Literature Outcomes

Our literature courses will expose you to an infinite variety of human experience, challenge you to read with care and attention, and immerse you in the aching beauty of life in a fallen world.

Our writing courses prepare you to write competently in the work world. More than 80% of English Department graduates work in jobs that require writing. Of these alumni, more than 60% spend half or more of their time on the job engaged in writing projects.

Maybe you're thinking about embarking on a career in teaching, law, or medicine? The English major is the perfect choice. Medical schools know that technically brilliant doctors are of little use if they cannot speak to patients as human beings with unique histories and personalities. Law schools demand the imagination and insight that only someone long steeped in literature and language can bring to bear in discussing legal issues. And teaching English allows you to pass on your passion to others, thus keeping the flame of free expression burning for the next generation.