Marywood University, Theta Chapter, implements the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society mission statement by admitting graduate students based upon the following criteria:

In December of each academic year, Marywood University will invite graduate students to apply for membership if they have been admitted completely to a master's degree goal, have completed at least 12.0 credits for which they received a letter grade, and have a cumulative QPA greater than or equal to the QPA that places them in the top 35% of their academic department from among students that have completed 12.0 or more credits.

"Completely admitted to a master's degree goal" means that you have been formally accepted by Marywood University into a master's degree program and you have complied with all stipulations of your graduate acceptance letter from University Admissions.  Primarily, failure to supply your final undergraduate transcript to University Admissions with evidence that your undergraduate degree has been completed will prevent your consideration for the honor society. Please check with the Office of the Registrar to make sure you have a master's degree goal before the end of the Fall semester.

If you meet the above academic criteria, you will receive an invitation via your Marywood e-mail account.  On this application you will have to document substantive demonstrated community and leadership service in a volunteer capacity to professional, religious, community, or service organizations, on-campus or off-campus, that you have performed while a graduate student at Marywood University.  The community leadership and service activities will need to include the specific name of the service organization, your dates of service, an organization contact person, and organization contact information, including a telephone number, so your activities can be verified.