Parents Helping Students Find a College

Is your son or daughter considering college? If so, the process brings a range of emotions (worry, joy, confusion, hope); but the process doesn't have to be intimidating. The first step—the college search—can be exciting and less stressful than you think, provided you're organized. Here are some proven tips on how to help your son or daughter get the college search process in order. It's all about choices:

1. Choice of Major

What does he or she want to study? Your student may not know the exact answer to this question, and that's ok. But if an area of interest is known, be sure the colleges you're looking at offer that major or a similar subject, along with opportunities for active, in-depth study and experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Marywood Offers: More than 60 undergraduate majors, all grounded in the liberal arts, and all providing hands-on, professional opportunities.

2. Choice of Size

Does your student want a big school with thousands of students, or a smaller, more personal community? It depends on your student's personality. Where will she or he be most comfortable, engaged and successful?

Marywood Offers: A smaller, more intimate academic community, where your student will engage in close-knit, active classes, and where teachers get to know individual students quickly.

3. Choice of Location

Big city? Small town? Or somewhere in between? Does your student want to stay close to home, or perhaps venture farther away? What about access to culture, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and more?

Marywood Offers: An idyllic 115-acre campus—a national arboretum—that sits atop a hill in an attractive, safe residential area. The region is known for outdoor recreation, scenic beauty, and a strong arts and entertainment culture.

4. Choice of Student Life

What are your student's extracurricular interests? Does he or she want to get involved, meet friends, and build a college experience that lasts a lifetime?

Marywood Offers: A culture of involvement, with more than 60 clubs, a full calendar of activities, 19 NCAA Division III teams, a continuing offering of service projects, and a myriad of other opportunities to get involved, work with others, and ultimately lead.

5. Choice of Values

Does your student seek an open, diverse community, one that holds strong to its beliefs but is accepting and respectful of all faiths? Does your daughter or son want to grow and learn in a culture of respect, and social acceptance and global awareness?

Marywood Offers: An environment steeped in five Core Values: Catholic Identity, Respect, Empowerment, Service, and Commitment to Excellence.

6. Choice of Cost

Certainly, a college education is a big investment, and with it comes big questions. Is a private education affordable? Is it worth the money? The answers, once again, come down to choice. Private education graduates out perform public and online education graduates in every category. Plus, the lifetime income benefits of a college education are more than double the income of non-graduates. In nearly every case, private education offers financial aid that levels the playing field.

Marywood Offers: Financial aid to 99% of first-time students. Each year, more than $30 million in institutional aid is awarded to Marywood students. All Marywood applicants are considered for all financial assistance for which the student qualifies.

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