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Studio Art (Clay, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Printmaking) Sample Curriculum

The program is a of 36 semester credit program with 18 credits in the concentration area. Art electives of 12 semester hours may be chosen from courses offered in studio/art history areas other than the field of concentration. Your professional contribution, an exhibit of your work in Marywood’s art gallery, is required at a designated time prior to graduation.

Core Courses (6 credits):

  • Design Research – 3 credits

  • Seminar – 0 credits

  • The Arts or Aesthetics – 3 credits

Elective Courses (12 credits):

Courses offered in studio/art history


Courses By Concentration:


Clay – 18 credits

Metal – 18 credits Painting - 18 credits

- Ceramics I, II, III, IV

- Graduate Studio/Clay I, II, III, IV

- Practicum I, II

- Jewelry – Metals I, II, III, IV

- Sculpture I, II, III, IV

- Graduate Studio/Metal I, II, III, IV

- Practicum I, II

- Figure Drawing I, II

- Advanced Drawing I, II, III

- Advanced Painting I, II, III, IV

- Batik

- Graduate Studio/Painting I, II, III, IV

- Practicum I, II

Photography -18 credits

Printmaking - 18 credits


- History of Photography

- Advanced Advertising and Illustrative Photography

- Advanced Color Photography

- Contemporary Photography

- Newspaper and Magazine Photography

- Experimental Photography

- View-Camera Photography

- Problems in Photography

- Research in Photography

- Practicum I, II

- Graduate Studio/Photography

- History of Printmaking and Graphics

- Survey of Printmaking

- Relief Printmaking

- Serigraphy

- Intaglio

- Lithography

- Practicum I, II

- Graduate Studio/Printmaking