNamara, IHM, M.A. 1976
Sister Joanne Madden, IHM, 1967
Patricia Clark Madsen, 1960
Mark and Nancy Magarosky
Barbara Yarka Maher, 1972
Melissa Wolfe Mahler, 1988
Mary R. Maila, 1960
David Majiros
Michel Major-Melidona
Sister Eleanor Marie Malanaphy, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1975
Joseph and Mary Kathleen Ritter Maldonato, 1987
Sister Anita Maleski, IHM, 1968
Brianna F. Mallia
Jo Ann M. Mallo, 1966
Sister Mary Ellen Malloy, IHM, 1962
Nancy Nealon Malone, 1949
Anne O'Hara Maloney, 1974, M.S. 2011
Sister M. Ancilla Maloney, IHM, 1964, M.A. 1988
Sister Mary Jane Maloney, IHM, 1961, M.S. 1969, 1977
Frani Mancuso
Susan Naumann Mancuso, 1988
Ann M. Manganiello, 1977, M.A. 1983
Sister Anne Manion, IHM, 1968
Kevin Manley
Kathleen Ottaviano Marchek, 1977
Myron and Renée Marcinek
James and Janice Rupp Marcks, 1970
Sister Eleanor Mary Marconi, IHM, 1969, M.S. 1977
Margaret Rufe Margolis, 1967
Michael and †† Ann Marie Gilgallon Mariani, 1965
Gail Undercoffler Marinari, 1964
Sister Florence Ann Marino, IHM, 1964
Nancy McCarthy Mark, 1959
Elizabeth Wenner Markovchick, 1964
Sister Joyce Marks, IHM, M.S. 1981
Robert and Judith Marmo
Sister Ellen Maroney, IHM, 1972, M.A. 1994
Victor and Andrea Marquardt
Paul and Marie Marsac
Amy F. Marshall
Brian and Jane Marshall
Daniel R. Marshall
Kyleigh Marshall
Dion C. Martin
Anna Martinez
Karin Martinez
Robert, M.P.A. 1982, and Sharyn Martucci
Martin and Judith Maschak
Darron and Jamie M. Mason-Clark, 1992, M.A.T. 1994, Ed.D.
Mario and Cecile Mastroianni
Thomas and Janet Mather
Mike Matisi
Mary Kearney Mattern, 1977
Barry Matthews, Sr., 2009
Eileen Matthews
Henry and Ann Matthews
Michael Matthews
Mikayla E. A. Matthews
Carolyn Apon Maurer, 1964
Janice Kozal Mauro, 1985
Sister Ritamary Mayan, IHM, 1964
Cidalina Maziarski
Sister Teresia Njeri Mbugua, IHM, 2010, M.A. 2013
Sister M. Lenore McAllister, IHM, 1950
Patrice McAndrew, 1957
Thomas and Ann Marie Brunetti McAndrew, 1962
Sister Jeanne Marie McAuliffe, IHM, 1969
Frank and Kathleen McCabe
Kayla McCabe
Patrick and Virginia McCabe
Patrick and Harmony McCafferty
Emily McCarthy
Jacqueline P. McCarthy
Joseph and Barbara McCarthy
Kaitlin McCarthy
Sister M. Daniela McCarthy, IHM, 1954
Mary Healey McCarthy, 1959
Michael and Nancy McCarthy
William J. McCarthy, Jr., M.S.W. 1982
George and Sue McCartney
Judith Gatto McCauley, 1962
Thomas and Therese McClachrie
Destiny McClain
Roxanne McClanahan
Breanna McCloskey
†† Sister Mildred McCloskey, IHM, 1940
Barbara McCluskey
Courtney McComb
Errek and Deborah McComb
Phyllis Sabatini McCormack, 1972
†† Sister Margo McCormick, IHM, 1965
Melissa McCormick
†† Sister M. Jamesann McCue, IHM, 1961
Cailin M. McCullion
Dave and Theresa McCullion
Sister Joan E. McCusker, IHM, 1979, Ph.D.
Linda McDade
Kimberly McDaniel
Constance I. McDermott, 1960
Joan Catherine McDermott, 1962
Donna Schlesinger McDonald, 1975
Michael and Dawn McDonald
William R. McDonald
Sister Ann Marie McDonnell, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1992
Marie Kropf McDonnell, 1975
Mary O'Brien McDonnell, 1971
Patrick and Patricia Quinn McDonnell, 1968
Lorain McDonough
Kenneth McDowell
Betty Pfleegor McElroy, 1979
†† Sister Theresa McElroy, IHM, 1959
Sister Elizabeth McEneaney, IHM, 1975
Tim McEvoy
Rev. James E. McGahagan, M.S. 1975
Sister M. Daria McGinn, IHM, 1950
Raymond P. McGinnis, M.S.W. 1977
Brian and Sharon McGlynn
Pat M. McGoff
Aaron and Kimberly McHale
Sister Ann Eulaine McHale, IHM, 1965
Joan Peirano McHale, 1951
Sister M. Martin de Porres McHale, IHM, 1963, M.B.A. 1990
Mary Kay McHale, 1973
Raymond McHale
Jerome and Irene Kunz McHugh, 1973
Maureen Evans McHugh, 1969
Sister Raymond Mary McIntyre, IHM, 1965
Benjamin McKay
Sara McKay
Debbie McKenna
Robert McKenna
Robert and Ann Kupchak McKenna, 1959, M.S. 1992
Albert E. McKenney, Jr., 1989
Jeanne Mangan McLane, 1955
Sister Ann St. Luke McLaughlin, IHM, 1967
Sister Sandra McMahon, IHM, 1969
Barbara McMann, M.S.W. 1980
Genevieve McMullen, 1963
Charles and Jeanette McMurtrie
Sister Delia Marie McNeirney, IHM, 1971, M.S. 1978
Edward McNichols, M.S.W. 2014
Sister Kathleen McNulty, IHM, 1951
Thomas McNulty
Sister M. Anselm McShea, IHM, 1960
Maryann Brady Meade, 1963
Mary Louise O'Connell Mecca, 1985
Nancy McLaughlin Medicis, 1954
Mary Lou Walsh Meehan, 1966
Mary C. Megargle, 1982
Paula Melesky
Sara A. Melick, 2014
Michael Melillo
Robin Germinder Melleno, 1984
Lisa Melnick
Travis J. Melochick
Ronald and Nancy Melvin
Ernest D. Mengoni, 1987
Jonathan Mengoni
Mary K. Merkel, 1967
†† Sister Mary Ellen Merrick, IHM, 1970, Ph.D.
Sister Peter Marie Merrick, IHM, 1970
Albert and Maureen Merrifield
Paula Mesaris, 1988
Patricia Krzywicki Metz, 1972
Ralph and Odalys Metz
Janet Metzger
John and Linda Meyer
Raphael Dominic Micca, 2010
Nancy Michaelson
Joseph and Dolores DiRienzo Michalczyk, 1970
Sister Christine Mihelich, IHM, 1968, Ph.D.
Sister Janet M. Maliya Milan, IHM, 1968
Aida Ibradzic Milcetic, 1998
David, 1984, and Barbara Royal Miller, 1987
Melissa A. Miller, 2017
Ronald, M.A. 1977, Ph.D., and Patricia Bederman Miller, M.S. 1982, Ph.D. 1999
Elizabeth Waters Minchak, 1965
Leonard and Rhonda Minier
Patricia A. Miscavage, M.B.A. 2000
Edward and Pamela Misewicz
Anthony and Barbara Mitchell
Charlene Clark Mitchell, 1966
Gabrielle T. Mitchell, 2019
Yvette Mitchell
Edward and Beverly Mizanty
Sharon Struzinsky Modesto, 1984
Jane Cavallao Moeller, M.S. 1980
Linda Frankenfield Mogray, 1965
William J. Mohan, Ph.D.
Janet Murtin Moisey, 1984
Christopher and Sandra Molfetto
Joe Monaghan
Sister M. Dorothy C. Montague, IHM, M.A. 1984
Angelo P. Montante
Robert and Alice Montgomery
Doralyn Howard Moody, M.A. 1977
Deborah Chavis Moore, 1974
Eric and Stephanie Moore
Sister Marie C. Moore, IHM, 1964
Carol Horvath Moran, 1965
Bettie Ann Morgan, M.P.A. 1986
Carol B. Morgan
Michael and Linda Morgan
Susan Dickson Morgan, 1980
Daryl Hennigan Moriarity, 1969
Dina and Lucio Morin
Brandon J. Morley, 2019
Mary Ann Mentzer Morrill, 1968
Sister Marian Vincent Morris, IHM, M.A. 1980
Mary Claire Ferrese Morris, 1976
Shannon L. Morris
Christopher, 2015, and Veronica Smith Morrison, 2016
Terri Sachele Morrison, 1968
Nikki Moser
Gloria Colaiaco Mosher, 1957
Jaime L. Kester Mosher, M.S. 2006
Donald and Judith Salitsky Mosley, 1967
Ashley Mossey
Mary J. Mountz
John A. Moyer
Timothy and Susan Moyer
Mary Ann Cavezza Moylan, 1975
Sister Mary Elizabeth Muir, IHM, M.A.T. 1996
Jaclynn Mule
Thomas P. Mulholland
Sister Catherine Anne Mullaly, IHM, 1956, M.S. 1965
Mary Roche Mullen, 1961
Nicholas Mullery
Mary Lynn Mullock, 1977
Mary Ann Fletcher Mulloy, 1962
Sister Loretta Mulry, IHM, 1963
Sister Anne Munley IHM, 1966, Ph.D.
Annette Kita Munley, 1958
Sister Marilyn Muro, IHM, 1966
Alfred L. Murphy
Sister Concepta R. Murphy, IHM, M.A. 1984
Daniel and Suzanne Murphy
Kathryn Walsh Murphy, 1948
Mary Moran Murphy, 1980, M.S. 1991
Sister M. Rita James Murphy, IHM, M.A. 1984
Sister Robert Mary Murphy, IHM, 1964, M.S. 1975, M.S. 1989
Virginia Morris Murphy, 1968
Janet L. Muse-Burke, Ph.D.
Jerome, Esq., and Michele Musheno
Diane Wittig Musser, 1984, M.A. 2001
Gina T. Mustico, 1980
Mary K. Mutschler, M.S.W. 2004
Jill Myers
Patricia Cassebaum Nape, 1971
Thomas and Mary Lynne Van Guilder Naples, 1965
John, M.S.W. 1974, and Ann Lyons Nardone, 1970
Sister Rita Ann Naughton, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1976
Amanda Navaro
Anthony Navaro
Ronald and Susan Spang Naves, 1962
Sister Claudette Naylor, IHM, 1955
Frank, 2004, and Karen Nealon
Ken and Ann Neiswander
Gregg and Edith Nelsen
Carol Ann Nelson
Mary Berzite Nervegna, 1962
Ann Harvey Neuser, 1967
New York Life Insurance Company
Lynda Possanza Newell, 1964
Sister Mary Newett, IHM, 1957, M.S. 1980
Jennifer E. Newins
Jed M. Newirth, M.S.W. 1980
Judith C. Nicholls, M.S. 1975
Catherine Nichols-Schwalb
Sebastiano and Rita Nicolia
Santa Maria Liuzzo Niedzwiecki, 1981
Steven and Janeen Lebida Nieratko, 1984
Barbara Zak Nilenders, 1963
Janet Hench Niles, 1967
Edward and Rosemary Nitkewicz
Rukman Niyangoda, M.F.A. 2015
Jacob and Carol Nogi
Sister Barbara Nogiewich, IHM, 1967
Ann Connolly Nolan, 1956
James F. Nolan, Jr., M.S. 1978
Maura Nolan, 1969
Bridget Northrop
Kathleen Norton, 1978
Sister M. Immaculata Norton, IHM, 1943, M.A. 1977, M.S. 1981
Abbey Noss
Andrea Marie Novak, 1993
Ross Novak
Victoria J. Novatski, 1996
Gloria Mancuso Novobilski, 1965
Barbara Nowicki
Sister Liberata Nyakashaija, IHM, 1984
†† Lesley Greaves Oakes, 1940
Sandra Hilson Oakley, 1971
Sister Ann Marie O'Brien, IHM, 1956
Christopher, Ph.D. 2011, and Ann Loyek O'Brien, M.S.W. 2004
Sister Judith Ellen O'Brien, IHM, M.A. 1989
Karin Maguire O'Brien, 1963
Sister Patricia O'Brien, IHM, 1954
Laura Occhiuzzi
Michael and Carolyn Terrery Occulto, 1961
Jakob Ochoa
Debra Taylor O'Connor, 1985
Joannes Jordan O'Connor, 1951
Martin, 1989, and Maureen Morrison O'Connor, 2002
Kaley Odenbach
Sister M. Francis O'Donnell, IHM, 1960, M.S. 1977
Joanne M. O'Hara, 1972, M.A. 1984
Margaret Noone O'Hara, 1970
Joseph and Rosemary Flynn O'Koren, 1981
Beverly Ann Oliveri, 1971
David and Mauri Olivetti
Joseph Olonovich
Kenneth and Dolores Olonovich
Barbara A. Olszewski
Joseph Olszewski and Kelly Gage
Kaitlyn O'Meara, 2019
Sister Celine Omolo, IHM, 2011, M.Ed. 2013
Jacqueline L. O'Neil
Sister Katherine O'Neil, IHM, 1964, M.S. 1974, M.S. 1986
Jane O'Neill, 1967
Sister Karen Marie O'Neill, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1975
Sister Mary Joy O'Neill, IHM, 1959
Sister Babette Opferman, IHM, 1965
Elaine Lestansky Orechovsky, 1976
Sister Therese O'Rourke, IHM, 1967, M.S.W. 1998
Miguel and Blanca Ortiz
Constance Hudak Osborne, 1972, M.S. 1974
Pamela R. Osborne
Leann C. Ostrow
Anne McGinnis O'Toole, 1966
Taylor E. Ott, M.S. 2017
Sister Joan Ottman, IHM, 1965
Emily C. Ousouljoglou, M.S.W. 2019
Thomas and Valerie Oxenreider
Julie Pacholarz
Richard C. Paddock, M.S. 1982
Arno G. Paessler, M.S. 1977
Sarah J. Pagnanelli
Jeanne Sigwart Palaitis, M.S.W. 1988
Joseph and Valerie Palmieri
Lisa A. Paluba
Erika Pamer
Panera Bread
Sister Agnes Panik, IHM, 1966
Cynthia Ressler Papp, 1965
Sister Theresa Papsis, S.S.C., 1965
Martiann Parfitt, 1983
Jason R. Paris, 2004, Ph.D.
Sister Felicia Ann Parise, IHM, 1965
Nicholas Parise
Renee F. Parisella, M.S.W. 2005
Nancy Grattan Parisi, 1975
Sister Angela Mary Parker, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1976
Sister Ann Annice Parker, IHM, 1967
Isabella N. Parker, 2018
Marlene T. Parks, 1962
Michael and Deborah Parrent
Hillarie Parrinello
Joanne Bullock Parrish, 1986
Sister M. Celeste Parry, IHM, 1959
Kristine Moreno Paschalis, 2001
Jennifer Kozal Pasculli, 1985
Sister Joan Paskert, IHM, 1951
Katherine Auerbach Paskewicz, 1983
Michael Pasqualicchio
Robert J. Passeri, M.S.W. 1971
Lisa D. Pate, M.S.W. 2003
Sean Patrick
Kimberly Pavlick, Ph.D. 2011, and Kenneth Okrepkie
Sister Elizabeth M. Pearson, IHM, M.S. 1964, Ph.D.
Mary Rose Peck, 1945
Sister Annette M. Pelletier, IHM, M.A. 1991
Marcie S. Pennachioli, 1966
Mandy Boyle Pennington, 2010, M.A. 2011
Patricia McAndrew Penyak, 1975
Gary and Marcia Perdew
Carmen L. Perez
Lisa Perez
Sister Lisa M. Perkowski, IHM, 2004
Margaret Collins Perrera, M.S.L.S 1964
Thomas N. Collins and Mary Jo Perrino
Belinda Perry
Eugene and Kathleen Perry
Linda J. Peter
Brandon Peters
Brielle Peters
Dennis and Linda Peters
Sister Richard Mary Peters, IHM, 1966
Sister Roberta Peters, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1972
Marilyn Petorak
Sheri Saldi Petrucci, 1990
Josephine Pettinato
Paul and Sandra Pettit
Sister Theresa Petz, IHM, 1965
Sister Mariam Pfeifer, IHM, 1954, M.A. 1970
Teresa Lins Pfirman, 1989
Marie C. Philbin, 2015
Sister Mary W. Philbin, IHM, 1969
Brianne R. Phillips, M.A.T. 2019
Mary Beth Feury Phillips, 1982
Nancy Hauber Phillips, 1972
Dr. Patricia Gimber Phillips, 1964
Susan Carol Phillips, M.S.W. 1985
Samantha M. Piazza, M.S.W. 2019
Thomas and Diana Picchini
Juliana Bliss Piccini, 1974
Kim Piccola
Edward M. Piestrak, M.S. 1976
Sister Regina Eleanor Pignoli, IHM, M.S. 1974
Joan Pasco Pilosi, 1968
Sister Loretta Michael Pinner, IHM, M.S. 1979
Mary Wisner Pinto, 1975
Robert and Suzanne Barton Piorkowski, 1992, M.S. 2005
Frank and Barbara Piotrowski
Rosemarie Gnall Pisk, 1962
Kathleen E. Pitt, 1988
Barbara Swantkowski Placek, M.P.A. 1980
Maria E. Plaksin
Pocono Dental Associates
Daria Polanchik, 1981
Joseph, Ph.D., and Eva Polizzi, M.F.A. 2016
William N. Pollack
Christopher and Karen Pollard
Sister St. Kenneth Polley, IHM, 1952
John B. Porter, Jr.
Alexander and Kim Posey
Dennis and Sandra Poshka
Frank Possanza
Barbara Boehlert Potter, 1953
Douglas Powell
Krystle N. Powell, 2009
Benjamin Pozniak, M.B.A. 2016
PPL Community Affairs
John and Cathy Pratt
Patrick Thomas Price, 1999
Michelle and James Prieto
Leslie and Shannon Prompovitch
Sherri K. Prosser
Trisha S. Prosser
Anita Protonentis
Treva Pruden
Gerard F. Pugh, 2012
Stephen J. Pugliese, Ph.D. 2006
Julia M. Purcell, 2011, M.S. 2012
Barbara Purdy
Kelly Purdy
Elissa Chuckran Purpura, 1975
Cathy Purtell
Joseph and Joanne Pyott
Sister Maria Grace Quartiero, IHM, 1965
Marilyn Scheckton Quatrini, 1963
Sister Anastasia Quigley, IHM, 1977, M.S. 1989
Sister Joan M. Quinn, IHM, 1963
Sister Kelly Ann Quinn, IHM, 1983
Sister Mariette Quinn, IHM, 1968
George A. Rable, M.P.A. 1984
Sister M. St. Anthony Radzikowski, IHM, 1939
Maureen Martin Radzwilka, 1990
Sister Teresa Raftery, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1973
Umidjon Rahman, 2017, M.S. 2019
Marc and Stephanie Ramirez
Frank Ramiza, 2003
Francisco Ramos, 1993
Patricia Ranney
Vivian Raspantini
Sister Mary Rassley, IHM, 1959
Barbara McMurray Rathburn, 1985
Sister Mary Reap, IHM, 1965, Ph.D.
Esther Babyar Redding, 1979
Pat Williams Redmond, 1959
Delbert and Bea Reed
Kenneth and Kellianne Reed
Michael Reed
Karli Reese
Trina Reese
Sean and Lisa Reilly
Ann Cunningham Rein, 1972
Joan Lynn Reinhard, M.S. 1990
Jennifer Reininger
Mark and Ann Reininger
Suzanne Canivan Reisert, 1964
Joseph F. Reno
David and Penelope Griggs Renoll, 1990
Stephanie Rescigno
Grace E. Ressler, 1969
Heather W. Reymunde, M.S. 2019
James and Cindy Reynolds
William, 1986, and Rosemary Terrana Reynolds, 1991
Luz A. Reynoso
Valerie Soletro Ricciardi, 1979
Nancy Moran Rice, 1981
Patricia Casey Rice, 1970
Iva Barbara Baird Richards, 1962
Andrea Ridge
Brandon Riedel
Kara D. Riemer
Kenneth C. Riemer
Sarah Dresbach Ries
Patricia Kin Riggio, 1966
Michael Riley and Janet Duffy-Riley
Wayne and Cindy Rill
Mary Ferrario Rinaldi, 1971
Maryanne and Linda Rinaudo-Concessi
Justin Ringland
Edward and Laurie Risi
Haley E. Risi, 2018
Karen Rizzo
Tom Roberts
Cathy K. Robinson
Daniel and Mary McCabe Roche, 2003
Richard J. Rodeghiero, M.S. 1982
Gina Rodgers
Sheila Rodgers
Ariosto Rodriguez
Mary Mullaney Rodriguez, 1967
Kathy Hepler Roe, M.S. 1997
Donna M. Rogers
Brother Joseph Rogers, CP, 1977
Lorraine Guido Rogers, 1977, M.S.W. 1979
Doreen Rohan
John Rokita
Tony Gulla Rollison, 1981
Gilbert Rolon
Gilberto and Jacqueline Rolon
Anthony, 2010, M.S. 2012, and Kelley Teeple Roma, 2010, M.A.T. 2013
Elizabeth Roma
Theresa A. Romaniello
The Charles S. Romanow Family
Dr. Fred and Natalie Romines
Thomas and Mary Jane Rooney
Joseph Rosato, M.A. 1979
Anthony and Kristen Rose
Douglas F. Rose
Mary Susan Rose, Ph.D. 2005
Brian Rosetti
Gregory and Brook Rosetti
Matthew Rosetti
Sister Janet Rossiter, IHM, 1954
Karen Rossmell
Sarah Rotell, 2017, M.H.S.A. 2019
Frank and Darlene Rothrock
Edward and Anne Ruddy
Jon Ruddy
Ellen Mulder Rudegeair, 1967
Patrick and Ruth Rudisail
David Ruiz
James and Karen Rund
Sister Frances Mary Rundell, IHM, 1952
Victor Runeare
Richard L. Runne
Mary Rocuba Rupp, M.S. 2004
Diane Salerno Russell, 2003
Sister Frances E. Russell, IHM, 1964, Ph.D.
Sister Clementia Rutabanzibwa, IHM, 1983
Katie Ryan
Marie K. Ryan
Kevin and Margaret Battenberg Ryczak, 1979
Kenneth and Joanne Ryngala
Sister Rosemaron Rynn, IHM, 1961, M.S. 1973
Sacred Heart of Jesus R.C. Church
Erin A. Sadlack, Ph.D.
Carmine, 1989, and Linda Jablonski Saita, 1991
Mark Salerno, D.D.S. P.C.
Micalena I. Sallavanti, 2012, M.A. 2015
Emily Hosey Sallitt, M.S.L.S. 1974
Kathleen Higgins Salmon, 1962
Antoinette Carol Salva, M.A. 1999
Sister M. Rosella Salvato, IHM, 1975
Stephan Salvatorre
Jean A. Sammon, 1969
Mary Marzen Sampson, M.A. 1976
John and Leslie Sanchez
Jacquelyn Kobar Sandercock, 1976
Sister Annmarie Sanders, IHM, 1982
Merle B. Sandly, 1980
Ann Pendzick Sanok, 1986, M.S. 1997
Kateryna Santa Cruz Hess, 2015
Frank Santa Cruz and Susan Hess
Suzanne Flynn Santarsiero, 1975
Jose Santiago
Hugo and Rosie Santos
Rosemary Petrillo Sarna, M.S.W. 1983
Jean R. Sartin, M.S. 2006
Ann Notz Saskiewicz, 1969
Elizabeth L. Sass
Sara Lameo Sauers
Jeanette Kopcinski Saulo, M.S. 1973
Joseph and Lauren Savarese
Frank J. Savo, 1986
John and Rachael Saxe
Alexa G. Scala, 2018
Eleanor Scalese
Rev. Mark P. Scalese, S.J., 1983
Ann Flynn Scanlan, 1967
Stacy Scanlan
Mary Kreis Scanlon, 1953
Maria Alena Scavone, 2008
J. Benedict Scerno, M.A. 1977
Lori Schach
Eileen Schack
Andrew and Karen Prezelski Schaefer, M.S.W. 1978
Stephanie Leah Schaefer, 2010
William and Cynthia Schaefer
Robert and Kay Schaffer
Joan Scherdin
Mary Ann McGovern Schetter, 1960
Anna Rosenberger Schildknecht, 1960
Denise Boccarossa Schiraldi, 1989
Albert and Susan Schmadtke
Sister Mary P. Schmidling, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1975
Arthur, 1988, and Beverly Schmidt
Sister M. Electa Schmidt, IHM, 1955
Janet Huddy Schmuff, 1976
Sister M. Mercille Schneider, IHM, 1959
Craig R. Schollenberger, M.S.W. 1995
Cecile Cianflone Schrader, 1949
Sister M. Isabel Schratwieser, IHM, 1958, M.S. 1969
Sister Maureen C. Schrimpe, IHM, 1972, 1992
Alec Schumacker
David J. Schweitzer
Sister Lila Marie Sciabica, IHM, M.A.T. 1997
Gail Flanigan Sciamanna, 1965
Maureen Quinn Scolere, 1970
Jeanie Scott
Marie Matuszewski Scott, 1959, M.S. 1989
Giovanni D. Scotti
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders
Michelle Scully
Gina Searles-Chavez, 1989
Leo, 1996, and Patricia Hopfer Sebastianelli, 1988
Edward and Tracy Sedelmaier
Robert J. Sedlock, 2018
Ann Seeley, 1966
Sister Catherine Seeley, IHM, 1971
Joan Haney Segally, 1975
George E. Seig
Joseph W. Sekusky, M.S.W. 1984
Lorraine Berta Semkew, 1974
Jim and Arlene Sena
Ethan J. Senecal
Catherine A. Serafin, 1998
Linda McDonnell Serplus, 1967
Sandra Serrano
Sister Jacquelin Servick, IHM, 1959
Arianna N. Sexton, 2019
Karen F. Sexton, 1968
Michael S. Sexton, 2014
Stephanie Sexton
Kayla C. Seymour, 2019
Bruce and Melinda K. Shannon, M.B.A. 2009
Robert and Elizabeth Sharples
F. Jeanne Shaub, 1962
Sister Agnes Shaw, IHM, 1960
Joseph P. Sheehan, 1990
Sister Mary Sheehan, IHM, 1966
Mary DeWitt Sheehan, 1960
John P. Shelley
Sarah M. Shivock, 2019
Eloise A. Shoemaker
Paul A. Shoemaker, M.B.A. 1983, Ph.D., and Holly Shoemaker
Glen and Diane Shuart
Anthony C. Shukausky
Ron and Kathleen Siano
Pasquale Sica
Mary Ann Siddons, 1976
Robert J. Sileo, M.B.A. 1989
Richard Simeone
Robert and Josephine Simeone
Zoe D. Simeone
Mark A. Simko, M.S.W. 1993
Joyce Zakierski Simmons, 1970
Katrina Simonetti
Lillian Medalis Simpson, 1961
Nicole Sinclair, 2019
Barry and Cynthia Morgan Singer, 1974
Sunny Sinha, Ph.D.
Sister M. Celesta Sinisi, IHM, 1954, M.S. 1978
Dorothy Horan Skierski, 1969
Linda S. Skierski, 1977, M.S. 1997
Lawrence J. Sklaney, M.S.W. 1972
Patricia Slater
Sister Mary Helen Slavinskas, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1980
Mark and Carol Grossel Slick, 1971
Debrann Julia Sluko, 1989
Ellyn Small
Amy Smith
Sister Anne Mary (Matthias) Smith, IHM, 1967
Barbara Beynon Smith, 2003
Brandon H. Smith, 2005, M.S. 2012
Charles and Kim Smith
David and Kelly Smith
Irma S. Smith
Kelly M. Smith, 1997
Mary Ann Mackrovitch Smith, 1956
Mary Neary Smith, 1971
Sister Mary Rita Smith, IHM, 1968
Nancy Purnell Smith, 1971
Pamela Smith
Dean and Susan Snavely
Erin Snihur
Rosemary Rimmele Snow, 1966
Colleen Kelly Snowdon, 1972
Cheri Snyder
Deborah Fitch Snyder, 1971
Sister Jane M. Snyder, IHM, 1969, M.A. 1980
Joanne Smith Snyder, 1973
Brendan Sobolewski
Molly K. Sobolewski
Lia G. Sohl, 2018
Emma K. Solomon
Marlee Solomon
Nora Solomon
Shawn and Mary Solomon
Theodore Soltas and Monte Soltas
Theodore R. Soltas
Maryla E. Soma, 1997
Sister John Michele Southwick, IHM, 1971, 1975, M.S. 1986, M.A. 1992
Kristin Southwick
Michael Sowa, 2011
Michael and Rita Sowa
Theresa Tubach Sparrow, 1971
Julie Speicher, M.D., and Paul Kraycer
Linda Connor Speicher, 1968
Ralph and Karin Spiezia
Gary and Kathleen Spitz
Carlene Brogna Spitzer, 1993
Ann Jennifer St. John, M.S.W. 2012
St. Joseph Church
Roderick and Cecilia Stabile
Stephen Joseph Stahl, 2007
Mark W. Stahler
Margaret Breslin Staib, 1962
Joseph and Sara Stankovich
Brian and Patricia StClair
Sister Kathleen Joy Steck, IHM, 1965, M.S. 1977
Christopher G. Stefalo
Thomas and Dawn Steffes
Linda Capparell Steier, 1975, M.S. 1979
Corey, D.C., and Michele Stein
Samantha C. Stein
Sister Karen Marie Steinberg, IHM, 1987
Paul and Joanne Steindorf
Gary and Joellen Stephan
Donald and Mary Jean Collins Stephens, 1981
Sara K. Sterchak
Andrew Stevens
Maj. Robert, 2007, and Bridget Scullin Stevens, 2002
Sister Sue Ann Steves, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1979
Mark and Anne Stibitz
Anna Marie Stiliha, M.A. 1982
Alyssa Stoka
Mary Remick Stoko, 1976
Sheila Stone
Maureen C. Gilhooley Straka, 1995, M.S. 1998
Tina Gavio Straub, 1979
Leon, Ph.D., and Carol Granahan Strenkoski, 1964
Larry and Tanaya Strohl
Brittany Mikajlo Stroker, 2014, M.S. 2015
Billie B. Stubbs
Sister M. Lorraine Studley, IHM, 1968, M.S. 1980
Marie Urban Stupak, 1970
Victoria A. Suarez, 2004
Daniel and Joan Suders
†† Sister Carol Sukitz, IHM, 1969, M.S.W. 1975
Ellen Sullivan
James and Susan Aquilina Sullivan, 1965
June Linda Supey, 1985
Anthony and Sherri Suraci
Christina D. Suraci
Sister Grace Surdovel, IHM, 1986, M.S. 2004
Dylan S. J. Svetovich, 2018
Sister Madeline Swaboski, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1991
Kathleen A. Swaha, 1973
Lori Swanchak, 2001, Ph.D. 2010
Shelby Landis Swartley, M.S.W. 1994
Sister M. Redempta Sweeney, IHM, 1966
Thomas and Mary Culkin Sweeney, 1970, M.S. 1975
Martin and Pamela Siemienkowi Swift, 1978
Yvonne Mahig Szpara, 1966
Sister Linda C. Taber, IHM, M.A. 1993
Samantha T. Talarico
Sister Anna Tantsits, IHM, M.S. 1981
Teresa A. Taramelli, M.A. 1982
Sister Marion Tarone, IHM, 1967, M.S. 1975
Sister M. Tarcisius Tasselli, IHM, 1959
Greg and Jo Ann Taylor
Aaron and Jill Teel
Jacqueline R. Teeple, 2002
Michael and Helene Teeple
Jean Hudson Teitelbaum, M.S.W. 1987
John B. Telep, 1988
Thomas and Elaine Tempel
Maria A. Temples, 2017, M.P.A. 2018
Sister M. Charlene Templeton, IHM, 1945
John M. Terracciano, 2019
Concetta Terrone
Sister Rachel Marie Terry, IHM, 2003
Irene Bayorek Tesfai, 1963
Cindy Dumbauld Thatcher, 1989
Emily Theobald
Jennifer Thistle
Sister Bernadette Thomas, IHM, 1971
The Honorable John and Marilyn Thomas
Sister M. Lenore Thomas, IHM, 1972, M.S. 1980
Sister Mary Denise Thomas, IHM, 1970, M.S. 1982
Robert H. Thomas, M.A. 1992
Robin Thomas
Vanessa Vergnetti Thomas
Anthony and Kimberly Perri Thome, 1989
Dimitri Thompson
Sister Joan Marie Thompson, IHM, 1968
Scott, 1993, and Kelliann Doyle Thorpe
Nicholas G. Tighe
Janet Bocchino Tigue, 1965
Karen Bocchino Tigue, 1970
William L. Tigue, 2002
Emily D. Timchak, 2019
Sister Maria Goretti Timperio, IHM, 1959
Allen and Cynthia Tinkham
Alyssa Tirpak
Luigi Tirro, 2017, M.S. 2018
Harold and Joan Kelly Titman, M.S.W. 1990
Sister Cecilia Yeon Tji Tja, IHM, M.F.A. 1985
Deborah Horak Tobin, 1977
Catherine M. Toczek, 1993, and James J. Sherma
Albert J. Toczylowski, M.P.A. 1982
Lauren Tokash
Gabriela Toledo
Frederick F. Tolerico, III, 2017
Gina Tomassoni School of Dance
Gina Marie Tomassoni, 1979, M.S. 2001
Michael, M.S. 2004, and Tracy Maglioli Tomasura, M.A. 2003, M.S. 2005, Ed.S. 2007
Joseph S. Tomko
Mary Breen Toner, 1965
Sister Jean Toolan, IHM, 1950
Rachel Toporek
Robert J. Torre, 2019
Stephen Torres
Daniel M. Tortora, 2007
Sister Vincent Ann Touey, IHM, M.S. 1989
Ann Pesaresi Tracy, 1971
Jason T. Trahan, 2017, M.S. 2018
Richard D. Tranovich, M.S.W. 1976
Margaret Kane Traub, 1986
Linda Traumiller
Heidi Morse Travis, 1989
Rowland and Geri Travis
Delphine Mayock Tricomi, 1953
James Trott
Joseph E. Troy, 2001, M.B.A. 2007
Andrea Trubiano
Gergana Tserovski
Janet Partyka Tucker, 1974
Rev. John J. Turi, M.S. 1983
Margaret York Turna, 1959
Barbara Ann Turock, 1964
Joseph Tutoni and Clare Masters-Tutoni
Amy Julia Tuttle, 2001
Kevin and Carla Jerolemon Twardzik, M.S.W. 1993
Daniel and Valerie Ulicny
Melonie Unger
Holga Urgiles
Mary Ann Urso
William, 1979, M.S.W. 1982, and Patricia Giordano Vaccaro, 1979
John and Andrea Vachon
Linda Vachon
Lindsay A. Vachon
Emily Vacik
Mike Vadala
†† Sister Francis Regis Vagt, IHM, 1961
Donna M. Valentini, 1987
Rossana Valentino
Santa Valenzuela
Carol M. Van Horne
Sister M. Angelique Vannicola, IHM, 1964
Catherine Passarella VanNort, 1978
Sister Marie Lourdes Vanston, IHM, 1966, M.S. 1980
Thomas and Lisa Vaughan
Colleen Vay
Edna Vay
Sister Louis Marie Verchick, IHM, 1966
Verizon Foundation Matching Gifts
Judith Connell Vescovi, 1994
Robert and Jeanna Vetter
Jennifer Torch Villano, 1995, 2000
Gary Vincze and Mary Ann Donovan
Alicia M. Vogel, 2003
Joan Voorhees
Alexander Vorlicky
Jerome and Linda Goldberg Wainick, M.S.W. 1991
Patricia Moffitt Wald, 1959
Gina Resio Walker, 1995
Natalie Walker
Sister Elizabeth Mary Wallace, IHM, 1965
Emani I. Wallace, M.S.W. 2019
James E. Wallace, 1986
Dolores Chalone Walrath, 1969
Sister Ann Walsh, IHM, 1971, M.S.W. 1980
Colleen Walsh
Denise Godfrey Walsh, 1977, Ph.D.
Edward and Ruth Walsh
Emalee Walsh
Jennifer Madus Walsh, 2001
Lisa Walsh
Moira Murphy Walsh, 1989
Morgan R. Walsh, 2013
Natalie E. Walsh
Sister Patt Walsh, IHM, 1973
Acie Ward, Esq., 1965
Msgr. William P. Ward
Keri Anne Zazzera Warhola, 1997, M.S. 2000
Bernard and Mary Warholic
Christina Dobilas Warnagiris, 1963
Shannon Gillen Warner, 2010
Marietta Scalise Warnitsky, M.S.W. 1991
Dawn Russo Warshay, 1969
Mary Ann Grzywacz Wasilnak, 1983, M.A.T. 1991
Sister Virginia E. Waters, IHM, M.S. 1990
Eileen F. Watkins, 1972
Helen Wayne
Elizabeth Cooney Weaver, 1977, M.S. 1982
Judith Weaver
Robert and Susan Weiler
Mary Weinheimer
Allen and Cheryl Weiss
Joanne Colitz Weisskopf, 1960
Joyce Ludgate Welby, 1959
Sister Minnette Welding, IHM, 1982
Jennifer Thiemann Welgosh, M.A. 2008, Ed.S. 2011, Ph.D. 2019
Erin Welling
Marie Walsh Welliver, 1955
Mary A. Welsh
John and Cheryl Werner
Phyllis Werner
Mary Westcott
Alicia Westgate
David and Mary Louise Tuite Weymann, 1986
Stephen and Kristen Whelan
Helen Quinn White, 1965
Luanne Kromko White, M.B.A. 2009
Sister M. Cecilian White, IHM, 1955
Shelley White
Catherine Mulk Whitebread, 1976
Marilou Enns Wieder, M.S. 2001
Marygrace Wilce, M.B.A. 2015
Andrea M. Wilczynski, 1993
Susan L. Wilkins, 1992
David and Ann L. Montoro Williams, 1984, M.A. 2007
Diane Mecca Williams, 1968
Rev. Donald J. Williams
Inge Reichenberg Williams, 1953
Jeffrey, 2001, and Nicole Castellani Williams, 2001
Judith A. Williams, Ph.D. 2011
Katherine A. Williams
Dr. Kathleen Whalen Williams, 1988
Sister Kieran Williams, IHM, 1977, M.A. 1986
Sister Doreen Willis, IHM, 1971, M.S. 1981
Sister Maureen Willis, IHM, 1971
Frederick and Samantha Willmot
Meredith Wilmot
Jim and Nancy Ferguson Wilson, 1967
†† Sister Regina Marie Wilson, IHM, 1966
Sandra Wilson
Sister Constance Wilt, IHM, 1970
Shannon Rump Winsett, 2003
Robin K. Winter
Catherine Matturro Winters, 1970
Kylie S. Winton, 2019
Stephanie Wise
Gary T. Wisnieski
Mary Scott Witaconis, 1971
Jill Witcoski
Nancy Polizzi Witiak, 1968
Jamie Wittick
Melanie J. Wittick
Ann Swift Wolenter, 1978
Karen Necker Wolkov, 1986
Joann Sena Wolski, 1966
Alyssa M. Wood, 2016
Rachelle R. Woodhouse, 2019
Wendell Lee Woodmansee, M.P.A. 1975
Alyssa N. Woods, M.A. 2019
Gina Wormuth
Katie Worsnick
Sarah Worsnick
Sarah A. Worsnick
Lindsey L. Wotanis, Ph.D.
William W. Wray
Jean Chapman Wright, 1980
Joan Lay Wright, 1964
Sister M. St. Mel Wright, IHM, 1961
Cheryl L. Yacuboski
Marianne Yacuboski
Aileen Yadush
Cheryl Hafich Yagelski, 1982
Jason and Stacey Herne Yander, M.A.T. 2011
Dominic J. Yannuzzi, III
Carol Lachovicz Yanusauskas, 1975, M.B.A. 2002
Corey Yelencsics
Kristine Yelencsics
Molly Yelencsics
Steve and Janet Yelencsics
Tracy Yelencsics
Patricia A. Yencha, M.B.A. 2007
Sarah A. Yeust, 2013
Sally Yorke-Viney, Ph.D. 2007
Patricia Youngman
Natalie Ferdinand Yozzo, 1993
Kenneth Yque
Andrew K. Yudichak, M.S. 1978
Sister M. Janet Yurkanin, IHM, 1971
Brian Zabroski
Sister Mary Luke Zaleski, IHM, 1963
Alessia Zambrano
June Zarrilli
Michael and Angela Zarrilli
Dawn Zatorski
Kimberly Brogan Zavasky, 1997
Sister Juana M. Zegarra, IHM, M.S.W. 1999
Austin A. J. Zehel, 2019
Kayleen Zeko, 2018
Anne G. Zendian, M.P.A. 1983
Susan Zetimeisl
Desiree J. Zielinski, 2012
Renee Zierold, M.S. 1982
Meurcie Katherine Redding Zignoli, 2012, M.A. 2015
Sister Mary Ann Zimmer, N.D., Ph.D.
Courtney Zitt
Nicole A. Zmuda, 2002, M.S.W. 2008
Dr. Joseph A. Zogby, M.S.W. 1978
Marianne Maciun Zoranski, M.S. 1985
Haleigh A. Zurek, 2018
Sister Amy Zychal, IHM, 1970