If you receive an email in your Marywood University account from the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society Selection Committee, it means you have met the academic criteria for the society.  You should then complete your application to the Marywood University Theta Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society to document that you meet the leadership and community service requirements of our chapter.

Please download the admissions application and complete the form. The email you received that invited you to apply will have a control code. This control code will help us to verify authentic applicants, so please enter it on the application.  The named applicant, Marywood ID Number, and control code will be verified against the invitation list to ensure you have already met the academic criteria. 

Please complete all sections of the application, including all requested information.  You must be able to document substantive and consistent volunteer involvement in either professional, religious, civic, or service organizations during the time of your graduate academic career at Marywood University.  As you document the types and length of service you have with various community organizations, also include the name and address of the organization, an organization contact person, and the organization telephone number so that we may verify your application information.  Remember that paid positions and academic internships that earn credit towards the degree requirement are not considered service. 

All completed applications should be returned to Ms. Barbara McNally, AEL Advisor, LAC 200 (office of the Provost) by January 27th, 2017. Applications that are incomplete or that do not meet this deadline will not be eligible for consideration.  All applicants will be notified of the Selections Committee's decision in early February.

The Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society dinner and induction ceremony will be held on April 6th, 2017.  Culturally, this is an important academic event in the Marywood University community and the most significant tradition for the Theta Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society each year.