Admissions: Academic Costs

Fee Description Description Amount Student Type Program Applied
Fee for Admissions Application Payable at time of application for admission, non-refundable. (Fee is waived if submitted online.) $35.00
Advance Deposit Payable upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit applicable to tuition. The deposit is forfeited if the undergraduate applicant does not attend within two years and one year for all graduate programs.
Advance Deposit (Undergraduate Resident/Commuter) $200.00 Undergraduate, Resident, Commuter
Advance Deposit (Psy.D & Ph.D./All other Graduate Programs) $500.00 Graduate PsyD, PhD
Advance Deposit (International Students including Intensive English Program) $500.00 International, Intensive English Program
Annual Room Reservation Deposit For students who plan on residing in university housing. $300.00 Undergraduate, Graduate, Resident
Registration/Services Fee (Non-refundable) Students registered for fewer than four credits pay the registration fee instead of the general fee to cover the registration process and use of library. Undergraduate, Graduate
Registration/Services Fee (Non-refundable) Fall/Spring (fee per semester) $75.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Registration/Services Fee (Non-refundable) Summer Sessions (per session) $75.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Late Registration Fee (additional) Payable on or after August 26, 2019, for 2019 Fall Semester, and January 13, 2020, for 2020 Spring Semester $35.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
General Fee (Part-time/full-time, per semester) $375.00 - $750.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Deferred Payment Fee $45.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Music Lessons (Per half hour, per credit, in addition to tuition) $395.00 Music
Change of Schedule (Online change of schedule--no charge) $10.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Graduation Fee (No exception for absence) $275.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Transcripts (each) (Add $20 for special handling/overnight delivery is extra) $10.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Parking on Campus Vehicle must be registered to avoid fines $0.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Student Teaching Fee (addition to tuition) $75.00 Education
Health Insurance Charge cancelled with verification of own coverage. Undergraduate, Graduate
Health Insurance Undergraduate $1,791.00 Undergraduate
Health Insurance Graduate $3,019.00 Graduate
Health Insurance Deadline to waive health insurance is September 15, 2019
Block Tuition (per year) Full-time students may take 12-18 credits per fall and spring semesters. Students registered for more than 18 credits will be charged the tuition amount plus a per credit charge for credits taken over 18 ($17,078.00 per fall and spring) $34,156.00 Undergraduate
Special Fee: Malpractice/Insurance Fee Payable per semester by students in practicum placement. (Exceptions: B.S.W., M.S.W., and Physician Assistant programs. Fees available upon request.) $75.00 Undergraduate, Graduate
Tuition/Auditing per credit Masters Level (Includes all programs except the following below) $824.00 Graduate
Tuition/Auditing per credit Education (under the Department of Education only) $515.00 Graduate Education
Tuition/Auditing per credit Interior Architecture (M.I.A.) $979.00 Graduate Interior Architecture
Tuition/Auditing per credit Master's of Social Work $824.00 Graduate Social Work
Tuition/Auditing per credit Physician Assistant Program $1,030.00 Graduate Physician Assistant
Tuition/Auditing per credit Ph.D. Level, PsyD $953.00 Graduate PhD, PsyD
Professional Contribution (Plus registration fee) $300.00 Graduate
Special Program Fee: M.I.A. Interior Architecture (per semester) $150.00 Graduate
Special Course Fee: M.S.W. Field Education Payable per semester by students in field education. (Includes malpractice insurance) $75.00 Graduate
Graduate Student Activities Fee (Per semester) $25.00 Graduate
Special Program: Get Your Master's With The Masters (Graphic Design, Illustration) $175.00 Graduate Graphic Design, Illustration
Tuition/Auditing per credit Get Your Master's With The Masters (Graphic Design, Illustration) $618.00 Graduate Graphic Design, Illustration
Special Course Fee: Nutrition and Dietetics (Charged to students registered for ND-500) $130.00 Graduate Nutrition and Dietetics
Special Course Fee: Physician Assistant Program (Charged to students registered for PA-522, Medical Anatomy and Physiology classes) $500.00 Graduate Physician Assistant
Special Course Fee: Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) (per credit) $465.00 Undergraduate
New Student Matriculation Fee $250.00 Undergraduate
Tuition/Auditing (per credit, part-time students or students taking more than 18 credits per semester, plus Block Tuition) $670.00 Undergraduate
Student Activities Fee (Part-time/full-time, per semester) $75.00 - $125.00 Undergraduate
Professional Contribution $100.00 Undergraduate
Special Program Fees: Nursing (Addition to tuition, charged to students registered for Nursing courses, per semester) $375.00 Undergraduate Nursing
Special Program Fees: Public Relations (Addition to tuition, charged to students registered for Public Relations and Advertising programs, per semester) $150.00 Undergraduate Public Relations, Advertising
Special Program Fees: Study Abroad (Addition to tuition, charged to students studying abroad for the entire term) $175.00 Undergraduate Study Abroad
Special Course Fees: Aviation Management (Addition to tuition, charged to students registered for flight instruction courses) $5,000.00 - $8,870.00 Undergraduate Aviation
Special Course Fees: Intensive English Program (Charged to students learning English and varies based on level and class hours). $2,060.00 - $4,094.00 Undergraduate Intensive English Program
Special Course Fees: Nutrition and Dietetics (Charged to students registered for ND-400B and ND-494) $150.00 Undergraduate Nutrition and Dietetics
Special Course Fees: Physician Assistance Program (Charged to students registered for PA-322, Medical Anatomy and Physiology classes) $500.00 Undergraduate Physician Assistant
Special Course Fees: Science Labs (Charged to students registered for lab classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc...) $100.00 Undergraduate Biology, Chemistry, Physics

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