Interior Architecture/Design Facilities

Marywood's School of Architecture is a place for research, exploration, and testing ideas. We believe in quilted knowledge -- the notion that we learn most effectively by weaving together concepts to discover meaningful applications. Our facilities support this holistic approach to learning.


The School of Architecture is a state-of-the-art example of sustainable design. It's a spacious, adaptive re-use of Marywood's former gymnasium. It features:

  • Two levels of studios
  • Fully-equipped woodshop
  • Plaster-casting room
  • Printers and plotters
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) lab
  • Student lounge
  • Reference library

A two-story commons under a continuous skylight harvests abundant natural light throughout the day and serves as the building's "agora" - an open, shared, central space for educational exchanges among students and faculty. This is an ideal place for group discussions, debates, displays, and project critiques.

Every student is provided an individual work space with a drawing board, personal storage area, pin-up wall, and space for a laptop.