Social Work Sample Curriculum

Core Courses:

  • Theory and Practice of Social Work I

  • Theory and Practice of Social Work II

  • Practicum Instruction I

  • Practicum Instruction II

  • Human Behavior I: Psychosocial Analysis of Human Behavior

  • Human Behavior II: Social Science Perspective on Human Behavior

  • Human Biology

  • Social Work Research: Design and Methodology

  • Social Work Research II: Implementation and Analysis

  • Introduction to Social Welfare

  • Ethical Issued in Social Work


Course Electives:

In additional to Concentration Courses, students may select electives including the following:

  • Child Welfare Practice and Services

  • Social Work Practice with Children

  • Family Focused Social Work Practice

  • Social Work Practice in Groups

  • Supervision in Social Work Practice

  • Social Work Perspectives on Psychopathology

  • Critical Issues in Chemical Dependence

  • Social Work Thesis

  • Women’s Issues and the Practice of Social Work

  • Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of Social Work Practice

  • Critical Issues in Ethnic and Racial Experience

  • Concepts and Issues in Gerontology

  • Independent Study

  • International Independent Study

  • Human Sexuality Issues for Social Work