Academic Affairs: New Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Andrzejewski

Assistant Professor
Department: School of Architecture

Elizabeth Andrzjewski, M.S., Elmhurst, Pa., a former instructor at Marywood University, joins as an assistant professor in the School of Architecture. She is a designer and maker trained in architecture. Ms. Andrzjewski is teaching courses in construction technologies and architectural design. She earned her master of science degree in architecture and is currently completing her doctoral degree in architecture, both at Pennsylvania State University. As a Ph.D. candidate, Ms. Andrzjewski is researching metal as a material, digital fabrication and building methods, open-source housing, and the universal joint. 

Ms. Andrzjewski’s work to date as a Wachsmann scholar has been published as part of the summer research Bauhaus Lab 2018 in The Art of Joining: Designing the Universal Connector. She approaches the design of prefabricated housing solutions through design, hands on making, and full-scale testing of prototypes. She enjoys applying her industry experience and personal experience with low-tech fabrication methods such as blacksmithing with newer methods of fabrication such as CNC controlled methods and additive manufacturing. 

In the spring of 2020, Ms. Andrzjewski led a Penn State student group in the production of the Living Chapel, a musical art installation and program to promote the wellness of our environment, the United Nations 2030 agenda, the Laudato Si’ Encyclical, which is currently installed at the Botanical Gardens of Rome.

Ms. Andrzjewski, who previously taught at Marywood as an adjunct instructor, said, “I look forward to contributing to the education of my home community through Marywood's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and excellence in scholarship.”