Admissions: Academic Costs

For 2017-2018

Fees effective: Fall, 2017 through Summer Sessions, 2018

General Fees :
(see Explanation and Description of Fees for more details)
Fee for Admission Application
Payable at time of application for admission, non-refundable. (Fee is waived if submitted online.)
Advance Deposit
  • Payable upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit applicable to tuition.
  • The deposit is forfeited if the undergraduate applicant does not attend within two years and one year for all graduate programs.
Advance Deposit (Undergraduate Resident/Commuter)
Advance Deposit (Psy.D & Ph.D./All other Graduate Programs)
Advance Deposit (International Students including Intensive English Program)
Annual Room Reservation Deposit
For students who plan on residing in university housing.
Registration/Services Fee (Non-refundable)
Students registered for fewer than four credits pay the registration fee instead of the general fee to cover the registration process and use of library.
Fall/Spring (fee per semester)
Summer Sessions (per session)
Late Registration Fee (additional)
Payable after August 23, 2016, for 2016 Fall Semester, and January 17, 2017, for 2017 Spring Semester
General Fee (Part-time/full-time, per semester) $375.00-$750.00
Deferred Payment Fee $40.00
Music Lessons (Per half hour, per credit, in addition to tuition) $395.00
Change of Schedule (Online change of schedule--no charge) $10.00
Graduation Fee (No exception for absence) $250.00
Transcripts (each) (Add $20 for special handling/overnight delivery is extra) $10.00
Parking on Campus vehicle must be registered to avoid fines $0.00
Student Teaching Fee (addition to tuition) $75.00
Malpractice/Insurance Fee
Payable per semester by students in practicum placement.
(Exceptions: B.S.W., M.S.W., and Physician Assistant Programs. Fees available upon request.)
Health Insurance (charge cancelled with verification of own coverage) for all ages
Effective through 8/15/17 (rates subject to change 7/1/16)

Undergraduate Level of Study:
Tuition Full-time students may take 12-18 credits per fall and spring semesters. Students registered for more than 18 credits will be charged the tuition amount plus a per credit charge for credits taken over 18 ($16,095.00 per fall and spring) $32,190.00/year
Tuition (per credit, part-time students or students taking more than 18 credits per semester) $630.00
Auditing (per credit) $630.00
New Student Matriculation Fee $250.00
Student Activities Fee (Part-time/full-time, per semester) $75.00-$125.00
Professional Contribution $100.00
Graduate Level of Study:
Tuition/Auditing per credit:
Masters Level (Includes all programs except the following)
Master's of Social Work
Physician Assistant Program
CSD (Speech-Language Pathology)
Education (under the Department of Education only)
Doctoral and Ph.D. Level
Professional Contribution (Plus registration fee) $275.00
M.S.W. Field Education Fee
Payable per semester by students in field education. (Includes malpractice insurance)
Graduate Student Activities Fee (Per semester) $20.00
New M.IArch. Program for 2018-2019
Tuition/Auditing per credit:
Interior Architecture (M.I.A.)

M.I.A. Program fee (per semester)


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