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Campus Traditions Unite Students

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Each semester, students of all backgrounds look forward to sharing campus traditions. The end of the fall semester includes two of the most anticipated events of the year. Students gathered recently to celebrate the annual Christmas Tree Lighting (Dec. 5) and the Holiday Dinner (Dec. 9).

At each of these events, those of different faith traditions come together to celebrate unity, friendship, and shared values. Students often cite these as their “favorite events of the year,” and they carry this spirit of goodwill throughout their lives, fondly recalling these events as alumni.

“These events are examples of Catholic Identity,” said Kim Coleman, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, who added that other student events, such as Saudi Day (Sept. 28), the Hispanic Heritage Celebration (Oct. 4), and the spring Student Leadership Awards—especially the Sister John Award for Acceptance and Inclusion—also are reflective of this core value. “They celebrate diverse faiths and worldviews and promote the Common Good,” Kim stated.

Student Activities and Clubs are part of the Passion and Purpose that make the Marywood Student Experience meaningful from Day One. Get involved!

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