Ceramics Studio Art (3-D) Facilities

Each area of emphasis is supported by superb facilities, many of which are housed in the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts; as you advance through the program, you'll have access to increasingly sophisticated equipment. The Clay studio consists of a large common "work" room with electric and kick wheels, extruders, slab roller and work tables. Adjoining the work room is a kiln and glazing room with four electric kilns and two gas kilns. Ceramics Majors also have access to personal workspaces that connect to the main work room and kiln room.

Computer resources include AutoCAD software, web design, layout applications, and technology for graphic design, photography, illustration, and interior architecture majors. There are also weaving looms and blueprint machines; a photography studio with black and white and color darkrooms and an advanced lighting studio; a ceramic studio equipped for a wide variety of techniques; a foundry with metalworking facilities;and sculpture and painting AutoCAD software.