Art Therapy Sample Curriculum

The program consists of 60 credits. Forty-two credits are in art therapy, 12 are in psychology and six are in studio art. In addition, practicum courses, 12 of the 42 credits, require practicum experiences of 800 hours.

Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Art Therapy

  • Studio in Art Therapy

  • Art Based Research and Assessment

  • Professional Contribution

  • Developmental Dynamics in Art Therapy

  • Ethical Issues in Art Therapy

  • Group Process in Art Therapy

  • Psychopathology

  • Child Psychopathology

  • Research Methods

  • Multicultural Issues in Art Therapy

  • Practicum in Art Therapy/Group Supervision (4 semesters)

Art Studio courses include:

  • Two 500 level art studio courses

Electives may include the following or other selections related to student specialty interests:

  • Child Case Studies

  • Adolescent Art Therapy

  • Psychology of Art

  • Expressive Arts Workshop

  • Adult Case Studies

  • Independent Study

  • Introduction to Family Art Therapy

  • Career Development

  • Art in Special Education