Enriching your extracurricular experiences with technology

Whether you will be a full- or part-time student, living on campus or commuting, the school's social, extracurricular, and career services activities will be an important part of your educational experience. Find out about the technology tools that facilitate different communities on campus, allowing for communication, personal development, and getting together (in-person and virtually).

Accessing Computer Services

Hot SpotWhat public access for computing is available to students?

Public computers are available in most buildings on campus. The library provides study space with computers for student use. Wireless access is available in many areas of campus, including dorms.

Does the institution provide institutional email accounts for all students and use email as an official medium of communication?

Yes, each registered student is assigned an official Marywood email account. We use email as the primary vehicle for official communication with students. All departments use email for day-to-day communication with students.

Does the institution provide and support electronic space for personal student web pages?

Students may set up personal web pages in conjunction with their Marywood email accounts. User Support Services provides periodic workshops on creating websites.

Is network bandwidth limited for peer-to-peer software, gaming, web cams, or other programs requiring high levels of network services?

Marywood prohibits peer-to-peer (P2P) networking to prevent the distribution of illegal and copyrighted material. Online gaming is permitted, but games that require heavy network resources may be limited. Web cams may be used as long as they do not put undue strain on our networks.

Is there a campus code of behavior about using computer resources?

Yes, users of Marywood's computing facilities and services are held to high ethical standards. For more information, review our Conditions of Computer Use policy.

Does the campus have policies addressing peer-to-peer file sharing, computer viruses, and copyright violations?

The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to remove any computer from the network entirely if it is found to be distributing or collecting illegal or copyrighted material. Marywood recommends using anti-virus and anti-spyware software to remove viruses and spyware and to keep your computer running smoothly.

Connecting with Others

Is contact information for students, faculty, and staff readily accessible electronically?

Yes, contact information for faculty and staff is available through our online staff directory. E-mail addresses for students are available through a directory within our e-mail system.

Are there websites for student organizations and clubs?

Student clubs and organizations are encouraged to create their own websites using Google Sites.

Does the campus make online communities available?

Marywood's official Facebook page and Twitter feed are great places to communicate with other members of the Marywood community. Moodle provides a collaborative environment for course-related communication.

What technology-supported career-planning services are available to students?

Career Services offers several technology-supported services to Marywood students and alumni. Job announcements and employer information are available on their website. An on- and off-campus recruitment schedule is also available, and students can sign-up for interviews online.