Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Students

Does my bachelor's degree have to be the same as my master's degree?

Not necessarily. There may be pre-requisites you can take to satisfy the requirements for the master’s degree.

Is it acceptable to submit parts of the application at different times?

Yes, we understand required documentation may arrive at different times. No official action will be taken until required documents are received.

Once I submit official transcripts and/or other documentation for admission, at my request can those documents be returned to me?

No.  All documents submitted in connection with an application become the property of the University.

Do all future graduate students have to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?

Different programs have different requirements.  Visit the Standardized Test Requirements page for more information.

What if I have missed the application deadline?

In most instances, your application will be processed however we cannot guarantee you will have an admissions decision in time for the next semester start. The following cohort programs have deadlines that will not be waived: Clinical Psychology (PsyD), PhD Human Development, Speech Language Pathology, School Psychology (Ed.S.), and the Certificate for Dietetics.

What official transcripts are required to complete the application?

We require official transcripts of coursework from all colleges attended, including Marywood.

Are there assistantships/scholarships available for graduate students?

Yes.  Marywood University awards a number of scholarships each year to graduate students on the basis of academic promise, and professional focus and commitment. Scholarships are available to both full-time and part-time students. Full-time status scholarship recipients must take nine credits or more per semester to maintain their scholarship. Part-time status scholarship recipients must take at least six credits each semester, both Fall and Spring, to receive scholarship funds.  Additional information is available on the Graduate Financial Aid site.

What if I received by bachelor's degree a long time ago and am no longer in contact with someone who can give me an academic reference?

You can get a reference letter from a supervisor or someone who can attest to your professional skills.

Can I take graduate level courses before applying?

Yes, most programs allow you take 6-9 credits prior to completing the application process as an enrichment student.  However, financial aid is not available until you are formally accepted.

Can I transfer from previous graduate-level coursework?

Yes, with review and approval from the Marywood department chairperson.

Is there on-campus housing available for graduate students?

On-campus housing is provided to graduate students on a very limited basis. There is no guarantee that graduate students will receive on-campus housing while attending Marywood. Graduate students who would like to be considered for on-campus housing should contact Housing and Residence Life at or (570) 348-6236.

  • Apartments at 317 Linden St is another option for off-campus living. You can take advantage of 317's prime location in the heart of downtown Scranton and enjoy all the benefits of the modern urban lifestyle. For more information, call (570) 344-1750.

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