Music Education Sample Curriculum

Core Courses (15 hours):

  • Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education
  • Psychology of Music
  • Seminar in Elementary Education
  • Seminar in Secondary EducationIntroduction to Music Bibliography and Research

Supportive Courses (12 hours):

  • Computers and Technology for the Musician
  • Analytical TechniquesSeminar in World Music
  • Administration and Supervision of Music Education

Electives (Music Education/Music History Emphasis):

  • Seminar in Music History
  • History and Philosophy of Music Education
  • Seminar in Working with Special Needs Students


Electives (Vocal Emphasis):

  • Choral Literature and ConductingSeminar in Vocal Pedagogy I
  • Seminar in Vocal Pedagogy II


Electives (Instrumental Emphasis):

  • Instrumental Literature and Conducting
  • Care and Repair of Instruments
  • Instrumental Arranging
  • Applied Music