The Sister M. Coleman Nee, IHM Club

$2000 to $4,999

Richard and Patti Beasley

The Dean's Club

$500 to $999

Robin Duffy Auth, 1984 Joseph and Theresa Holler
John and Lorraine Conti Gregory and Kathleen Cullen Martino, 1981
David and Karen Derstine Thomas and Patricia Notchick *
Mark and Anne Marie McEvoy Fallek, 1976 David and Mary Rose Perry

The Director's Club

$250 to $499

Michael and Elaine D'Achille Roy and Denise Lawlor
Mary Jennifer Frattali, MD Dr. James and Joan Morin

The Builder's Club

$1 to $249

Marcel and Patrice Andrews Thomas and Karen Locatelli
Steven and Linda Archibald Maureen Mullally Loefflad, 1977 *
Richard and Jeannine Atwell Diane Carole Lupinacci
Kathryn Ann Benison Thomas Neal Madine
Christopher and Marianne Beppler James and Nancy Mangini
Cheryl Bertucci Suzanne M. Manuli
Douglas and Donna Boettger Ricardo Martinez
Rev. Carmen and Patricia Bolock Herbert and Donna Massa
Paul and Ellen Broddotcmsdbuser Kathryn Marhevka McAndrew, 1984
Martin and Cheryl Budinski Michael and Laurie McGraw
Dennis and Deborah Butler Andrew and Ann Melick
Jill Scopelliti Callejas, 1996 Deborah Anne Messett
Timothy James Callejas, 1993 Mark and Betsy Miller
John and Joann Capelli Timothy and Diane Molloy
Michael and Pamela Capp Eric and Stephanie Moore
William and Ruth Carver Patrick W. Morrissey
Dr. John S. Cavallaro and Dr. Anna Marie Truncali Maj. William and Jennifer Morrissey
Scott and Nancy Cavellier Michael and Lisa Mulqueen
Elizabeth Ruddy Clymer, 1981 Michael Munar
Jay and Elizabeth Clymer **Carl and Margaret Nastasi
Michael and Karen Coco Catherine Nichols-Schwalb
Russell and Cheryl Collura Timothy and Janice Nowell
David and Margaret Comstock Lisa Jaques Nye
John and Michelle Corrigan Richard and Maura Pellegrino
Joyce Black Covaleski, 1987 Thomas and Lynette Pepe
Mary Pat Meehan Cunningham, 1983 Linda A. Pochis
Robert and Claudia Damiano Leslie and Shannon Prompovitch
Kevin and Kathleen Davis David A. Renjilian, Ph.D. **
Peter and Suzanne Davitt John and Patricia Rigoliosi
Daniel and Jane Denny Michael and Michele Rodich
James and Sharon Doherty Pamela Sherosick Rolley, 1983
William Michael Don Sharen Lynn Romano
James Anthony Dougherty Mark and Susan Russo
Frank and Karen Dragone Richard and Roxanne Rutter
William and Deborah Dunstone *Robert and Victoria Schatzle
Bernard and Julie Eck Suzanne Fanucci Schmidt, 1981
Scott and Rebecca Epler George, 2004, and Jill Schroth
Alphonse and Lisa Falco Edwin and Debra Schwab
Randy Fatzinger and Sharon Pica-Fatzinger Joseph Robert Seemiller
Daniel and Karen Gates Burt and Susan Sempier
Ivy Caputo Giombetti, 1975 Timothy and Rosemary Shanahan
Michael and Nanine Gramigna Ann R. Sharpe
James and Christine Grecco Mark and Marianne Sherlock
Fernando and Zaida Gutierrez Michael John Smyth
Edward and Dianne Haduck Ronald and Maria Stafford
Jeffrey and Virginia Haney Valerie Lynn Steinle
Karen A. Hartt, L.S.W., 1991 George and Dawn Stoll
Dawn Lee Johnston John and Kathleen Sylvester
John and Regina Jonas Mark Steven Thomas
James and Kelly Jones Emily Vail Titus, 1980
Christopher and Sharan Kaminski Salvatore and Denise Tornabene
Lisa Karpf Carl and Helene Toron
Michael and Jayne Kerkering Michael and Susan Triano
Lisa M. Kirby Edwin and Grace Trill
Laurie Ann Klenchik, 2004 Daniel and Millie Varner
Todd and Debra Kliment Gerard and Debbie Vasto
Cindy Louise Koziel Frank and Susan Vitucci
Bernard and Kimberly Kuperavage Lt. Michael and Janelle Vogan
Patricia A. Lamoreaux Timothy and Cheryl Watt
Richard and Louise Lankewish Robert and Theresa Weidow
Kristi Lynne Lasher Susan G. Weiler
Florence Sweeney Lawless, 1977 James and Lisa Wright
Robert and Christina Legath William and Peggy Yorkovich
Robert N. Legath, 1993 Dr. Joseph and Laura Zacher