Health Services Administration Sample Curriculum

Core Courses: (24 semester hours)

  • Research Theory

  • Organizational Dynamics

  • Policy and Program Analysis

  • Introduction to Health Services Administration

  • Legal Aspects of Clinical and Health Care Organizations

  • Managerial Decision-Making in Health Care Organizations

  • Institutional Budgeting and Planning

  • Professional Contribution/Research Design

  • Management Project/Internship

Course Electives:

The remaining 12 credits are pursued related to the student's specific area of interest, background, and experience.  Elective courses may include:

  • Health Care Systems Analysis

  • Health Care Economics

  • Overview of Managed Care

  • Epidemiology/Environmental Health or Marketing and Strategic Planning 

  • Gerontological Services Administration

  • Administration of Long-Term Care

  • Planning Health Care Services for the Elderly

  • Concepts and Issues in Gerontology or Aging Changes and Health Problems