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Visual Arts (Clay, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Printmaking) Sample Curriculum

The program consists of 60 semester credits with 30 credits in the concentration area. Studio Electives of 15 semester hours are chosen from other graduate level studio courses or practicum offerings. Your Professional Contribution involves a Thesis Project and Exhibit.

Core Courses (15 hours):

  • MFA Seminar

  • Art Criticism or Design Research

  • Aesthetics

Elective Courses (9 semester hours):Students choose from Art History courses.


Courses By Concentration:

Clay - 30 credits

Printmaking - 30 credits

Graphic Design - 30 credits

Illustration - 30 credits

Ceramics I, II, III, IV

Graduate Studio/Clay I, II, III, IV

Practicum I, II


- History of Printmaking and Graphics

- Survey of Printmaking

- Relief Printmaking

- Serigraphy

- Intaglio

- Lithography

- Practicum I, II

- Graduate Studio/Printmaking

- Computer Aided Design I, II, III

- Three Dimensional Design

- Advanced Autocad and Graphic Presentation

- History of American Illustration

- Book Illustration



Metal - 30 credits

Painting - 30 credits

Photography - 30 credits


- Jewelry – Metals I, II, III, IV

- Sculpture I, II, III, IV

- Graduate Studio/Metal I, II, III, IV

- Practicum I, II


- Figure Drawing I, II

- Advanced Drawing I, II, III

- Advanced Painting I, II, III, IV

- Batik

- Graduate Studio/Painting I, II, III, IV

- Practicum I, II


- History of Photography

- Advanced Advertising and Illustrative Photography

- Advanced Color Photography

- Contemporary Photography

- Newspaper and Magazine Photography

- Experimental Photography

- View-Camera Photography

- Problems in Photography

- Research in Photography

- Practicum I, II

- Graduate Studio/Photography