School Leadership Sample Curriculum

Core Courses (9 credits):

In addition to an initial interview with the chairperson of the department and the successful completion of course work, the degree candidate is required to complete a Professional Contribution under the guidance of a faculty mentor and give a public presentation of the PC or thesis.

  • Research Theory

  • Multicultural Issues in Counseling

  • Communication Theory and Organizational Dynamics

  • Professional Contribution

Concentration Courses (24 credits):

  • Administrative Theory for School Leaders

  • Seminar: Problems and Issues in Education

  • Curriculum Planning for Schools

  • Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction

  • Law and the School

  • School Finances

  • Personnel Leadership in Schools

  • Administrative Internship

Certification Requirements:

  • 5 years of Professional Experience upon Completion of Degree

  • Passed Praxis II School Leaders Licensure Assessment