Teaching (PK-4 Certification) Sample Curriculum

Courses – Professional Education and Core Courses (18 credits):

  • Research Theory

  • Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education

  • Learning Theories

  • Seminar: Psychology of Education

  • Human Development

  • Characteristics and Remedial Strategies for the Mildly Impaired

Concentration Courses (22.5 credits):

  • Creative Teaching of Language Arts

  • Teaching Content Area Reading

  • Children’s Literature

  • Music/Art

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Physical Education/Health 

In addition to demonstrated competency in the core and concentration courses listed, an Instructional I candidate needs to complete:

  • First Semester Certification Seminar
  • Field Experience
  • Student Teaching
  • Student Teaching Seminar