Retention Services

picture of faculty member with studentsOur office works closely with students who are struggling academically. We provide individual academic counseling and workshops to assist students in being successful here at Marywood. We work the following students:

  • Probationary Students
  • Unclassified Students
  • Students with Deficiencies


In addition, we work with students who need to take a leave of absence along with students who are thinking about leaving the University. We try to see if we can identify the reasons for the leave in order to possibly offer some solutions.

We also work with students who miss classes due to unforseen events, such as a death in the family, car accident, or medical issues that will require the student to miss classes for more than one or two days.

We work closely with faculty members using an Early Alert System to identify students who may be academically at risk due to missing classes.

If you would like to speak to one of our Advising Counselors regarding any of the above mentioned issues, please call us at (570) 340-6043 to schedule an appointment.