Sports Nutrition & Exercise Science Facilities

The facilities are state-of-the-art. The Nutrition and Human Performance Laboratories are housed in the newly constructed Keith J. O’Neill Center for Healthy Families and allow students the opportunity to work hands-on in a world-class human performance laboratory. All students have access to the labs. Equipment for use in research includes 8-foot by 10-foot and 3-foot by 6-foot treadmills, a Cybex 6000, a Bod Pod, a DEXA scanner, cycle ergometers, kayak/rowing ergometers, an upper-body ergometer, metabolic carts, an ECG, a lactate analyzer, a near-infrared spectrophotometer for muscle blood flow and energetics research, air-quality analysis equipment, a pulmonary lab, a biochemistry lab, and a climate-control room. New equipment is frequently added.