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Amanda Khozouri

Amanda Khozouri

Doctoral Degree in Psychology and Counseling

For Amanda Khozouri, going to college was not only a personal achievement, but a family dream, as she was the first in her family to attend and go away to college. With two older brothers and a younger sister, Amanda set the stage for her sister’s dream of going away to college as well.

While an undergraduate student at Marywood, Amanda was a member of the Lacrosse and Volleyball teams, where she served as the captain of both teams (Lacrosse during her senior year, and Volleyball in her junior and senior years). Amanda also was very involved with Campus Ministry, attending alternative break trips, where she traveled to Guatemala and helped teach English. Additionally, she volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and Big Friends/Little Friends.

“I knew that Marywood was the perfect fit when I first stepped onto campus during my own orientation. I hadn’t been to campus prior to that to visit, but came to orientation because both the volleyball and lacrosse coaches said I could play. In addition to being able to play the two sports that I loved, I received my financial aid package and had a fantastic time at orientation. So…three checks positive, I knew it was the perfect fit,” Amanda said.

Amanda is pro-Marywood everything. She was the recipient of the M.B. Salmon Award for Dedication in 2016, an award that honors a former softball player and is presented annually to a student-athlete whose dedication and commitment to Marywood Athletics goes above and beyond the expected.

Jay Monahan, Assistant Director of Sports Information, said, “Amanda is probably the most spirited Marywood supporter in all of my time working here at the University.”

Amanda earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Coaching from Marywood in 2016. She earned her master’s degree in sports psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, California, and is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Psychology program at Marywood University. Upon graduation, Amanda plans to continue to work with college athletes in both physical- and performance-based settings.

“I had and am still having a phenomenal experience at Marywood. I feel like I’ve been given so much more than I’ve given back,” Amanda said. Crediting her professors and coaches who helped her grow as a person, she said, “The coaches and faculty, Sharon Uliana, former assistant volleyball coach; Dr. Brooke Cannon; and Dr. Tracie Pasold love what they are doing and want each of the students to evolve and grow.”

Currently, Amanda is attending classes, serving as a resident director in Regina Hall, and, as always, promoting Marywood every chance that she gets.

“Now, I, along with the other resident directors, housing assistants, and secretaries, get together to talk about how we can help students have the best Marywood experience that each of us had. I love the family aspect in every part of Marywood life that I’ve been involved,” Amanda said.

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