Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Students

Can freshman have cars on campus?

Yes. All Marywood students are allowed to have cars on campus. There is no fee to park on campus, but all cars must be registered with the Campus Safety office.

Is residence hall living an option for all four years?

Yes. Housing is guaranteed for all four years. First-time students are required to live on campus for the first two years.

Does Marywood offer study abroad?

Yes. Marywood students have studied in Australia, Argentina, England, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Spain, among others.

Does Marywood offer tutoring services?

Yes. The University offers free tutoring for students through its Academic Excellence Center.

When is Orientation for new students?

Visit the Orientation website for the most up-to-date information about Orientation.

How is job placement upon graduation?

94% of our recent graduating class is either working or attending graduate school. Our graduates get jobs.

Admissions Process

Is an interview required for admission?

No. However, students are encouraged to visit campus and meet with an admissions counselor, financial aid counselor, and faculty member.

When should an application for admission be submitted?

Marywood operates on a rolling admissions basis. High school seniors are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible.

When will a student hear if they have been accepted?

It takes 2-3 weeks to render an admissions decision after all required documentation is received.


What is the student/teacher ratio?

The ratio of students to teacher is 13:1. Graduate Assistants do not teach classes at Marywood.

Can students have a double major?

Yes. Students can even create a major with the supervision of an advisor - called an Ad-Hoc major.

How long will it take a student to graduate?

This depends on the course of study a student chooses. Generally, students who take at least 15-18 credits per semester will complete their degree in four years.

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